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9 Videos (15m)
    • Introduction To Maya

    • Setting Your Project

    • Saving your File

    • How To Navigate

    • How To Create Objects

    • How to Scale, Rotate, and Move Objects

    • How to Create a Key

    • How to Create a Playblast of Your Animation

    • Project Recap


About This Class

Learn the basics of Autodesk Maya in this introductory course!

The industry program for Animation, Modeling and more.

Within this class you will learn how to create, scale, move, and rotate, and set keys for objects. You will also learn how to create your project files, save, and shoot playblasts of your animations.

Please Note: I will be working in Maya LT due to price of licencing. The standard Maya has the same hotkeys and tools that we will be working with but overall has a different style or theme to what the buttons looks like. The educational version of Autodesk Maya is Free!

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This introduction class gets you up and running with Maya. It gives you a starting point to create your first animation with simple shapes.
Wendell Servin

The ever learning student





Pattie Schleicher

Illustrating, Inspiring, & Equipping Others

My name is Pattie Sue Schleicher, an Artist and Educator, I aim to inspire and push my students in their skill sets across multiple mediums. I am traditionally trained in my illustration background, and apply those principals across multiple platforms within my own art and lesson plans.

My current body of work explores the balance between geometric elements, color theory, and pictorial illustration. Artists that inspire me include, but are not limited to: Audrey Kawasaki, William Turner, and Salvador Dali.

Through exploration of illustration and surrealism, I aim to push the boundaries of the natural world, and challenge viewers to question perception and elements within each artwork.

PS Illustrations here on Skillshare is an upbeat and fun spin on traditional instruction. Lessons are personable, engaging, and nerdy with a focus on challenging students to expand their skills and embark on new art adventures. Students will be able to apply their skills in scaffolded lessons to help build and reinforce art basics, as well as include bonus challenges for more advanced learners. With PS Illustrations we will explore new art skills in fun engaging lessons everyone can learn from.

Please let me know if you have any questions or requests for classes!