Introduction to Blender For Beginners - #1 - Introduction | Danan Thilakanathan | Skillshare

Introduction to Blender For Beginners - #1 - Introduction

Danan Thilakanathan

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7 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Course Outline

    • 2. Those Dreaded Shortcut Keys

    • 3. Downloading and Installing Blender

    • 4. Windows

    • 5. The Blender Interface

    • 6. Screen Layouts

    • 7. Scene Management

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About This Class

Welcome to the Introduction to Blender For Beginners Course! Throughout the next series of classes, you will learn the basics of (nearly) everything in Blender. Without needing to invest a whole lot of time or money, you will learn how to get started with 3D modeling, lighting, animation, sculpting, rendering, and physics to name a few with exercises spread throughout so that you can get your first experience with the software and gain overall confidence along the way. You will be one step closer to mastering Blender.

In this class, we will get set up by downloading and installing Blender. Then we will look at the Blender interface and ways to quickly get you comfortable with the unique interface.

By the end of this class, you will have Blender set up on your computer and you will also gain knowledge and experience of the basic interface of Blender.