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Introduction to Adobe After Effects Course

Nshuti Paulin, Motion Graphics Artist

Introduction to Adobe After Effects Course

Nshuti Paulin, Motion Graphics Artist

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7 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Separeting layers

    • 4. Part 1

    • 5. Part 2

    • 6. Part 3

    • 7. Making GIF

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About This Class

Adobe after effects is the most important Software to learn as motion graphics artist so if you have never used adobe  after effects before you are going to learn all the basic you need to know in this class 

We'll cover the fundamental of After Effects  in the end of this course you will create simple animated city GIF.that you can share with your community on social media.

what you will learn:

  • interface of after effects
  • how to separate layers in illustrator for animation
  • how to make simple animation in after effects
  • how to make GIF for your video
  • how to animate with expression in after effects

Ready to Become Motion Graphics Artist This class is the one to get you started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nshuti Paulin

Motion Graphics Artist


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1. Trailer: Hi. I'm fully and becoming this introduction after fifth class in this class teaching hottest off defect. If you have never opened after before you covered the topics like health spirit. First straight off admission about his expression. Enough defect on the left in this glass. Replicating this city mission. A tent of the class B. Creating this the UN mission Mercy on second for some media on No, Now I seen the glass. 2. Introduction: Let's open after, if it's so to build the same pitch, going different shoes, he said. Decisively out. So after effect is the composition bits programs. So to create anything in after faith, you need to create composition face so you can get composition by clicking on this you composition icon by going on this meaning and truth composition, new composition so you can trust the name off composition, let's say like first composition mystical so you can change the with on hate off composition. They say, like 1920 hates 10 80 so you can change the families off composition, they say, like 29 or 30 permit for a second content the resolution it's half aunt for so you can change the addition, it's say, like five second consisting buglers color by become this Jake engine in the background color. So this main its own black alone. So I sit down. It can pick OK, so your compassion is saved in the project partner. This is they are the vice or imported. First I am saved or the music videos on images is served so you can organize your face on composition by quitting your for the contract opposition any first in the foot to be organized, So ah, let's talk about thesis to bird This Israel controls the This is the section two. This is the hunter Three countries until toe over land your composition you can choose the zoom in and the motor bay a clicking on control press. So let's this creates new shape it could create in your ship. Ah, hitting Cute It's true. Is lake The tango is drooling tongue before difference police so you can use this petition toe a YMCA points So it concerns the income parents position by clicking on this Been behind So this is the mental like in photo shop Instructor can truce Pento to draw ships Who controls this? Thanks Lloyds Text close It's lately something. Okay, justice, text A photo, Right text So this is the bus tour This is dip into not going to you spend too in this listens onto this one a Camilla's too. So unless treaty of these things it's true in the tingle for reference So you can see when you draw your ships Its create your layer in the 10 nights So this interment this area or admission is done This is where you admit or the things so kind of you eat in this. If you put so you can see the layer the disliked earlier of the sittings can change the hey Saiz a position so a lay each layers have the its properties like Inca point position. It's cute. Can you skip skip my plants, get down on a petition? No, busty So that I think toe talk about in this a picture is the effect and press it. So this is where all the confronted the press it you want confused this in the next lessons . So it would be from here this effect and presets So is sifting this. If you don't see this when I can go on this effect, you can go on window and choose effect and proceed if you don't see it right here. So it's you saved presets so you can see No. So that is it. So in the next recent are going to start by and meeting. Ah, fits on mission. So seeing in the future 3. Separeting layers: hi and welcome to a second to tour of discourse. So we're going to start admitting this illustrated victor. But before we start on mission, each layer on this victor must be on its own. So you conceal A This truck is on its own there. This car on these oil beauty means Concezio is in, or you can admit it. So the glue off mission it's it's layer on in the illustration must be on its own. Tobe able to admit it. So if you want toe separate, for example, you have the image that is not separated. You can kit new layer on going the clips off the layer. Then you can start separating, she wants. So I don't want toe separated because it separated. Don't show the example how you can make it so once you've done toe, it's a perpetual frustration. You can save it, then you can import it in after face. So let's go in after fit and start on Mission 4. Part 1 : So now we're enough defector going to start the animation, so it's imported. This first go Sivits put for this is director included in the lottery. Birsa's Physical? Find it there so truce Composition Creek imports. So now you can see or the layers of this victor is important. Consider composition off this victor. So let's omit on see how it's look so look nicer than toe. Start admitting this toe the Strykers on the train. So it's like the truck to on car on and print. So going to be composed. This players we can compose different toe May if you don't admit the different layers in on composition, so to compose it it's good like, because because I'm isn't pretty composition. So make sure truth may move for us a bit into the new composition. Then you can creek. Okay, so double click on this composition are going to admit this prayer and discard so strict this truck and Kurt, too, in his position. Peaceful position. You can add a different on this stopwatch icon, this stopwatch icon. We cannot keep him so long to move this. A truck and car have set of composition this any on 10th family can persists like this like the surgeon people. Honesty, help. Look, it must be so. That's just disputes. See, it's a look again. Teoh speeds. But it's like this, So this is nice. So we're going to admit this position. Give them on this thing. Go toe composition. This'll. I couldn't go on this friend. Make it like this. So that's it again and see how I look. So now let's admit this spring can use this in technique hitting position. Different thesis. You can put it like, yeah, can go on thes on this north, this print out off composition bus. It's like this, so they sit you again and see how it look. So now it's looking. So mice are going to make this sector the different on make. It is so select the kiss dreams. Can it creak and keep from assistance? Countries is easy communities throughout the smoke movement from the admission. So is Erica his name? So it's It's pretty again. And to see how it's a little so going toe a line like this, I don't want to this truck toe. Let's make it a trick. This it's it's pretty again and see how to look. It looks so nice. So we're going to feet in the air. I mean, composition. So now you can see on Mission is looking so nice So seeing at the video 5. Part 2 : everyone will come back in this video. We're going to admit these beauties in their three Dove admitted discards and Pranee conceit look so nice. So we're going to admit disputing so obstructed all the beauties you construct but directing control the people to constrict of the buildings and you can be compose it So it's good to beauty. Kind of like OK, so double click on the beauty. So going to strict of this stick, though they do things. Andi, people position this friend. You couldn't go on book, right? Yeah. Move it. Don't selects it pretty and see how I look. Let's look like this. So let's make it. Is sector the key friends six, uh, can kick if night make It is but most more from this things. So it looks so nice. So we're going toe on. Do this this expression so you cannot expression toe it's toe tomorrow movement or more and mission. So I'm going to use the expression that help you re opposed toe at a movement, even when a day of beauty is stop. So by asserting control, people click on the flames. You can see it come back to be the star So welcome to select these expression are included in the kernel Versaces, his expression for Pete Face teeth. Close this. So we're going to copy this expression. This fest shootings so hits you to bring the different so you can add expression bisecting at on kibbutz on click. So that's of this expression. But control V cooked this expression. Nikon City Cells is moving even in the house because it took. So I think this expression on O'Dowd's still I copied the expression on going to based on the View Ting's true V control if he so that's it. Prescience has look. I consider it looks so nice. So I'm going to align this house thing. They cannot come the same way kind of like this. It's just a preview again. You kind of see nights. He's coming. Francis is second admitted. This house is so you can see in the men composition. It's is looking serving at the mosque on or thes beauty. Things make IDs nice, so bisecting the buildings. You can out mosque on these things, you must quit. He's so it's it previous said. Look, I consider it looks so nice. So we're going to animate the mysteries so bisecting the trees can at position that position This was a friend. You can move it. Come on This time frame it can move this I see. I don't think that make it is hitting if night so going toe restricting this kid from control Please goto the expression this expression, the expression bisecting at creek could not this expression. So it's it's Gideon said to look so you can see now the trees is nothing like the house. So I'm going to be composed trees to rtk Must we can move out of the most. Buddy, don't search this composed this? Yes. So let's pre compose it. Can I call it trees? Makes creditors are Move around a bit into the new composition, then click. OK, so I'm going toe the mask on this trees sitting the trees you can Phil Musk. I think this so it's it's pretty again and see how I go. So now you can see on Mission is looking so nice in the next video it and make this son and this quote. So seeing other video 6. Part 3 : eso No, we have admitted. Or the buildings and cars on a plane. No, you're going to admit this son on disclosed. So it's select this son, You can click on this cycle icon tight or the at the layers. Then I'm going to move this. I think a point of the sun it is in the center Put it in this intellect This so then you couldn't hit air Politician contradicted the sun. So I'm going to admit this Sunday without using any gay friends I'm going to his expression on Lee So bisecting art can sick that and click on the stopwatch. Then you can write like time and then you can add like one hundreds. So if you want to add, I'm gonna see you can see it It's moving discerned But if you want toe more movement or more petition, you can like just like 150 Alternative. Some going to use like 17. So now it considers looking so nice. So it's height of this. Yes, I can set looking so nice. It's admit this group, this crowds they want to sick these clouds this layers. I'm going to make it a ship. You can make a ship from Victor earlier. So select the clouds and keep kids ships from Victor. Leah, American City chip being created. And they described there is how did so You can treat it if you want some going toe height of this. Yeah, I admit this this close. So now I consider this crowd of different groups group one. So? So I'm going toe admitted differences so strict this Group one transform. Look at the keep him on this position. I couldn't move this. You can make it like this. I can see sick goingto admits the second group. Our position. Any movie? Yeah, outside of composition, but oh so let's admit the 30 group position position. Make it like this. May the force group the night position here? Yeah, this group six. I took a position. These clothes like this the group six. It's six. That's from a good position. Make it like this. So it's more I can't see. Our crowd is moving, so it's an hydro. Other layers, so you can see this is moving so nice. So now we're going toe. I'm not going to admit this lines. You can admit it Like how I missed this. This quote this is for this is your task. So I'm going to show you. I have this this and I'm not going to use it things, so I kind of see Oh, there's looking so nice, Mistaken and made this city victor. So ensure heiken lingua. So make sure toe put it in the full solution can take them toe in vote in the full resolution. I can see it is looking so nice. So if you want toe lind load, you can go composition to Linda Que trust a location on two. So this exit they've been sitting. Make sure to choose best quality in Resolution four. Then it's a prequel. So useless you can just time because you don't have something. This victor can put it off. They're gonna kick. Okay, So once you're done, you can and that this did you. So if the dough is the finish to liberty can hear the sound. So now this is how you can admit this Victor layer. So I see another video. I'm going to show you how I can make this video give so seeing a 7. Making GIF : All right, So now we're going to make, uh, if you dio payoff in the landlords and then in the last video, so going to make it a gift so you can use in sister. But I'm going to use the median Codec unused, their deceptive that transform. And if you're doing to give Mage is so Yeah, I reckon used photo shop. So I'm going toe can ads for inmate included bisecting This press icon didn't controls the the gift on the video kind of peak open. So you can see you can take this admitted gift visit and add it straight year, as the proceeds toe omits have did before. There's this prison before. This is why going to see I just want you Reggie can quick display. I couldn't. Then you can start to Linda your gift But wait Something Dixon Tim toe finished lender this gift So I have learned about this before, so I'm sure you have to look such it frequency have inverts this one. It's open. So you're going to see how this gift is looking Concerted told on social media in the place So I see until on