Introduction To ZBrush For Designers

Ryan Kingslien, Creator, Destroyer, Artist, Friend

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6 Videos (58m)
    • Interface

    • Expectations

    • First Sculpt

    • Exporting Image

    • Sculpting Cool

    • Export


About This Class

This course is designed to get you up and sculpting as fast as possible.  I've taught over a thousand people how to use ZBruh and the most important thing for me to communicate is that this is just sculpting.  I'll teach you interface items as you need but the key is to just get in and start having fun and sculpting.

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Excellent start point for the Zbrush Sofware learning :)! thanks a lot!
Jerson Charrys

Hi mom, I'm learning.

Thanks a lot Ryan for this great tutorial. Inspired and ready to sculpt some cool stuff.
Ideal tutorial for beginners. Takes you through the ZBrush interface and explains the basic tools to help you get started.





Ryan Kingslien

Creator, Destroyer, Artist, Friend

I started drawing when he was six years old and been a bit off ever since...

I studied the arcane magic of traditional art at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts; earned my degree in being a bohemian poet in Prague while attending courses at Antioch University; picked up digital arts in the heart of Hollywood, California where the magic of the film and game industry still reverberates.

I've been a waiter, a manager, a telemarketer (sorry about that...), a busboy, a roofer, a ...

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