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Introduction to Agile Enterprise Architecture

Kiran Divakaran, Architect Enabling Intelligence

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7 Videos (5h 53m)
    • Overview Of The Agile Enterprise Architecture Course

    • What constitutes Enterprise Architecture ?

    • Overview Of Togaf As An EA Framework

    • Executing the Iterations - Togaf ADM Part 1

    • IntroductionToADMPart2

    • SOA

    • Skills you need to become an Enterprise Architect


About This Class


Agility and Architecture are two wheels that makes an organization move ahead when in balance. What is the right balance to have them work for your organization? How can you balance it and at the same time achieve business results, transformations and even simple align your organization goals in the right direction. How do you mix agile and enterprise architecture best practices to achieve business transformation. What is the right mix of business and technology mix to ensure that we solve problems that take care of the vision and mission of the company.

As seen above any product or solution goes through iterations similar to that of a trunk of a tree. How do you manage product , application and architecture complexity as you move towards the outer rings or later iterations. It is easy to manage a product or solution in its infancy but as it progress in size and complexity you need mature best practices to be able to a better job of managing the same. 

What are the things to worry about when you need to get into designing and architecting solutions which are future proof . This becomes a key asset of any IT professional as they make the progression to becoming a seasoned architect , solution architect or enterprise architect. 

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Kiran Divakaran

Architect Enabling Intelligence

Consulted with national and international clients with two decades of IT experience on architecture, product evangelisation,product development,product management,IT optimization,bench marking,knowledge management,go to market strategies. Has sound product development, product management experience coupled with thought leadership in large enterprises and grounds up work. Proven product, project,program and people management experience in core banking,mobile payments,product development w...

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