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Introduction to After Effects for Animation - Create Your Own Music Inspired Short

Claire Pinegar, Freelance 2D animator

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17 Videos (2h 43m)
    • Introduction

    • Touring the interface

    • Importing assets

    • Setting up a composition

    • Layer Types

    • Layer Modes

    • Animation basics

    • Animating pre-compositions

    • Animating masks

    • Introduction to exporting

    • Introduction to shape layers

    • Converting AI files to shape layers

    • Path animation

    • Introduction to working in 3D space

    • Changing perspective with 2D assets

    • Introduction to animating text

    • Tips for polishing your final export


About This Class

This class is for designers and illustrators that are looking to bring their vector illustration to life covering a range of different animation methods to create a music based sting.

This class is for those of you who are new to After Effects, so we'll be covering a lot of the basics. However, a good understanding of Illustrator or Photoshop will be useful as a lot of the tools and termonology crosses over into After Effects.

You’ll create a 10-15 second animation that captures the spirit, feel, and excitement of your favorite song, album, record get the idea. I've created a simple piece to take you through key skills in After Effects. You will need Adobe After Effects and Illustrator. Trial versions are avalible on the Adobe website.

Class Breakdown:

  • A tour of the interface - How to set up your project and composition and importing assets from outside of after effects
  • Layer Types An overview of different layer types.
  • Introduction to Animation - Covering the basics of animating the transform properties. Explaining the use of pre-composing and animating within these. How to animate masks and when to use them. Lastly a quick run through of how to export your video so you can share your work so far.
  • Introduction to shape layers and animating paths - How to convert Illustrator files to After effects shape layers and how to animate paths.
  • Working in 3D space: We’ll be covering the basics of the 3D capabilities within After Effects, This isn't true 3D animation but I’ll be covering tricks such as transforming an object to appear to change to a different perspective. 
  • We’ll also look into basic text animation and finally some finishing touches to polish your animation.

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Fantastic for a refresher course, or if you've had even a little experience with animating. She's fast, but she covers A LOT. Thanks, Claire!
I would recommend this class but I think the instructor tried to cover too much material in one chunk. The first half moves at a good pace but by the end she's zooming through things so quickly that it's just not worth it to keep up. I think splitting this lesson up into a few parts would work better. That being said, some of the early chapters are really quite good.
Love this class! I've attained more information out of this class than any other AE tut I've done. Easy to understand instruction, methodically delivered, and not to fast. Looking forward to experimenting further with the knowledge I've gained from here – highly recommend taking the class!
Stuart Holmes

Digital illustrator in a digital world.





Claire Pinegar

Freelance 2D animator

Claire Pinegar is a London based freelance Director, Animator and Motion Designer. Working on a variety of projects covering broadcast, web promos, and film trailers, her work ranges from hand-drawn animation to cinematic typographic design. With experience in a film marketing agency, an animation production company and freelancing her work spans a wide range of areas and practices; from exhibition A/V installations to non-profit campaign videos.

She is now producing films primarly for...

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