Introduction to Bohemian Watercolor Techniques | Casey Saccomanno | Skillshare

Introduction to Bohemian Watercolor Techniques

Casey Saccomanno, Print and Fashion Designer

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7 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Supplies

    • 3. Get inspired and create a color palette!

    • 4. Paint a moon!

    • 5. Paint a feather!

    • 6. Practice with masking fluid!

    • 7. Closing Remarks


About This Class

In this class, Casey Saccomanno takes you through her process of inspiration and demonstrates how she paints beautiful nature inspired watercolor illustrations frequently used in her bohemian textile prints. 

  • Using these introductory skills you will be able to make your own bohemian art pieces including a beautiful color palette swatch, textured moon and detailed feathers. Each technique/chapter will have a small project assigned.
  • Course guide:
    • 1. Inspiration process and color palette creation
    • 2. Paint a moon
    • 3. Paint feathers
    • 4. Play with Masking fluid
    • 5. Upload all your projects for feedback from the class!  
  • This class is not just for textile designers, the class is geared towards anyone with an interest in new watercolor painting techniques, no prior knowledge is required. Just a love for creativity, color, & nature! All levels welcome.
  • Stay tuned for a future intermediate class focused on the painting process and how to use photoshop to create a repeating pattern that can be applied to products of your choice.


All of the supplies below are just suggestions, you may work with whichever brands you are most comfortable with. Almost all the supplies below can be found at Dick Blick and I included some links to the products in the descriptions for you.

Paper Options:

  • Strathmore watercolor cold press paper *140lb. Weight or higher to avoid your paper from curling. You can choose whichever size you want- I usually work on 11x15in pad for small illustrations.

Watercolor Options:

  • PAN SET (you have many options to choose from): St. Petersburg White Nights Watercolour: 36 Pan Set is my favorite,  but Winstor & Newton makes smaller pan sets as well.
  • Ph. Martins Radiant Concentrated Watercolor are great for bright colors, but they run about $6 per bottle. My favorite colors are persimmon and ice pink :)
  • Watercolor tubes: any quality that is in your price range is acceptable for my class, I rarely use watercolor tubes, but one color that is great to invest in is Holbein’s Artist’s Watercolor- Lavender… this color is just tricky to custom mix up!

Masking Fluid:


  • I love Grumbacher Round Synthetic Watercolor brushes, but you can use whichever brand/price range you prefer. I recommend having a few sizes. Round 0, Round 2 or 3, Round 5 or 6, and a Round 8 or 10 will be perfect for my class.

White Paint:

  • I love Copic optic white paint but white gouache (any brand) can work as well.

Gold Paint:

  • Winsor Newton Metallic gold ink is my favorite.

Other Supplies:

  • 2H graphite pencil, eraser, sharpener
  • Metallic drawing pens
  • Paint palette
  • Sea salt
  • Paper towels
  • India Ink- Black, any brand works!
  • Black water resistant pens- Staedtler and Micron are my favs.

Inspiration resources!

My friend Erin has a great instagram for feather inspiration, Check it out here: Erinlightfeather

Filming and Editing of this class by Bryan Kirkwood. 





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Casey Saccomanno

Print and Fashion Designer

Casey Saccomanno is a Woman's Wear fashion and print designer currently living in Bryn Mawr, PA. She earned her BFA in fashion design at Philadelphia University in 2008. She started her career as a fashion designer and transitioned into a career as a textile designer that creates all prints by hand before scanning into the computer.

She has worked for New York & Company, Dillards, Maurices, & small boutique brands. She currently works at Lilly Pulitzer as a print & pattern designer and...

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