Introduction to 3D Animation With Blender

William Harrison, 3D Animation with your imagination!

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13 Videos (2h 60m)
    • Course Trailer

    • What you can do with Blender Animation

    • Blender Basics

    • Blender Animation Basics

    • Project 1-1: Modeling

    • Project 1-2: Animation

    • Project 1-3: Render

    • Project 2-1: Modeling the Moon and Stars

    • Project 2-2:Modeling the Land

    • Project 2-3: Animation

    • Project 3-1: Modeling

    • Project 3-2: Rigging

    • Project 3- 3: Animation


About This Class

This class is the easiest and quickest way to learning the most important tools and techniques for 3D animation.  You’ll learn how to animate complex movements with rotations by creating your very own solar system.  You’ll learn how to make a cool cartoon scene with moving clouds and a rising moon when you learn how to animate object with translation.  Finally, you’ll learn to quickly create and animate a character with only a few steps.  This is all done with the absolutely free Blender 3D software.


This class does not assume any prior knowledge.  You simply need a reasonably up to date computer.  It can be Mac, PC, or Linux.

Start by Downloading and installing Blender Here.

Get Blender 3D

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William clearly described the step by step process in creating a cool 3D animation.
Keva Price

Physical Therapist, Pilates Instructor

class is thorough, clear, and importantly, includes detailed repetition of keystrokes and gotchas. It does make it a little tedious if you aren't actively working through the exercises, but it is great for making sure you understand the material. Two shorter digits z-index rotation up!