Introduction to: "Being a Field Service Representative" | Joseph Schmidt | Skillshare

Introduction to: "Being a Field Service Representative"

Joseph Schmidt, Industrial Field Service

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6 Lessons (37m)
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About This Class

This class is "An Introduction to Field Service".  Formatted in 6 videos to walk you through basic steps to get started in field service or to better your present Field Service experience.  Safety is stressed in every video.  Total run time 37 minutes.  Challenge  yourself and me with your Field Service experience compared to what you learn in my class.  Thank you for Looking! 





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Joseph Schmidt

Industrial Field Service

Worked as a Field Service Technician for GE, Phelps Dodge, Conoco Philips, Sulzer Pumps, and Caterpillar Power. Now retired I wish to pass on the trade and its many skills to interested people. Safety classes taken: MSHA 40Hr.,OSHA 30Hr.Safeland, First responder, EMT, and many more Areas that I worked in are: mining, power plants oil and gas pump sites paper mills, water plants, sewage plants, aluminum plants, Hydro electric plants, nuclear plants, and many more

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