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Introduction to Android Development : Build a Web Browser Application

teacher avatar Attreya Bhatt, Developer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (1h 45m)
    • 1. Walkthrough

    • 2. Installing JDK and Android Studio

    • 3. Love story of Java and xml

    • 4. Understanding the stucture

    • 5. LinearLayout (horizontal and vertical)

    • 6. Buttons and the OnClickListeners

    • 7. Testing the app on Genymotion

    • 8. Real life android mobile Testing

    • 9. Webview and Uses Permissions

    • 10. Making the User Interface of web browser

    • 11. Beautifying the UI

    • 12. Loading a URL

    • 13. Webview Client

    • 14. Fixing the HTTP in URL

    • 15. Enabling Javascript

    • 16. Hiding the Keyboard

    • 17. Forward, Back, Reload, History

    • 18. Adding a Progress Bar

    • 19. Launching the app on Play Store

    • 20. What's Next?

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About This Class

In this course we will be creating Web Browser for Android from scratch.. 

  1. We will start with installing Android Studio
  2. Then will learn the basics of android application development and grasp the concepts like layouts, buttons etc.
  3. In the 3rd section we will completely make our web browser and you will be open websites in your own self made browser.
  4. Next we will add various features to our web browser like going forward,back,refresh and history.
  5. Lastly we will launch our web browser on the Google Play Store.

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When i was a kid I saw this YouTube video on how make a folder invisible on Windows. I was so fascinated with this idea. So, I understand the people who are passionate about learning new things. We will create this project together from start to finish.

Meet Your Teacher

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Attreya Bhatt



When I was a kid I saw this YouTube video on how to make a folder invisible on Windows. I have never looked back since then. My love for technology has only grown.

I started with security since that was one of the areas that fascinated me. Then i went on to win the award for designing using Photoshop at Cofas '2012. On the destructive side, I always made scripts that used to mess up the systems at my school. I was almost suspended. I learned my lesson and vowed to do only constructive things. To make people aware of security issues, along with 2 friends started a Facebook page and group called YAP

To make things more interesting Web development came into my life which helped me get into the most prestigious chapter at my college IEEE. This helped me master different things... See full profile

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1. Walkthrough: Hey, I'm through. You decided to join the course. I'm very proud of you that decided to take the step off learning something new clearly so digesting Any time. Let's just get into it. In this video, we are going to go through the mountains off the coast. This coast is divided into four basic sections. The first section is just going to be about installing things that will help us get ready food. We're going to be installing Janicki, which is a jam putting on an industry which will help us to put our first android application next section. We're going to get ourselves familiar with the interface off Android studio. We're going to discuss the structure, defiance, and what is the function of each fire? You're also going to discuss a little bit of overboard to make sure you are learning. When we get into Syria, stop in the third section we are going to be building are mean Move my brows. Oh, we're going to learn about things like VEB you and how to actually create the friending and back and required for the application. The what is friend and back in friendly? Basically the partners and the colors that you three on the mobile application on the back . It is what the button is going to do when you press it. The last section is conclusion, very, really discussed. What for? The improvements can mean to our existing mobile browser. And finally we launched a Web Rosa on the APP store. That's pretty much it for this video and see you in the next one piece. 2. Installing JDK and Android Studio: Hi, guys. Welcome to the second video in this video. We are going to start the job J T. K. And then we're going to stall Android Studio. We're first going to install the geology decay because it is quite angry. Studio, Let's get into it. First we type in jail. Ikea down toward. We need the second link. We're going to open it in a new tab. Now we're going to stroll down. We have windows. But which windows? There's two words is given. One is 86 minutes, 64 to find out which margin really to download were first going to go there. Next stop and then we're going to click on properties after Physical Properties will find its written over here that we have a 64 based processor, so we're going to go back. We are going to accept the license agreement, and then we're going to download the 64 version. After downloading it, we are going to install it and make sure it's installed in your cedres. After installing the nurse you drive. It's probably going to be stored in your program files on in Java and over here, as you can see I have another versions off Java on JD gifts. I'm not going to download them, but you'll probably see something like this over here. Stat means your shower hasn't started properly. After that, we're going to stall angry studios for that. We are going to go back to Google and we had good type Android studio download. We're going to go to this first link and we're going to click on Download under studio and then we're going to click on I have read. Then we're going to click on Download and our studio for Windows. As you can see the finest pretty used to. I'm not going to download it, but the installation process. It's pretty clear it's going to automatically detect your jobless and things, and then you just have to click on next. In between, it's also going to download something known as decayed, so you're also going to need that on. That's pretty much it. If you have any problems, you can also see this video given by Anger 100 studio people on the lake. Dona poured out angers to do dot com studio slash installed. It s human, So this is pretty much it for this video. Just install your under studio and Jammeh completely and then go to the next video and we take it from there. 3. Love story of Java and xml: Hi guys. In the previous video, we learned how to install Android Studio and our dedicated in this video. We're going to start bringing our project, so let's just get into it. Don't worry about this thing. It's my previous project. Let's click on File Lyndon. Click on New Project on this dialog box. Lupin. Let's name my brother Avenger, Broza. That's so fun. And then we look, um, keeper. Company name is after Norton. Or you can keep it, has your name and then their domain name after it called for the Temple Corm or not? L that this package name has to be unique. That it's a distraction is generated by the company domain and application name used to like a mind to create this package. Name? No. For every application, the package name has to be unique. So when you upload your application toe the Google play store, it basically recognizes your application. You could just using this package knee, so this package may make sure it's unique on. You can do that by putting your own name and then brought in after it and then having an application. Now we can change the project legation. Whatever you want by clicking on this button and then making a new folder back move here if you want. I just didn't before in place that e absolutely browser and click on next. No, there are many options for in Tablet, Where TV and Art. Auto Glass. No, we want at the brother. Don't run on any phone or any tablet, and if you want, you could make it. Or where 400 Wars or Andre TV. We don't born that right now because it's a very basic application. We just want our my brother to run in Foreign tablet. No minimum is decayed. Their Lord off a pay levels given now these a pay levels are integrated in Europe. Andre Food, they're already there. So if you go to the latest android level a p A from 25 you can see that your application will only less than 1% of their devices. We don't want that. We don't want a Web brother to look toe on too many so little motor devices. He wanted to run in a lot of devices. So, for example, if you select people 21 it says that it will approximately that on 40.5% of devices. What we want is that we wanted my brother to don't on more than 95% of our devices. What I usually do is I choose a pay 15 4.4 point three ice cream sandwich now, and you can see it runs on 97.4% devices, which is exactly what we want. So without wasting any much more time, let's click on next. And then there are a lot of active resort you. These activities help you shorten their time on the framework that is required in the world that is required to create an application. For example, if you just Google Alma Paige security, you can integrate AGS into your application pretty quickly and pretty easily. But right now for a Web application, what we want is to start from scratch so we'll sell its empty activity and click on next. No, because something as mean activity and the accuracy we don't worry about what is activity name and what it's lately out name right now on leave. These things has to Ford because it's usually helps Tulua motorcade. Your main activity is main activity on swing. The first activity that you're going to be walking on, Leslie gone finish is going to create a project. If this is the first time that you're creating the project, it might take some time, so don't worry about it. And now we're going to learn something about greedy. Now what is greater? For example, it says your griddle build running. No, it isn't actually important to what we are doing, but it's good to know, like what is greater? Basically greater list, like a compiler. It can work, sir. And Red Court, the court that we're going to write in your actual android application after the work of the Grader know that our project has been completed. And also remember that if your ram is less than 60 it's going to take some time to create the project and run it afterwards anyways. But explain Even if you wonder am is less than 60 b, we can work around it. But it was going to take us like more time. Well, I know we have to find what is mean. Actitud or Java and others activity under school means or examine. No. I want you to know that every application in the world every android application on any website in the world is Do. I didn't have to box what is called a friend and a little corn is the backing the what is trending. For example, if you have a button right, so where is the part in place? On the Scream? How does the bottle look? What is the phone styling off the button? How big is the button? How small is a button that all comes in the front and part of the application? Now what happens after we click on the button? That part is 100 by the back and the back and this hangar by the Java file and the front end is hander by this example. Fine, but this is according portion off the examine. What we're going to do is going to go into this design portion off the 100 application. If you're going to design, it will show Annettor Lake rendering problems. If it's showing editor, just click on a lower version off a pay level, but most probably won't be seeing this better now. As you can see, this is our application. There's a hello world when you you can even put up Barton in 100 application. It says new button. All right, so what we don't you know that? How do we actually court these buttons? For example? Right now, an application is very simple, right? We just have a text written over here, and we have a bottle. So again, just drag and put it in water application. But what happens? That complex applications that we have to actually called these buttons into an application to record his application by good. Going to this text portion and writing code over here? No. As you can see, it has many excuse on Barton's over here. All right, so you have to realize that everything in an android app is of you. So this is a big view on this. Hello. Text is a small of you on this new button. It's an interview. So a view is combined and made by very various smaller views. So this is not another text. You and this is a little button. No babies file actually exist in an android application in the in the folder structure. If you're not able to see this kind of structure, just go here and click on Android and go to Java and click on this first not on initial and protest Northern taste This click on this first package and you see your mean activity. This is what the activity name very asked. Report whether you want the name Toby may not redoubled anything else. We just left the day before. So this is the main activity and we will be fined activity in the school. Men, we can go to the resource folder and there is our activity and a school. Me. The aim of this video was two different sheet basically between DUP fronting and the back. And you don't have to worry right now about anything else. If you have got your concepts clear about what restaurant and and what is back and you're pretty much done for this video. So I see in the next video by 4. Understanding the stucture: Hi, guys. Welcome back in the previous video we discovered what is the back end and what is different thing on the front end part, According is done over here. And this is a text. You This is a button. This is a bigger Well, these are smaller views on this is how the U. S. Looks after record using these things which you are going to learn after sometime. Now I'll goto the structure off these photos. And what did it mean with respect to a project? So let's open this up on the first hole. EVC is called a manifest. Now, if you're not seeming seeing this kind off structure, you can click over here and click on Andre. So the first full day, we are going to look into its manifest list. Open it. And did the file call android manifest start XML develop in it? So this is basically a set off rules. So anything that is a rule book or a set of rules, this is defined in this android manifest fight. For example, let's say we're making of their browser, so we need application to connect using Internet now, the android application on Google play store doesn't know that we need Internet. So we're going to define our permissions somewhere over here, which we are going to look in the food radios. But imagine this when you're don't learning a new out, it asked what we get permissions, and it stays that way. This application is going to be using your external storage is going to be using your Internet, and after only you accept those conditions, it starts installing your application. If you don't remember, try installing a new app on your mobile phone. So we put all these permissions over here on. These are called user permissions, and that's pretty much it for android manifest. Find another through the same filed call. Java will open it on dinner. Three folders first a package names and android based on something honest. Test done. These are required by Andrey itself. We don't need to worry about these good folders. We need to worry about this first folder when you open it. As you can see, there's our jello file main activity, which is basically this file. So all over back and files are going to be going over here. We can create a new back and filed by right clicking over here and going to new and news our class. They're not going to create anything right now. Then there's this 3rd 3rd fold. According to source for them, it's open it first. The Trouble folder. Now any image that people want to put in an android project goes in this trouble folder. We'll have a look accurate in the future. Then there is this little folder loud folder, basically contains are printed fails. These are a frantic fight. It's closer. Sanderman, first by this is offered fronted file. Let's create a new friend and filed by going to new layout. A source file and then late in the name of the resource file will not create it right now, but we're going to create it in future. Let's go to this man map file. No, As you can see, this is our launcher. I could never click on it, and you'll be able to see its launcher. I can know when you install this application on a mobile phone. Just deal with Ike in that you will see on your screen. And after clicking this Aiken, the Web browser will open. Obviously, we can change it. But let's nobody about this right now and less focused on making the application. It's close it. Let's go to the next part for values now. It had four folders. Colors, dimensions, strength or XML styles or XML. You don't need to worry about this first. The second just heard what you need to worry about style. Start. Excellent. If you're making a very complex absolute you are not, then we maybe we'll put something in. Colors are excellent dimension, sort and strings are taxable. You can google them to find what this is about, but right now it's not very important. What important? It's styles. Let's click open the status or accept the style. Soft XML defines our team. For example, if you look at the team right now, it's kind of bluish. It has the action, but so this is our team, right? Instead of this team, we can put the white team or a light gray team something like that. So what we are going to do, we're going to do some changes in the style. Start XML in the future on remove this action, but because instead of action, this action. But we want a dick text. A text is basically the place where we were going to write an extra attributable dot Google We will not come try good to write a check. So you're on the go button over here. Pressing the go button will be able to go to the website. So this is what we'll do in the States are excellent. Not this grated stripped. For the most part, you don't have to worry about it. But we're launching that application on the Google play store. Then we need to make some changes in state inside it. But we won't worry about this right now. Let's just focus on making the application. So that s pretty much it for this video on and see you the next video. 5. LinearLayout (horizontal and vertical): Hi guys. Welcome Pittis video. In the previous lecture, we learned about the structure off the under files in this video. We're going to create this button on this Hello world from scratch in according manner. We're not just going to practice in tow us see into one of you. So the first thing that when you do is look, have a look at this text file Nice against See? It has something on a related Leo. We don't want to relate. Allowed other. It is complex to understand. What we are going to do is changes linearly like this night had been changed to limit low educated See, they're showing some editors over here. Now, these boards are used with relatively out and not with linear layout. So we're going to remove what of them? No. As they have removed both of them, they even see some changes. So there is this hello word. And there is this new bottom. No. You're also going to remove the backing, the war, this bagging, for example. You can see there is a little gap over here on also on the talk it over here. So these caps are because off Paddy For example, if you go to the batting left on, drink it as something that's zero. So zero DP then you bill to see that there is no map now. But if we don't change it to something like Turkey DP, they'll be much more gap. Or here. This is for having a gap. That's pretty much it. Now, as against see, some of these fires are showing as accurate dimension. No, this is what we talked about in this values holder. There are files known as dimension dot examine. If you open them, you can see that activity, medical margin and activity, horizontal margin and as filled six NDP. Instead of being angry dimension, you can just simply also just remove it, replacing backspace and just put into CNDP medal that will also work. But for the application, we don't want any margin. That's why we're going to remove all the parting from over here. No, if you're confused about borders this first line and then ordered the second line would worry about rate visa. Automatically generated were Andre to understand what your drink do. No, What did this? Andrey Leo, with a newly opened the score height on What did this match parent? No, Like Leo quit is basically how much bread it's going to take. How much? Anything? For example, two sticks for you. How much this vet is this text room on a take. So right now it's soon as match. Better for Lena. Leo. No, you have less time. That's what did this Lee millio? No, I have told you before that these are two smaller views on this is one big view which contains thes two smaller views. So this big view is known as linear log on inside this the big linearly All these are too small views. Know what your thing? We heard that the picked off this view Lelio is match period. What is basically saying? Whatever the weight off despairing is the weight off this linearly out is also the same. But the Lena Leo doesn't have a parent. What do I mean by parent is for example, let's take this text for you. As you can see the stakes you is inside the tags off limit locally. No distracting you on ending over here on next. Who was inside the linear attack? So what we're trying to say here that the text for you is a child offline, alone on linearly. Out is a parent off this text for you, but linearly out doesn't have a better. So what does math Bennett is going to do is going to give it its full weight on the same thing that layout height on match. Parent, it's saying, Basically, as you have no parent, we are going to give you the full height. No index, You the android Leo Quit is wrapped content. What is member up content? Rap content means that quarter with the wit off the stakes view is, don't give it extra weight. Just give it away to docket. Rick Wiles. So if we change from rap content to match bidding, no, it's same as match parent. So it's saying, basically, what would the weight off despairing is giving to save it Now? Just doing some kind of edit over here. It's saying it has multiple chin and nobody invitation specified. So let's give it that orientation, and I will meet you understand what is very impatient. Later, let's call it a worthy goal or late 90 can go here. It's showing, showing that Kate this Lena layout has hold it as you can see this, if you click on it, it's requiring the whole bit. But if you can, you know that pointed again, it's going to be going to take the big that is required, as you can see by this box. So this is what the trap content is, especially, it's the same thing with Lily layout, Height and saying Wrapped Wanted. So it's only taking the hype, which is required, not extra aid on the same with the Spartan who lets what we Lewis is, we'll delete what off them and start from scratch. But before this makes me sick to understand, what did this android orientation vertical know? What is happening is that what does linearly on plate before you go a little back and make you understand what's leave me alone. So imagine a stack of books that kept on each other. You go to elaborate E. On the person who has a large tackle books on his hand. The stack of books are lean earlier format. So basically what happens in linear Leo is one thing. It's tied to below the other, or you can say one thing is tied on top of each other. So if we are going to add another button, for example, let's say well endowed. Burton is going to be staying below this. But not on the right off this but the northern right off this hello word. This is because the orientation right now is worth a cool. So they're all starting a linearly manner. No. If we change the orientation as horizontal continues to what is on the now the books or the element on stag on the side of each other. So they're stick stacked like books on top of each other, but they are rotated by a degree off 90 daily, so their start on right off each other, instead off on top of each other. This is the difference between horizontal layout and vertical layout. Let's say this to again. Where to go help on This is the word Aegaleo. So what we'll do is we'll need all three off them and start from scratch and make them so I know are you doesn't contain anything. As you can see, there's not know you. We just have an ordination of working Good. So I know. First we create a text. You Now if you need to know the element off name off element, any element, you can see plain text you. So we know that we have to protect you element over here. Well, first for something like next to you and with automatic agent rate on Bradley outward and our layout hide for us and let's click on trap content and when we can press, enter, dispersed, enter on, we can present again. It generated text you for us. But right now we can't see anything because you don't have any text. So let's put in some text. We can do this by typing P e X T and a Quechua. An option off angry text will just double click on it on related next as Avenger brazo planting and see a very small text over here has appeared. Don't let's increase the size off the stakes. We can increase the size of the text by putting in something that size and chewing on help off Android Excise will double click on it, and we call it as 30 db to see the size has increased for the text. Now I want to put a button over here, selects, but India and click make a button by typing in Parton and pressing in tow, you automatically generate deliberate and hide for us. Let's click. Enter again and again and let's click on Design and Agencia Burton have been generated for us, but it doesn't have anything written in it. So let's given your next on. Let's call it, um go, go! I mean, you go. So we have created a part in our own and Avenger brought on and we have learned what is vertical stacking and what is horizontal stacking, for example. Right now it's in vertical stacking. If you change it to, for example, what is going to this Indo is going to be onside off each other. So that is pretty much it for this video I see in the next video. Because this video has already become too long 6. Buttons and the OnClickListeners: hi guys. In the previous video, we learned how to create the sticks to on this butter. Basically, create the friendly in this video. We're going to learn what will happen when you press Cisco Burton and how to implement this , that when he pledged his school. But something happens. What we're going to learn is when he presses Gobert and this text for you, it's going to change into something else. For example, it straight now enjoy broader. We changes to something like You are reached or something like that. So many places Go button. We work on the back end. This front will connect to the backend on. We've changes text for you to something else. So let's go back to a bag and fight. If you're seeing this for the first time, you might be a little confused as towards one of this is so you need to understand that there is a lot of them on. We're only scratching the surface in this project, so try not to understand everything at the same day. I'm going to explain one by one. What is the each part? No. The first Linus packaged in North Africa or seven brothers. This is the line that basically imports are package. This is the line that we give at the very starting. If you remember, And tourism if you have, like, some kind of error or if you press something on the browser and show you you can always procedural present on, do what you have done. It would be fine that I did a little bit of mistake that I told something Go Vichy over here. And so it was So you can edit that place he gets sick on it was saying Okay, so this is the package name Package is basically like a zip file. It contains a lot off compressed files and folders inside it on. You don't have to worry about this is going to be automatically included. Every file you create and the second is important. And the import this is used to make important functions like AP. Compact activity is a function on who is bundle it also a function. You don't have to worry about this. This these things are going to be automatically included in your folder. Your project. So this is the class main actor tip. If you can see this is the same name as that finally, finances mean I could be, and so is a class name, and it extends to up back 100 activity. But what is a compact? Actually, apco back activity is a file. It's a very big file that is given to us basically by hundreds studio, and it contains a lot of function. Functionalities insiders What we're doing with extent, it's it's basically we're saying that, Hey, what are functions and applications and cool things that are inside ab compact activity? He want it inside a mean activity. So basically, just extend whatever inside, come pick off after back everything. Whatever the functions are inside app compact equity, extend them and give them toe the main activity. That is a function of extent, and that is what up come back. Acting actually is now, don't worry about this over right thing. It's just a thing that is used on that's known as on create. Basically, whenever we create a new application, or that when we create a new Packard five, this function is called on, create automatically and it basically creates the view basically could get to this view on . Then, after the U is created. Don't worry about the super line. Don't worry about the savior. Instead, state. Basically, these are the preferences. You don't need to actually worry about these things right now, so I maybe I elected to you about all these things later, but right now there's no need. Then there is the set content. We are darkly out activity in the school. Me. What this line is doing is it's saying that Hey, Goto this layout folder goto This layout folder on there's despite quite mean act actually underscored made or accepted activity underscore mainly excellence automatically hidden because it's knows that if it's a Leo, it will automatically be exemplifying this saying that said The content of you. So it's saying one create basically creates the application on in the application, said the content view as our door cleared after deal disco me so said the layup looks like this one. So this is the function offset content view, which is pretty self explanatory by the name content view are totally out of activity in this will mean so after this thing. What we actually want to do is in the next few, we have created a button now, how do we identify this butter? We identify every element over here by an idea, but right now we have not given any idea to battle or that takes you. Let give them ideas. So let's say I d like Enter Enter again so that at the rate plus 80 things over here on, let's call it in the school next, that's pretty much B stands for X Q in chart form underscore text that is all. Usually name things if the capital letters I make this morning doesn't underscore and then attach some kind of a meaning to the name and click again. And we also give the idea to a button depressed end up this window on Let's call it a bottle under school. Go No, we have that. Now we're giving ideas to both of them, but just like does this basically a job offer? Great. So just like you doing shower like you declare variables. For example, if you want to declare on indeed available, you do something like a I equals 20 so you can be any in Egypt in a similar manner when we declare a button. So right now, our battle isn't only in this text by only in this friend friend. A. It's not included in the back and include it in the back, and we'll have to declare it. Be clear like this and we'll have to declare something like button. And let's call the button as greedy and button no edge against each something. Something as ready. Just click on it and then it's saying to press or plus enter. So let's press oil plus enter. It will be automatically imported, as you can see over here. Now we have about an important important. Now we'll have to include it into our own create set contract. Do you function? So two included. We limit as button equals two I well, fucking then find view by I d odd Dordt. I'd be door but and go. I didn't put a cynical and again, but what this line is doing is basically initializing that button. We have declared the button over here, and then we need to initialize the button over here. So what happens in Anchorage Studio and Android? How the bottle is in the slaves, basically, with name it at Barton. And then he named a basically what kindof like If it's an indie Jimmy name calling Pinky going over right now, it's button. So we call it Button, then find Buba 80. What it does is it goes to this activity in the school may basically in this while, and it searches for an i d off button. Go. So were declared an I. D off bottle. Who? So that's how we can it basically the back in with the friendly. So now the back and has been connected with the friendly. So it Rick United Stack. What button are you talking about? For example, if we have another partner over here, So let's include Lumberton. What we can do to include another button. Just this call this whole thing I'm feasting. No, we can aim is as button second. Now if we hadn't know if he had not given ideas the back and would have not been able to identify which button are we talking about? But now, as they have two buttons and we have given them both separate ideas and go looking in the second button with the backing, we can name it acts button, but I do. We can call it a button to Then we can initialize it at. But I do. Martin, find you a b r i D door Martin Second. No, we know that this thing is talking about the first, but in the go button. And this thing is talking about the second better on the same wave you're going to miss like that takes you over here. So he just got an X for you, and then we live with that's text you can name this has anything you like and similarly, the button. But I do. I just These are things that came in my mind. That's when you break like that. Let's call it next X You When you buy a t r door, I d extrude or text? No, this light had initially so it knows that basically the back and knows that which takes to you Are you talking about You say it's fine view by I d I don't I retorted protector. It goes in this fine and say OK, this is the 80. So this is the text you that we were talking about you must be talking about. No more going to do is that when you press this button This is basically the go button. If you remember, let's rename it as go, but and so that need a member in better escorted goo Burton. This is a good but not what he wanted to do is unprecedented go button or like like there to go. But Lex What? What? We lose villages removed the second button? Yes. So that there's no confusion around you. Move this. You don't settle just for more here. All right, so now what we want to do is on pressing this go button before going to change. This takes you to something else. No, we'll have to listen to this like vent ist is when this thing is pressed. Know how even in this light in the back intact Adventist thing is pressed for that we'll go . He'll really like something known as group dot said on click listeners, for example. This is the first line that has been that has come. You double click on it se set conflict listener. Then we like new one click listener, for example. This line has already bean there for us. It already exists. Religious pressed Indo kind of function has been created for us already So what this does is it stays, they go. Button is clicked. Do something that is over here now what the set on click listener is. For example, let's say you have a conversation and the spire listening to this conversation or the time . So this is what the state on click Listener is doing. It is listening for any kind off click on this Go bottom. And whenever this thing is click, it goes to do this one click function and does whatever inside when this conflict function is what we want to do when this who but in this click is a dangerous thing, takes you. So what you want is next door set next. Something new. Now what with the sect X function will do is it will take this text file It's text for you and how it identifies the text. You it goes over here and it goes to this I d that it's see Stevie text and goes back to the exam If I text area code protector and said, Okay, this is the I. D. Initially it has a text off Avenger brazo. He wanted toe changes to something new and this is how the implement one click listeners. So that is pretty much it for this video we are going to discuss. I'm actually done the application on In Virtue machine in the next video on so pretty much it and see you're there. 7. Testing the app on Genymotion: hi guys know that we have created the back and instinct. Is the application now there two ways to test the application? The first way is to directly run this application on a mobile phone in real time. On the second way is to run this on an android emulated called Jenny Motion. Now there are also building android emulators in under studio. But we want, but they're like, really, really So the in build and run emulators are really released. Therefore, we are going to install something known as Jenny Motion, which is free for our purposes. Andi, it's really, really quick and really efficient. So to download an emotion, they're going toe open this up on tape and Jenny Motion Free press enter. You're going to open this and now you're going toe download an emotion person tradition. Now it's asking us to sign in on. We'll have to create a knock on First. I created a design. A process is pretty much easy. You get an email confirmation, you have to click on the link on. Make sure you remember that he email address and password, because we are going to use it later. Even after signing in over here. Will you just remember it? So I have already signed up, so I'm not going to sign in again. And just into my user name, Boss would. And I have not activated American. So let me just go ahead and activated first and we click over here. Good for Murdoch. Owned Internet account has been activated, so we'll go back to this. Go back. I mean, password again. Signing? No, they're two options you don't know Jenny Motion on. We've also obviously the Mac West. You won't do the peanuts, but we have a new Donald for windows that would require something. Millions were killed box. So we click on download for Windows Virtual box, click on it. I'm not going to download it as I have already downloaded it and stole it on my computer in solution process is pretty simple. Just you have to click on next and rendered the check box. You have to just check the box on just sleep on clicking next. Dealers in story. After it's installed, you'll get something like After Ince's after it is, it's stored. You'll get something like this. Jenny, Motion on Jenny Motion Shell is double click on Jenny Motion. I'm going to load the plug ins and accept as it's going to show you this. Cream scored two settings and click on signing that sharing is not what indicated. Signing into your creations illegal and click on China. Now our jen emotion has been registered, and we're ready to add new words. Devices inside. The next step is to integrate Gen emotion with under studio. Right now, it's just a sign on application, and it's not being integrated with Andre to integrated with Android. We'll goto Android studio and really goto file. Then we'll go to settings and then on plug ins on. Then they're all the plug ins that are different over here. And then we'll go to browse reported trees and you search for something known as Jenny Motion. And again, see insert in. This blogging allows you to create and started emotion. What your devices from Android Studio. Exactly what we want. Next click on install sassiness. We started under studios. Let's click on it. Apply Okay, he started. It's going to be the started now that are understood to have been restarted. You'll see a new kind of foot thing kind of icon over here. This is the Eiken off Jenny Motion, and you click on it. We'll open up. Select apart to Jenny Motion Folder. If you don't know what the pot motion. Four letters, you can always go do the shorter that has created legal properties. There is the part off Jenny Motion. So let's select the part of Gen emotion over here. You go to E, we'll find Jenny Motion real quick. Okay? And apply. Okay. Now that we have applied the part to Jenny Motion, we can see this kind off. So now that we need to add a new words are doing is in January to create a new world. Chondrites and Jenny Motion. We're first going to click this new button. After leaving on this new border, something will pop up on we click on add It could do so much for available devices. There are a lot off their devices. You're just going to scroll down and see which one can we pick up? Uh, I'm going to pick up this nexus six ap a predatory. Just because I like working on it. You can also pick this or pick any other virtually device doesn't matter, but I'm going to pick this one on taking on next. What you're doing his name. This These are the applications and the memory side of ST three Thousands and crew, and maybe it's basically three db on. Then we click on Next on could download our work your device from the Internet. It's to 91. Embassies are going to take some time now. It saves. The water device has been created successfully, so we'll click on Finish on here. You can see our border two ways. No disk looted on really best we could refresh. Now, As you can see, there's a new orchard, right, so here we can close it after closing it. We have to go toe. There's Jenny Motion and Click Select This and Click on Start is going to initialize the water toys, and it's going to take some time. Know that the device has started completely. We can done it on application on this device. To run an application on the device will let the play button I will select the connected devices Gen emotion, Google nexus and click on OK, now that the little bit has completed, we can go toe Jenny Motion emulator. Open it up. And advocacy. Our application is running successfully on genuine emotion. Andre it two ways. So this is pretty much it for this redo on. I see you in the next one. 8. Real life android mobile Testing: Hi guys. In the previous video, we learned how to launch an application in Jenny Motion Andre Emulator. In this video, we are going to learn how to test our application directly by putting our application into a real life and great food. To do that first, we'll open our phone screen. After that, what we're going to do is open the settings on, then scrolled on. Please note that this is the actual real life view off my android phone, and this is not an emulator will scroll down and we'll click on about device after taken about, really click on the building number seven times, which enabled the developer mood. So go to your bill number and tap it seven times after your tablet. Seven times it will show that hey, you have bean silicate as a developer, so go ahead and do it. After that, go again to the sickening spayed and you'll see a new option off. The local options would be day click on the developer options to see more options. After going he over here, you'll have toe select the use Vedic debugging potion on inability by clicking on it and click on OK and make sure your deliver more is also on. So that is pretty much what do you have to do? Know what you have to do is take a USB cable and connect your android phone toe your laptop So I'm going to do that right now. I'm going to correct my android phone to my laptop on Let's us with for some time to initialize it so that the computer recognizes the and great food we flick on display Burton , and you will see your angry device come over here now. My android is a little bit old used for besting. Bubble says. You can just select it and click on OK, it will say as little big running. And this will run your angry up on your real life on grateful. No, this is a very quick process. Now, if I was you, I would probably be using this. But as after show you in real life on my my browser, right, what? I'm being so I am going to be using Jenny motion toe execute my APS. But you can always go with this option on directly connected by phone with laptop on dry. Run your application life on your phone. So this is pretty much it for this video. I'll see you in the next section where we start developing our Web browser. 9. Webview and Uses Permissions: Hi, guys. Welcome back in this video, we're going to start building a Web browser for the first thing that we need to do is remove all these things we are going to rebuild. It went, brother by clicking on it and then personally delete button. Click on it again. Press the delete button, the delete button to remove everything on. So we have literally out looking like this. Alexis the horizontal. What a good. So now the inundation is vertical on. Then what? We live with all to do all of this. We don't require this, right? No. Yet we're developing all these things again. So let's move this. All right. Now we are removed. Everything. Let's go and learn what we are going to do in this video. So the first thing that they are doing is kind of a BJU know what is a review of view is a view that displays their pages. This class is the basis upon which you can grow your own brother or simply display some online content within your activity. Now, what is an activity? Activity is just your back and file. Basically, for example, let's say we got to go back to our browser. So this pile is also known as an activity. This back and find is also known as an activity. All right, so it uses a separate rendering injured to display webpages and includes methods to navigate forward and backward toe histories. Woman's now ex searches and mood So we are going to be basically using this in Bel Think Corn VEB. You display the pages now he has his example off What we're going to be really. Now this doesn't look like the most greatest brother in the world, but right now we just want to learn about the basics off. How to make a Web daughter instead of focusing on designing tax lights doesn't look that good, but the function it works really, really well. So here's a look first, very Here's addict. A text box There were going to write the global dot on our your limb, our website name, and he is the Gulbuddin. On pressing, the Gulbuddin will be ableto visit the website now. This forward and backward is for, for example, after fee book with google dot com, but we want to go back to Facebook. Dark content can presses back Britain and its can go back and similarly pissed off our Britain. This is the refresh or reload button, and this is to clear the whole history. So if you clear the whole industry, then we can't go back and forward these other buttons that you are going to making that this green is known as the web. You if you remove the go button if you remove this edit text, this is the addict text. Where we can write things it takes is something that we can write our name. You are ill or anything, so this is a pretext. This is a button. These are four buttons. So if you remove the edit text removed to school button and reading all these four buttons , then what does the many is known as a debut. So we are going to be creating this debut in our project and this video, actually, and then we are going to be focusing on something or uses permission on this. Permission has to be added and manifest file, which we're going to look into, and then finally, we're going to run the up on these three things we are going to do in this video, you're not going to be making these buttons on these four buttons in this video. We're just going to be adding this there you in this video and adding the user's permission and basically done the app. We check if it's working or not, so let's just get into it. So the first thing that we are going to do is open this back and activity on. Go to this XML file in this example. Five. Inside the Slim Early out, we are going to write, just like we meet or text you just like me. Make a pardon. We're going to make something known as a review selects open their dog on Name it as the View Helper Council will be present off on a little bit. We're going to get Give Mass parent on the high. We're also going to give match parent depressed enter on the i D. We are going to give as let's just give us a review under school on. We can call it brow. For example, have you under school brow? Uh, this is, for example, no magnetic created the Excel file. We have to do this in the back and find. Also, if you guys remember, So they're going to come over here. We're going to write Debut on Let's just call it probable Your on display, bro. The view is no phone because we use northern capital this to make the V in capital and then we're going to import this. So this has been important already. There has been some mistake. So let's prince backspace or right, this is by no So we are going to write for our year. Then you're going to take their brow. But you live. You I find you buy I d. Okay. I missed the equal to button finding you by 80 on our door idee door. There you go. No, we have declared the browser on. We have any slice of Roeder. Sorry. I meant we have any sliced a view and declared the rib. You know, what we are going to do is load a You are so let's store the u R l in a string. Our neighborhood you are, and we are just going toe put an STD www dot hack stories Dark Rome semi colon. If you don't know, this website is a mind right now. If you put in google dot com or facebook dot com Any of these big websites, it won't work. But instead of hatcheries dot com, you can try own website. But just don't try big best websites on make sure at least now to put an extra tippy Coghlan's US backs last Baxter is the critical of blue dot in front off because if you don't put it right now, it's not going to work. So what I'm going to recommend is put it in in future. In the future. Videos got going to fix this. So right now the statement issued to be cooler stashed backslash backslash the dark end of upstate new dot com. Then what we are going to do is going to be are going to take this bro object and take it as brow, and we're going to say something like, Load you are already help is given, so we'll press enter on. We are going to put the string. You are an insider, so just say you are so now that we have declared our web you in this area in the Excel file in the French tanks, if you go to you were here you can see this shows Ah, whole debut and you're gonna text way later than I need. It is match parents so it takes the whole screen and it has math mental states the whole bit. So it's on the whole skin right now. Then we go to bring to the back and file. Ridiculous. Initialize it over here. We declared it actually over your brow overview and then sliced looked over here, then restored the u R l inside string variable on. Then we loaded using the Lord you are function now The next thing that we are going to do is declare our permissions in the android manifest. You can find the man if I it's manifest filed by group do this app and clicking on the manifest and double click on the Android manifest or a similar. Then we are going to declare permissions over here. We're going to put that something uses permission Help this coming on, we'll click on it on Android named then we want Internet commissions. We are going to type and right dot permission door internet and there is indirect and then we close this tag off repressing this Onda we have declared the permissions. Now the third thing that we have to do is actually done the application. So we are going to start Jenny Motion. So start an emotion. We are going to press this over here. I was going to come. I'm going to place a start button. It's going to take some time. It would initialize the virtually by starting winter device. No, doctor. Angry and virtual device. Jenny Motion has started. We are going to minimize this. We're going to cross this out and we're going to press on the play button. Then we're going to select the generation device and we're going to click. OK, right now the release building. So it's going to take some time. You're going to give it time. As you can see, we hope are running is complete. And if you go to our Jenny motion virtually do is you can see the hack stories has been opened. If you see this whole area is just a review, we can screw alone if you want, by pressing their down buttons on a keyboard. And there you are. Now, this is pretty much eight for this video. I'm going to see you in the next one 10. Making the User Interface of web browser: Hi guys. In the previous video of you made the Web you on actually ran the application or the gen Emotion in this video, we are going to make the full friending off her application, the full front, and includes this government this edit text on these four buttons on removing the action. But actors on talk to Alexis get into it. First, we're going to open it on. Look at our design what our current design is, So we're going to click on its preview button so that we can see it while we called on. This is our review right now. The first thing that you are going to do is remove this action. But on top of in Jibril is written because instead of back we have to put in our group button and edit text to do it. We'll have to go into this Resources folder into this values folder on Go into the style, soldier. Here we are going to write team dog. No action but light door. No action buying and press enter after pressing. Enter if you go back on activity in the school main on. Look at Look at our design. We're going to see that there's no action our president over here, so we'll go back. I will try to minimize it a little bit. All right. So action, but has been removed. Nowhere would work on having for buttons or forward backward. Reload on you're history. So what we are going to do? We are going to make another really leaning layout inside this out early. Lil, if you see right now, the orientation is vertical. What we want our for Burton's to have orientation. As for resulted, that's I we're creating a linearly out inside, early allowed. If you see in this, um, there's a linearly out. There's a big Lena layout on it is already retention is working because first this a stag. Then this reviews tag on the forbidden answer stacked. But these four buttons are start horizontally. So what we're going to do is we are going to create a linearly out that's created Give it up, ripped off match, betting on height, off pointing. So is going to have full of it on. It's going to hide is going to have a height off the four buttons that we're going to put inside. It happened and if you remember, is basically gives the height or the word that child has. So you are also going to get this Lena layout and I d. Let's call it a little under school Hawkins and that's it. Let's see what it's showing an other new orientation specified. So let's leave it on orientation. We want this orientation, Toby horizontal or your vision for resulted on the other is gone. No, let's put buttons inside it. So let's put a button. Really, Rick, as I wanted on Haider that I wanted on You're going to put next as, uh, forward. Let's give it I d. Oh forward Martin in the school forward on. Then we'll just copy and piece it four times because we need to have for burdens. Let's change the 80 on every one of them. Let's call this backward next, cause this re lord, let's call the last one as clear on Let's he named this us back pretty fresh. This one has clear. So as you can see, the four Burtons are now here, but they are on top and they're not on bottom. What we're going to do, we're going to put them below this debut because, right? No, these buttons are on top, and this view is at the bottom. So we're going to copy it out of this. Andi pasted below. And if there's elegance E there like some gaps over here on the does, the court doesn't look meat, so you can procedural old on L on Windows, and it'll automatically here in shock cord to look a lot better. So after this now, if you see that the buttons have vanished from the bottom, this is because the review is taking the whole screen because it's much better on the buttons have been pushed out off the screen. So now I'm going to introduce a new concept known as rates. Some. So first, like we write it out and then I'll explain it to you. Let's Deborah read some. I give it a value of one on. We'll give the babe you allowed. Wait off 0.80 on this. Lean early out of it. Oh, 0.10 No advocacy of Burton's have come back. No. Why? What is this raid? Some I water this layout would imagine a pizza. So we have to divide the pizza into three people. Toe First Peak. The first part of the Pisa goes to a very big person because he eats a lot of pizza. So we give. We divide the pizza into T parts and we give 0.80 part of the Pisa to the Web. You we give 0.10 part of the Pisa to this view, linearly out three, which has four buttons, decided on the other 3rd 0.10 because if you add 0.80 and 0.10 it becomes 0.90 So there is still 0.1 to you off the pizza left. So where is going to go? We are going to give it to the edit text and the go button over here, which we haven't made it right now, So let's make it. Let's call it, we'll make another linearly out because you want to edit text and then a go button, which are for his own clean stack. So we'll make another linearly out. Let's nicolini allowed. Gives the match ban hold great rap content. Only though we're that has give the orientation. As for resulted, uh, give it and I d are clearly out under school. Uh, did you? Let's limit you are nearly out. You are. It's called You wanna go because it is going to contain both the U. S. A part on the go button. Ondo. Yeah, and let's say we go. Wait. 0.10 All right, then we are going to put in a text. Let's give it, though. Wait off Rap pointing on height off, set up Wanted I Let's make a button. Not content appointed. It's called a button as go. Okay, so here's our button. Here's our X. You know, the text you as you can. Sorry I did, Thanks as you can see is very, very small. And the report and is over here and they're not occupying Cool off the screen. So what we are going to do? The first thing that we have to notice is that we put the linearly outwait at zero point Wanted also its showing up over here. So right now the division is 0.80 or scream this web you contains 0.10 off the screen. These four buttons contain on 0.1 dealer part of the screen to stop. Area contains Now in this bottom area Onda Stop area. We are going to do something So first, let's go down to the water media in this part of media. As you can see, these all four buttons are occupying different, different sizes. What you want to do is to occupy them, occupy like the same amount off Pisa. So there are four people who are going to eat the pizza on. We are going to divide it into four equal parts, so let's give it to read some off. So he made some is one pizza, and then the buttons can have, uh, shared off 0.25 pizza. Each little 0.25 pizza, that is 1/4. It's a scope e it on pieced it in order for weapons. So, no, As you can see, these all four buttons occupy equal amount of space. And now, as you can see, they look a lot cleaner than they used to. Now let's go back to this area and also give it a one Pisa and then, in this one piece of we want up and it takes to occupy most of the part on the Ruperto by less off the part. So what we're going to do, you will report it and Leo do it at 0.8 digital which linke the size on that you can see there's some space left, So maybe we can do 90 Yeah, this looks good on a yearly outweighed at 0.1 Dedeaux on the Cooper turns over here. So it's still looking pretty weird Selects a point life on your point feet off. So let's just run it and see how it looks. So I already started Jenny Motion very flicked on this neighborhood. We are going to see how it looks right now, So if you open a Jenny motion, it's still opening. So, as you can see, the four buttons are were here, the other Texas, Over here, the go button is over here on if you want begins, and if you won't begin this type or you are a lower here. But it's not going to work right now because we haven't implemented the back in for it, and it's not going to do anything. So what we want is stacked me off. Four buttons have been created on the Inditex has been created. The Goo Burton has been created the next we do what we are going to do. You are going to beautify them a little bit more. Or, uh, yeah, we're going to beautify them a little bit more on I'll see in the next video. 11. Beautifying the UI: I guys will come back on in this video. We're going to beautify our buttons right now. If you can see the buttons are off grace color on, they don't look that good. So we are going to probably change their color on If you can see that the text off the button, for example, go is in black yellow and the background is off Greece color. So we are going to change all of that less stacked with the Gulbuddin. First, let's go to the go button on as against even have not given. And I due to the Wolverton. So let's give an idea. First the government. Let's call it a pardon. Go on. We're not even during the idea whether text Let's David, I know where to go next you wanted all right. Now that we are given the ID's legs, change the color. So to change the color off first of background, you're just going to do a background and help is going to come up background. Then we're going to type aggregate color. What happens that this is it takes all the invalid color, said the angers you do have, and it gives us to us of the one of the good is that the under hot sculler primary, which is kind off a bluish color. It's an inbred color, so if you can see the color had changed toe. Ah blue kind of fellow on If you want to change that extra G example, the government is still in black. The text is still in black. Let's say the X's color. They've been text on extra stages. White changes the white. We have to use the hash value actual. Your fight is hat and then if apple if o k f f f f f so no particular had changed white. So let's run this and see how it looks on actually, and right up. So if you go to our Jenny Motion, this will load the app. And as you can see, the go button is blue color on the indexes Over here on get the color has been changed. If you want to change the color to something else, we can go to always some u i black colors like something like that. Andi, he ended the hashtag value from over here. You can obviously open this on. I'm just copping a random value. I don't know what it actually is. I'm just paste it in the zone. If you won't do that, wouldn't. As you can see, the color has been changed to something different. So crimson kind of color if you don't want that. So let's just prestige ended a on you go ahead with the prime Mikola. This looks pretty good. Onda uh let's do the same thing with all the buttons with this copy here on the stick in old Obertan's later time not being caught probably copied. Just go back. I'm a very lazy I look like so I don't like to walk a lot That's what I'm just going to copy and paste it everywhere. And there you go Laundry lets down her application and see how it loves There's open Jenny motion, All right? It doesn't look back back. So no. This in order designing course Nord 12. Loading a URL: Hi, guys. Welcome back in this video we are going to implement our every text and go Burton so that whenever you take any website over here and press the go button, the websites loads dynamically. Right now, what we're doing is that we are starting a website. You are And then we are learning. There you are. So this has happened. Statically will warn the U N to reloaded dynamically so that whatever type we're here in the Eyrie text can be opened in the review. So let's get started. The first thing that we have to do is check whether we have given the ideas to edit text and button or not. And it's also checked that these four have been given an idea or not or like a beating has been given an i. D. This looks good. Let's go. And in his life, all the button and edit text. So we write every text you want in it did. You can name just anything remember and will press old enter imported and then we are going to initialize opponents on Let's import this also by pressing old plus interrupted. So it's putting nor buttons and we're going to press or polis enter to report this to then we're going toe right down the buttons. So first the go button, then the forward burden the back burden, the clear button on very little border. Now that we have initialized all of them, let's just declared them over here. So first, we're going to go ahead with your unedited, because to you're next, find you. But I d our Lord, I really thought it. Text urine. Then you're going to go over the buttons bottom when you add eed our idea door, Martin, Go, then I'm just going to copy this and based it four times. Okay, now that we have been declared on displaced, all of the buttons and the Inditex, let's just get into it. So the first thing that we are going to do is take their data from the edge of text. I load it into this, um, file, but we are going to do that whenever the go button it's played. So what we're trying to do is basically, for example, I type you were here the level of mood or facebook dot com, and then you press the go button on pressing the hope it and whatever the value is inside this cool edit text, we're going to take that and store it in a You are over here and then we're going to look the U. N. So the first thing that we need to do is half an on click listener that listens to the go button on the time. And whenever it's click, we're going to do something. So let's make our own button click listening. So what we are going to do is type go door set on Glee listener New one Click listeners. And whenever the go button is clicked, this own click function will record and what was inside this only function is that will happen. Next thing they're going to do, stay there data from the edit text, for example, on pressing the Gobert, and we want to take the data that was written here, for example, facebook dot com included. So what we are going to do is you're going to write something like string and it next that you equals who. Then we'll write you related because we have declared the agent takes you. You are alleged over here dot Get fixed door shoestring. No, this is how you does this tree from an addict. First we get their text, and then we convert the text to a string. This is how the data is collected from the edit text. No, this could have made simpler by the angry developers. But wouldn't you just deal with it? To know what? We have the value off? I didn't explain what isn't latex value. Basically, For example, if you figured your home or your the edit text value will contain the value facebook dot com No, we have to load this value by religious. Copy it. So he we'll just copy it on basted. We're here. Let's move this value from Will you? All right? Make it like string. You are because you get X value. I know their data is going to be dynamically loaded. I have started the gen emotion so that we can test our application whether it's working or not. So what we'll do, we'll press on the play burden and then we'll choose our Jenny motion device and click on OK, and he's going toe render application. That's giving some time. As you can see, the application is running now we will go toward Jenny Motion. Here is a genuine ocean, so we'll wait for it to load of them site. But it's not going to lose any website because we have removed before loading garden for more here. So what we are going to do you? Would you type in something like Stoutt P Colon, backslash, backslash the brood or google dot com. Always remember that we have to write HTTP colon backslash backslash www dot right now, because the load oil function doesn't support it without last year to be indubitable of look, we are going to fix that in future. Actually, we're going to fix that in the next video, but right now let's right. That should definitely be on double Double. It'll do on present go Burton and then you have to wait for it on the website opens in another proto, which we don't want. You also have to fix this, so right now we have to fix two things. First thing is that when every type estudio p colon, backslash bachelors, the river delude will attend, the website opens on even if the website is opening its opening in another browser, which you don't want we wanted to open in our brother and not there before, bro. First thing that we are going to do it's actually we are also going to Lourdes 30 40 Waddle first because I want something opened, like in the bag home for testing purposes. So I'm going to write something like It should be backslash Doctor Dub Don't Actually, he's dot com and then I'm going toe place the play button again. We check our Jenny Motion applied changes. We started activity. So as you can see, the hack cities is lording. But whenever we try to open the website google dot com and present Gulbuddin, it opens the website in another brother, which you don't want. So they had to fix that in the next video. And I see you're there 13. Webview Client: Hi, guys. Welcome back in this video, we are going to fix our problem off opening a link in a new browser instead of opening it in the same blow. So right now, if you click over here and click on the government, it will open the leg in a new browser instead of opening it in the same clothes. And even if you click over here somewhere on a hack stories or is this some kind of link? Then exclude Open another browser, insert off opening it in the same daughter. What we want s that open, open a website or click on a link. It opens the website in the same brother that we're working on instead of going to the D four drug. So for that, we are going to use something known as where you planned Initiate the web. You playing there, but dot Sick that view blank new. Uh, you. Klein. No, this are viewed. Kline can be anything. It doesn't matter what to keep the name, but we are going to press oil. Please enter on it and create a new class. It's good to click. OK? It has created a new class borders and advocacy extends from Web you plane, which is very important now, As you can see, it is showing some kind of edit because it put forward to put this Will you know that he appointed you guys? Go on. Let's work on a rebuke lined. Now, in this first I'm going to go. Then I'm going to explain to you what is happening. The first we're going to type short, we're going to select the first helper function. They're going to remove this Web resource request. Instead of that, they are going to put in a string. You are You're going to remove this done super. Instead of that, we are going to put in view door load. You are ill you wanted and then got going to return. True. So let's see what's happening first is giving us over. Lights duplicated mattered. I'm going to explain what is happening with you. So first, let's go back a little bit and see what's happening. So this statement is the place. A rebuke, like no water web to let client does, is that let me like a comet actually over your So what it does is stacking of any click on something in a brother that enables to open the link in the same problem is still off. Opening it another brother. This is the function off review client. How we declared a review. Clad is we take the browser variable likely declared. Or here on. We initiated over here. And then we put in said, Have you play a new Are you playing? Then we create a new class or are you playing? Are you plan can mean if anything. And when we do this, this is actually created Object. If you don't know what an object and worry about it, it basically means that it goes over here on over here. It extends rebuke Client. So it knows that we're doing something with a web browser on here. We're being should override. You are loading. So wherever you are is loaded. We are saying that, Lord, this you are in our own web You in our own Web browser that we're creating from differed from scratch instead of opening the you are in a new browser. So this is what statement should override. You are unloading is too weak and this is the view. This is the web you actually, that we created in our main activity on this is the string you are. So whenever we call this function, the US is automatically called over here. So, for example, if you type google dot com or you or you and Prince Tagoe button the google dot com is automatically going to come in. This you are on then is going to load the You are in our own web you because the view is its stated by this view on this is saying that in our view lured the u. N google dot com and because this is a boolean function, we are returning through. This functionality has been given automatically in anger Studio from report. Why it is giving are replicated edit because what does duplicated me duplicated mean because it's just that understood us staying that way. We have something better. Maybe you'll want to use it. You don't have to use it, but maybe you can use it. So what is better that they are making their trying to make us choose? Let's type and sure do you are you are loaded. So this is what they're trying us to use. Web resource requests requests. Now this is also a validating, but we are supporting a minimum ap A off 50 where this is not ran it. This is only valid for latest and ready 100 devices which uses function are less than 1%. So 99% off our devices won't be were used dysfunction. That is why we're using this shoot over. You are rooting string you are instead of dysfunction. Select me. Write a comment over here. I don't want you guys to get confused. So I'm going to write a comment over here that replicated means savior has something as to offer. You might want to give it a short, but you don't have to. And why are we using dysfunction and nor the latest one is because our minimum FBI is 15 and a new method is only validated under an end, which is only available less than 1% of the devices now remove this thing off over a difficult Richard. We are going to type in something like at the rate suppressed warnings deputy location. I This edit will go away now that we have implemented this, let's straight out on Jerry motion by clicking the play button. So let's go with the Jerry Motion. And here are application has executed. So let's type and actually be definitely cooler dot com I m pesa go Burton. As you can see, the website has opened in the older brother and not in a different browser. So our web you client is working now in next video, we are going to fix another problem. So for example, right now, if we remove this issue dp cooler bastard back slacks from Warrior Andres the Goober toe. The website won't open. We are going to fix this in the next video and I see you were there. 14. Fixing the HTTP in URL: Hi, guys. In this video, we are going to fix our extra debris problem. So, for example, if you're open our Jenny motion on open a Web rosal and press on the global them, the website is not gonna open. But if we type in a studio p pulling Baxter backslash on president, govern them, then, as you see, the Google will open. So what we are going to do is that with David Ickes edit text and you're going to check if at the starting a student is there or not, If it suited is not there, then we're going to add the extra TV on. Then we are going to lose our you are. So for that, we'll go back to our back and file. Well, here we are taking the edit text value. We are going to port in if in the next value dot starts with and we'll put in a studio p going back to that slash then our every text value is going to be the street GOP bluff, the edit text value, and then we're going to restore this text value in the U. R. L. And then we're going to look there you are. So what we're basically doing is, for example, you type in www dot google dot com so our addict extra value will contain www dot google dot com. It will check this times for not so. Basically, it will check if the addict text value with the little girl dot com. If you are a starts with a Studio B, which in our case doesn't, then it is going to act this extra debris in front, off a text value. Just making it hold Warren. And then we're going to store this value in Europe and we're going to lose. You are. Let's two straight out and see if it works. We are going to go back into gen emotion, and now we're going to press the go button. As you can see, the website opens. Let's trial some other website. Let's tray out. They're Norton. I've been present the garden, and as you can see, my website has opened. And even if we add should be, it doesn't matter. It will open in both scenarios. So this times for again the stand for not so. If our every text value doesn't start with s Tupi, then we lacked a student be in front. Off are you are And then we store this value in it X value. And then the string you are is equal to every text value. And we're going to look, you are so this is pretty much it for this video. In the next video, we're going to solve our problem off JavaScript. So, for example, if you visit in a browser of website something like you do Bridget pious javascript to execute on Lord, there's a group, Burton. As you can see, the website won't open. If you scroll down, you can see it's written. Please enable javascript on your browser. So in the next video, we are going to enable the JavaScript on a browser. 15. Enabling Javascript: Hi, guys. Welcome back in this video we are going to enable Javascript in a browser so that websites can like you do on Facebook and open in a browser neighbors that it's really, really easy. So first I'm going to put it on. Then I'm going to explain it to you. Like what I'm doing. First things first, let's do Web settings. Do all are variable Web settings equals two. Now you can rename this as anything. It doesn't matter, but just for clarification purposes have cornered Web settings. Then we'll take up so dot bro is basically this Web. You were taking a debut on the get settings, and then we'll put in settings dot said JavaScript, enabled through Indo, and that's pretty much it. That's how we enable the JavaScript enough browsers. What would you do so every Web browser and every web you have a website ng by default. So we created a Web settings on. We could name the variable as Web sightings we could named available of anything and then we the difference. Eight were Web you, which is known as brow, and then we gotta settings and then we what does the things as set downstairs. Neighbor as true. So that's pretty much it. Let's test our just tripped in a brother were going toe or toe Jenny motion And then, as you have seen previously, district not work. But if now we press the go button is going to wait on lured the you do. So this is pretty much it for this video. We are going toe look into some other thing in the next video and I'll see you over there. 16. Hiding the Keyboard: Hi, guys. Welcome back in this video work we are going to do is hide the keyboard after the group Wharton expressed. So, for example, if you open the emulator and retyping you are in over here, a keyboard would open. But in a real life mobile food for typing the U. N. A keyboard will open American type the alphabets off the U. N. And when you press the go button, that keyboard would go away. So we are going to write the court so that automatically when the Google Express the keyboard should start himself and closes to do that You something known as input method manager. So what we are going to do, we are going to write first. I'm going to write a coming so that you guys know what this waas about. So we are going toe use something on import mentored manager. We are going to write that, and then I'm going to declare the variable name. I'm just going to call it I am. You can call it anything Then, just like the buttons above. Like, for example, we declared the context of the button over here, so we're gonna do right on import but her nige again over here, then we're going to write, get system. So this and then we are going to right over here context dot input mattered. So it's award this line as a whole does it to sketch the keyboard that opened up and stole sick in the variable. I am I am the instance off the keyboard, like opened up, stored in the variable. I am so know what we're going to do? Know that we have captured the keyboard? We're going to close the people to do that? Yeah, for good type, buying them, then hide. We're going to choose the first helper option would click on it and then it requires to take it requires a window token and it took quite a flag. Now what is the window broken with? The token is basically like it needs the edit text value and it needs to added five, which detects we're talking about. So we need toe put you on every door here. There you are at it and then dot Get window broken and we will report the flat as zero support the flag Has zero means that it means that it's okay to fight the keyboard. So the first line, basically initialize, is the keyboard and stores it into the valuable. I'm M and then the second line hides the keyboard. So this is pretty much it for this video. Now, if you run the APP application on your mobile phone, you'll see that after president, go pretend keyboard height itself in the next video, we are going to implement these four buttons forward, backward, refresh and clear. So I see over there. 17. Forward, Back, Reload, History: Hi guys. Welcome back in this video we are going to implement our four buttons That is the forward, the backward difference and the clear buttons. So the first thing that we are going to do is implement the on click listener to order for buttons just like we did with the governor. So we are going to do something like forward because you have named at variable as forward away your forward back. Clear. Reload. So what we are going to do that would take forward dork said one Click listeners, New one, Click listeners and on Click Something is going to come up now. I'm just going to copy and paste this four times because we have four burdens. And then I'm going to rename the 2nd 1 as back toward one. As do you Lord afford one as clear. Now that we have implemented the on click listeners on all the four buttons, you are going to go to the forward one in the forward one. We are going to put an if condition if you know dot can go for can go forward, bro dot Go forward Now what this does is it's checks with it the browser can go forward or not. So, for example, if we have opened the brother for the first time on depressed a four button, there is nothing to go forward toe dancer. It's not going to work, and it's going to through an error. That's why we are first checking if the browser can go forward or not. If the browser can go forward, then we're going to use the inbred function off. Go forward to implement browser, go forward. Then we're going to do the same thing in backwards. We are first going to dive in. If then brow I'm Brow is nothing but simply our debut, Very bill. Then you have a new type in door can go back. If it can go back, then brow dot Go back then in the real or button we are going to do now. Don't three load. That's it. Just it's just one line and it will reload the close up and 1/4 1 We are going to do it out . Do it clear history so history will be cleared and the browser won't go forward or backward . So this pretty much less than the application and see if it works or not, or that I'll click display burden on my Jenny motion simulator has already been started. So I'm just going to wait for the application to run on if you open a generation in military right now and you can see after Gaza has opened. So if you go to dot com, then press the call button will or common open. And after that, if you go to youtube dot com, I'm praised ago. Burton, you do will open. Now. If you want to go back, we'll just press on the Gu Burton and we'll go back. And if you want to go back to you, do you just pressed forward wooden? I will goto you do. And if you want to relive, reload you do you just press that refresh button, it will refresh. And if you press that Lumberton it didn't show anything, but the history had been cleared. So if you place a bag burden insured work now and it's not working, no. So this is pretty much it for this video in the next video via actually going to make a loader for this brother. So, for example, if you right now, open google dot com. It doesn't show any kind of indication that the website is opening, so we'll fix that in the next video. 18. Adding a Progress Bar: Hi guys. In this video, we are going to be making a progress bar or also known as a loader for our Web browser. For example, if you go to a website like hacks during start calm, that's typing extra these dot com and Prince Yeogu Burton. It is not showing us any indication that little started to load the website and you just find the Lord's website. So we are going to figure this thing. So first of all, let's go to our active, even the school mentor. Excellent. On under this review, we are going to make something known as a progress part. So we are going toe type program spot over here on grit as that pointed hi as wrapped under . We are going to give it an I. D. I really off progress. But on this pretty much so. As you can see, a progress bar is over here. Now let's go to a back and file and just like the Spartans will declare a progress bar and then below just like these buttons, we are goingto initialize our progress. But on broke this but find you by 80 our daughter i d dot progress part Now we are going to create something known at stake Web Group line. It's just like the same rebuke line on what we are going to do, that it's in the slicer loader. We could have also done this in our view, claimed or Java class, but I wanted you guys to learn something different. That's why we are going to make a sex web from Plane selects it into it. Let's name it brow just like the above. And they were sick. Now we go to select the first thing going to press enter. Then we would write new. They're grown plank there will to press enter and then we're going toe open up the curly braces on inside this, we are going to make a function known as on Progress. Change. Let's press tab and then we're going to write on progress Change. We're going to select the 3rd 1 press enter. Then they are going to remove the super line because we don't need it. Let's press the back button and then we're going to write progress. But that does this variable. Select this copy this very bill because I'm too lazy to write it again and just pasted away . You're on the dot said progress. And then over here we are going toe right. This variable lets us copy it and place it over here and then below this. We are going to write if condition, that is, If new progress is equal to equal 200 they do something else, do something else. And then inside this if else statement, we are going to rate progress bar dot said visibility view not going. And then you're good. Copy the same thing. An else statement. We are going to write view, not visible. So that's pretty much it. So what? We are going toe. What we are doing in this is I'm just going to recap it one time. Firstly, that made, said Webb Groom playing. Then we made a new object off it. Then, after making a new object, we declared a function known as on progress. Change on Ben ever on progress, change discord. Then there is this web you view and this ain't new progress now when it's on, progress changed. Call on progress changed. It's always called when the website is loading or in the process off loading. So when the website is an on process off loading on progress, change discord and on progress. Changed gives this new progress where the status with the website is loaded or not, or in the process off the loading process. It's stored in this new progress on. After that, we declared a progress Fardart state progress, new progress and then in this project, if the new progress is 400 or not, that means that the website as we load it or not, if the that side actually looted, then we said the progress but to invisible or gone so the programs but won't you up. But if the progress is not 100 activist of intricate, still lording then we said the process progress part, the visibility to visible that is going to show on on application. So let's just run it and see what happens. You're going to say genuine device Click OK, now that the application is ordered to let go to Jenny Motion. As you can see over here, lording button is coming. So I actually stardom is loading on this loader button is coming over here. So if you for example, if you take a website, let's to stop the loaded. So, for example, if you open a website known as google dot com and plays the Guberti, we're going to see The loader comes up again, and then the google dot com has totally loaded. It vanishes. So this is pretty much it for this video. I'll see you in the next one. 19. Launching the app on Play Store: Hi, guys. In this video, I'm going to give you the highlights off how to launch this Avenger Broza on the will, Police tool. Now the process is pretty easy. So I'm just going to give you the highlights on you can follow along the rest off it on your own. So first thing that we need to do is really to go toe Bulgarians and change this brilliant to release. Because our application right now we will debugging it and you were developing it. So build radiant. Wasn't the buckboard. We have to change it toe release more. We can do that by clicking Moria and then coming over here continue to relieves. So it's changing our things to release, and then we're going to close it. And then we are going to go toe bake and generate Signed a PK. Now it's going to ask us for key store part. We'll create new just type in your key store part over here. So, for example, I'd like making it on their deck stop. So to stick, stop from where? Or for example, I can even make it in the Seagrave. So I lived a final aim as something like a new project. Guests and then right. A password that confirmed the password. And make sure you remember this password because if you ever need to you update your application, you ask for this password. And despite so also right, the Al es el es is basically your application name. So just write Jibril's oye password, right It again Confirm it away. You write your first name, right? Name obvious things simply gone. Okay after cleaning on Okay, it was stick. It will have a key store part over here automatically and then to the key store password. This can be any parts or that you want alias application name. He password the same thing and then just click on remember passwords because we don't want to forget it and then click on next after clicking on next and not going to click on next. But it's going to ask you where it should store the a. P k five. You can start the epic a file every anywhere, but I usually like doing the Nordic stop after getting the MBK file. What do you want to do is you're going toe open up this website on you're going to write play dot google dot com app store publish. They're going to go to this. U r l is going to ask you for amount off about, like, $20 to make the account on you. Get up. After making that comment, you can upload as many applications as you want after After making an application, you have to click on create application and you can right over here, over here, that title offic application and there s off the process was pretty straight forward. So this is pretty much it for this video. I'll see you in the next one. 20. What's Next?: Hey, guys, I just wanted to let you know that if you had any problems, including I've uploaded the court on this, um, so you can go to get have dot com backslash other revert back sides are three dash broza on . You can see all the court that I've written for this application. So this is the last video off mobile brother cities. I just wanted to appreciate the time you guys took from your lives to learn something new and awesome. So this is pretty much it for discourse. If you like this course, you might want to check out my other courses. So I'll see you were there, beef.