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Introduction To Video Editing With InVideo (Part 2)

teacher avatar Pieter Jordaan, Creating the 10x Developers of tomorrow

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (1h 23m)
    • 1. Overview

    • 2. InVideo Introduction

    • 3. InVideo Pricing Models

    • 4. InVideo Tutorial

    • 5. Loading An Advanced Project

    • 6. Overview Of The Advanced Editor

    • 7. Adding Videos To A Scene

    • 8. Adding Some Music To Your Video

    • 9. Adding Text To The Video

    • 10. Adding Animating Images

    • 11. Final Advanced Project

    • 12. Starting Your Script Video

    • 13. Editing And Completing Your Script Video

    • 14. Using InVideo Templates

    • 15. Editing And Completing Your Template Video

    • 16. Conclusion

    • 17. Bonus Lecture

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About This Class

Welcome to the Introduction to InVideo Part 2 Course!

Who Am I?

My name is Pieter Jordaan as Software Engineer and Information Technology specialist. After spending time in the corporate world of IT, I decided to jump into the world of digital marketing, real estate and automation. I started my own digital marketing company to help realtors achieve success. I started expanding to other businesses and niches as well and I quickly realized the power of video in today's online world.

Why This Course?

Video is taking over. We all know it and we have heard it over and over again. The biggest problem is the time it takes to create video and where to find the content. If you are a content creator you will know that we all have a message inside us, but getting it across can sometimes be an uphill battle.

This course is designed for this purpose. To help people create stunning content to get their message across by using the new InVideo platform. It is a new tool that makes video editing fast, efficient and painless.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is designed for any realtor, business owner, marketing specialist and public personality who wants to grow their business and build some serious online credibility through video.

This course is for you if:

- You need more video on social media

- You need to create ad videos and promo videos fast

- Managing your online presence is a daunting task with the time constraints we all face

- You believe the digital age is taking over businesses and you want to lead the charge into the new age of     technology and the web

- You need to grow your online status and persona

- You are a go-getter, passionate for success

What Will You Learn?

  1. All about the new InVideo Platform and how to get started using it

  2. Creating awesome videos from scratch using pre-built media and your own content

  3. Creating amazing videos with music to set the right mood for your customers

  4. Creating promo videos from templates

  5. Converting scripts (or blog articles) into fabulous videos in no time.

Do not miss an amazing opportunity to take your business to the next level! What are you waiting for?

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Pieter Jordaan

Creating the 10x Developers of tomorrow


I have a BSc. (Hons.) Information Technology degree. After working as a software engineer and cyber security specialist, I decided to start sharing my knowledge of topics with the world and giving a little back.

I love teaching people and helping them achieve greatness. My courses are designed to educate, mentor and assist students in reaching their full potential.

My key area of focus is training Software Developers in taking their software development to the next level.

See full profile

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1. Overview: Hello, everyone, and welcome to introduction Steve Video editing with in video Part two. So just as an introduction, my name is Peter O done. I'll be your host up discourse. Now Some of you might have seen my previous courses. Some of you might have seen the introduction to NVIDIA part one way, which is a free course where we discussed what in video is and how NVIDIA works. Some of you might have seen my digital marketing courses Dad's by basically based on Realtors but can be used in any industry. And if you haven't really recommend you go check out my digital marketing for Realtors course. So if you've got any questions surrounding the schools or any off my other courses, you can use that email Idris, Peter at period. Or not calm to send me an email with questions. If you cannot do so on the platform that you are watching this, you can also follow me on my block, www dot period or not. Come and you can check me out on social media Now. All the social media links for my profiles are available on the block, and you can contact me for any questions you might have, whether it's related courses or even if it's just a general question in one of these areas that I can answer for you. So in the specific course, I'm gonna take a quick look, a gain about what is in video, the different in video pricing models. And I'm also going to look at some advanced video editing projects within video. So that's it for this video, and I'll see you in the next one. 2. InVideo Introduction: Hello, everyone. And welcome to introduction to video editing with in video bought two. So in this video, we're going to be looking at an inn video introduction. I have done this introduction in the free course, the part one course and I'm just gonna quickly head over to in video and show you around. What in video actually is Okay, so if you go down to the bonus lecture, you'll see the days download that you can do for a script file and also the powerful and slide. Now in it, you will find a link to the in video platform. It is a bit Lee link, so it's just to shorten it out. Now, if you click on the Link, you'll end up on the in video page. Now I go through this in the free course about how to create accounts, and I go through some of the features off in video more in detail in the free course, and I show you around the platform a little more. What I want to do in this particular video is just show you what in video is now. If you read year tells you that it's the most versatile video in it for quick and professional videos, and you can see some of the ratings. You can see Army be customers they've got, and you can see some off the previews or the trials that they've done here. You can also go and check out how you can add video or images and your colors, and how you can add different text boxes. Now this is how easy it is to use in video in video is basically a platform to create and emit a video as easy as creating a Power Point presentation. Now there's multiple ways of creating videos. You can do it of scripts you could do it worth. Let's advanced blank canvases. Or you can use their template features, which will go through in the advance projects Now, like you can see, here is the script that I talked about, where you into a script and you design your video based off the script. You can also use the ready made, versatile templates, or you can build your own video from a blank canvas. Now here's a little like tutorial step by step, how you can start making your own video and you can just go through the home page a little and just see what people say about the platform, what's happening off the platform. And I really think this is a great platform to be on, especially if you're in the digital marketing frame. We're real, sir, when you're a small business and you need to make a quick and easy videos, especially for the social media world we live in. So that's a little short introduction about in video, and I'll see you in the next one. 3. InVideo Pricing Models: Hello, everyone. And welcome back to introduction to video in the team with in video Part two. And in this video, I want to discuss the in video pricing models. Now, I know it to discuss the pricing models in the free video courses. Well, but the pricing models have changed a little since I shot that course. So I'm gonna hit over two in video and show you how the pricing models are structured now. So we're on the envy a home page, and if you scroll down just low schedule a demo, you'll see that there is a simple and transparent pricing space. Now, here you can see that you can either pay monthly or yearly and on yearly use safe 50%. Now, in the free video that I shot, it was only 33% saving related up that a little bit. You also get the business version and in the free version and in the free course, they were actually four different plans. Now, if you click on gnome or on any of these, you will open a new tab like this. Now it actually shows you what you get Now what you've got on the free plan is you get no water in video watermark, you get videos in 7 20 p resolution. Full editing features. 100 curator designer templates. You can create videos up to five minutes. Standard Media Library, a single user account. One brand precinct, which wasn't available on the free plan previously. Storage up to one gigabytes and no reselling rights. Now, if you go into the business package, which is a little more complete, you will also got get no enviable tomorrow. But you can deal videos up to 10 80 p. Get the full editing features 100 curated designing templates, and you can create videos up to 15 minutes. You also get the standard Media Library Unlimited team members. Now, in the previous version, you only got three team members, but now you can have unlimited team members. You can create up to three brand presets. Storage up to five gig. You can get reselling rights. You get 300 premium stock videos from shutter stock and you get automated text to speech, and you can use your own music. Now this is all on the business package now. Sometimes you want to buy your own track or you want to use a specific music track, This will definitely benefit you for having the business package. Now they might be something here that you need more or something that you don't find within the business package of the packages that they offer. So you can actually go and contact support and that will bring you back. Like we explained in the free version on the free course that are shot where we get back to the Enterprise Edition now on the Enterprise edition, they will structure a package based on your need, and they will bull you according to what you used. So you get in touch off them and they'll structure you a quote and the pricing plan as well as a package for your needs. So what I recommend is that you actually go over to the bonus lecture, and once you clicked on that link, go to the sign up button and start your registration process. If you haven't done so already. Piece, Go and watch the free in video course that's available on the different platforms. That discourse is also available on its under my profile and go through this in video free course. just to see how the overview and the features work for the in video platform. So that's it. Full does video, and I'll see in the next one. 4. InVideo Tutorial: Hello, everyone. Welcome back to introduction to video editing with in video Part two. And in this video, we're going to start without in video tutorials. So actually, getting into our advanced projects at the stage now, what we will be going through is the different editors. For first, the blank emitter worth advanced emitting platform will also go through templates and then lastly, will be looking at scripting videos and using a script. Now all the resource is that I am going to use will be available, such as the script I'm going to use and worth e in video platform. Most of the images and videos that I'll be using as well as the music will be already built into the platform. Now, if you are on the free edition, you might not have all the resource is available, but the business package will have most off. The resource is I am on the enterprise package, so they might be a little differentiation between the stuff that's available to me and the things that are available to you. So that's it for this one, and I'll see you in our advanced projects 5. Loading An Advanced Project: however, one of Welcome back to introduction to video editing with in Video Part two. Now we're finally going to start with our advanced video editing tutorials. And if you haven't already done so, what you can do is go to down to the bonus lecture. You'll find a link Sabet Lee Link that takes you to the in video platform Now. Then you end up on the home page. Now, if you watch the free course, you would have already created an account. If you haven't done so already, please do so by kicking on the sign up button over here. Otherwise, you can kick on the sign in button, and I'm going to just select myself credentials, and I'm going to sign in. Once you've signed into your NVIDIA platform, you will see that there are three options that you can choose from. The first option is to create a script or convert to script to your video. You can use their radio made versatile templates, or you can build your own video now because we want to start with some advanced techniques . I'm going to start of building your own video for the purpose of showing you around Advanced Editor because the advanced editor can be used in birth. Option one and option two. I'm gonna kick your on start a project on option three. Now, the first thing that you're gonna get is your dimensions. Now you can choose whether you want a Facebook and YouTube type video way its landscape 16 by nine resolution or you could do instagram stories and instagram TV. So if you want to make an instagram video, please choose this option. Or if you want to make a Facebook and Instagram ad type video, you can do the one by one option on the resolution will normally be 10 80 by 18 80. So for the purpose off this video, we're going to hit over and make a 16 by nine video Click on that and I'm gonna kick down on start a project. Okay, so in video will load into the advanced editor to start with, and this is the advanced editor now. I did show you a little bit around this in the free course, and I also showed you a little round in video platform. So a lot off the stuff that we did the you can still go and watch in the free video. And in the next video, I am going to give you an overview about what you can do in the advanced black food. 6. Overview Of The Advanced Editor: Hello, everyone. Welcome back to the introduction to video editing with in video Part two. Now we're back in our advanced it it's And now what? I want to show you around a little is first up here on the left. Use will see that you've got a menu of different options. Now, 1st 1 is media. Now you can search for media and videos Die Ricky from the platform. Now, if you are using one of the business packages or you've contacted them and going into price package, you will also be able to use some off the premium content from places like shutter stock. Everything will work through this search function, and I'll show you a little bit later how to use this function. You also get enhances. So if you for example, say tweets and instagram post, you can actually post paste a link directly to the post and you can pull that post into your video is also stickers in icons, close layouts, overlays and in as well as shapes that you can do. You can use solid shapes, for example, and you can choose one of the shapes that come up to use inside your video, then you've got the music tab. Now you can have your collection. It's normally video or music that you uploaded. And then there's the In Video collection, which has music, that they uploaded this different categories that you can select to that kind of. Classify the different types of music or group them together, and you can use the play button to get a preview. After different types off sound, you can also go to text, and here you will see this different headlines. Sub headlines text. And then there's also different categories that you can choose from titles and headlines, and you can choose your theme around how you want your text to look. So this is quite a handy feature. You can also upload content. This includes images as well as videos like you'll see I already uploaded a video here. If you did upload a video, you don't want it anymore. You can also Priestess Delete Button. You can upload files up to 800 megabytes, so it's quite big files that you can upload most of the times. The falls won't be that big, but if he did a high quality video that you want to upload, and you want to use inside a different video or you want to use inside your presentation, you can definitely upload your video year. I'll also show you how to use and manipulate videos in the video platform. Then there's, of course, your ad of Seen. Now what you will see here is five seconds, so one scene is five seconds. Now you can set the scene duration of a year, but you can add multiple scenes and each scene you can customize the way you want it, and you can add different animations to each scene. Now what you'll see on the right, and this is where the animations come here. First of all, you've got your template theme that's applied at the moment. You've got your brand theme that you can apply over here now in the free video or in the free course, and show you how to create your own brand Simples. Now what I also told you is in the free version. When I shot that video, you could only do brand presage with the business packages and enterprise editions. When now you can do it with the free edition as well. So This is quite a handy features to have some you know, static theme ing across your different videos. Then you also get custom where you can click on any off these to change the colors that you need. Now you can edit your text, for example, because I selected the text box. I can select my style. I can do my colors and I can do my animations. I can say, Well, it's, you know, arts. I want to use the whole sex only a word of character line, and I want to faded. Even I want to bounce it, so there's different sides of animations that you can select. You can also select how long you want the animation to take, so it can take one second up to three seconds. Over here, you'll see the layers. Now the layers are different components inside your scene. Now the 1st 1 you'll see is a text box saying Bulger own scene, which is what you'll see over here. You also get your logo, which is up here. It's not visible because it's whites the same as the background color, but you can easily get it. That and you can also change the background, for example, if I would have kicked on logo and I would have gone back to it, it you will see that the options that I have is to do with images. If I go back in a select background, I go back to it. It's you will see its images again, but there's no options under images early, the color off the background up to see off the background and the animation that I can sit . If I go back, I select text. Then I can go back in my edit box, changes to my text field, and you'll see the text styles that you can modify, which wasn't available on the images. Then you could also move stuff to the back to the front you could undo. You can redo and you can delete. If you finished editing a layer, you can lock the layer, which means that I can't cannot select the layer to go on Internet. It I could only use the ones that are not locked now. This is useful for when you've already finished the design on the layer and you are scared that you might edit that layer by mistake. so you can obviously lock that or you can unlock that to use of the game. That's about it. For an overview off the advanced editor Andelman in the next video, we'll start uploading a video into our scene to start using the in video editor. 7. Adding Videos To A Scene: however, one welcome back to introduction to video editing within video Part two. So we're back in our advanced edits and now I want to start building an actual video. The first thing I want to do is I want to clear this canvas off any elements that is currently on it. So I'm just going to click on the text box and I'm gonna press the delete, but to remove that and I want to click on the logo and I want to press the delete button to remove dead as well. And I just say Yes. And now all I'm left with on my layers tab is only the background. Now I wanna go over to media. I want to add a video now I'm not gonna upload a video. Now you can upload a video, but I'm just going to search for let's say, Ah, motivational video rights and we're going to wait for the viewers to search. Now you can actually preview some of these videos, so let's say you click on this one, for example. Then you can see that the video is 11 seconds long and there's some it's playing, but there's no sound available. Right now. What I want to do is I want to drag this video in. I want to grab it dragon in and drop it on my scene Now years the place where you start changing the video. Now you can trim it out. You can circle, right? I just want to use, let's say, about five seconds off the video so you'll see the inside that the in time is euro zero and nine days an outside off five seconds. Now it's only going to show the 1st 5 seconds off the via they. If you were to cut out the parts off the video, you could say Add section and you can actually trim it out to Let's say they this middle section will then need to be deleted in the video. And when you say done, it will take the first part, and it will amend it to the second pot, and it will be one video without this middle section. Now I want to delete the section. I don't want that section. I only want the five seconds here. You can also delete the section year you can use the full video at the bottom so you don't need to trim anything and you can adjust the playback speed. You could also say whether it should play with sound up here or whether it should have your son disabled. There is no sound on this video, so it will not cause an issue. Right? So that's the first video that I'm going to add. Say, done. And this is my first video right now. What I want to do is this is the 1st 5 seconds off my via now I'm gonna add two more scenes to create a 15 2nd video. I'm just gonna kick ad and I'm gonna say add scene and I'm going to say add seen again. Now just says here that the scene that you selected will get added off to your currently selected Seen who July to proceed. I can say yes. If you're scenes are ever in the wrong order, you can drag them around to switch their order. So it's never a problem. What happens? This and I'm going to click on my second scene again. I'm going to click on layers and you'll see there's only a text box here, so I'll take the textbook spots I'm gonna press delete. Same of the third seen magic players. There's only textbooks parts, and I'm going to say delete. Now I want to make sure that this scene is five seconds. I'm gonna change that to five every year, and I'm going to change this to five us. Well, over here, this one is five seconds. Five seconds and five seconds. Now you'll see that there's an animation year. That's his slide. Right now, the animations are normally one second, so it basically takes out a second off each scene because you've got three scenes of 15 seconds, but you'll see that the entire duration after video is 13 seconds. So it takes the last second off this video, and it matches it up off the 1st 2nd off this video, and it combines it. So you actually lose some seconds now to counter that, you can always change this up and circle around. I want to see if six seconds. Uh, okay, that's not going to work, because the first video is actually already say 25 seconds. So we're just going to change this 1 to 6 seconds here, and I'm going to change this 1 to 6 seconds here to give me my video off 15 seconds. Now, I chose 15 seconds because on Facebook and Instagram, they prefer ads. Especially if you're doing Facebook ads. If you watched my digital marketing for realtor scores about running your own Facebook ads and branding yourself online, you'll know that I talked about the videos being only 15 seconds long. And this is why I actually chose the 15 seconds here. Now, what I want to do is I won't actually taken. Seem to want to go back to media now. I still have some motivational videos. Yes. Now what I want to do is I'm gonna kick on some other video, okay? I want to use that one as well. So what I want to do is I want to grab it, drag it on dropping the again. I want to trim it down. 25 seconds. Rights was done. I'm gonna have a far second video here on the five second video day. And then I want to check another video that we've got available. Right? So what I want to do is I want to you then use this video as well. So on a Drop it on the first select first select the scene. Then I want to drop the video on the and I'm going to change this video 25 seconds as well , because he done and I've got five seconds in between videos. Now I can change this animation to actually say, What would I? It's I wanna blurred and I want to change this one as well to do a blur. So now when I hold over this whole seeds blur and blur over the and let's preview the entire video that we've got available when it's a preview, that's only for the one seen. I want to actually preview all of them. So let's say preview on this one. This is gonna be what we're going to be working with. It's going to blow out. Take this one is gonna blur in, and we're going to take the next one, and we're going to say preview. And that's what is going to start now. What you'll see is that this changes of the year, So this is actually where the scene starts. So let's say, started nine seconds up to 15 seconds, right? So I added my three veers from my three scenes. I think that is all we going to do you for now. And in the next video, we're going to start looking at adding some sound to these videos. That's it, and I'll see in the next one. 8. Adding Some Music To Your Video: Hello, everyone. Welcome back to introduction to video editing with in Video Part two, and we left off lost Time with the three videos that we created a scene for each of the videos being five seconds. And in the last video I mentioned that we're going to to be doing sound in this particular video now, just before we get there. I just want to mention that you can add a scene as well that you can use images in state of video. Now, just like you searched for motivational video, you could search for motivational images, and you could overlay with images. Interesting enough. This is just another feature. If you add something over a scene, you will see that you'll able to replace everything. You can add it behind, where you can add it as a layers and just, for example, I'm just going to add it as a layer and you'll see that I could move the image around. So even if I preview my see now, you'll see that the image stays they while the video plays in the background. I'm just going to remove that just that was just for demonstration purposes, and let's get on with this current video now what I want to do is I want to hit over to music. Now I want to do something. Let's say motivational. So it needs to be either happy, inspirational. Let's go through inspirational. I think that fits the the idea. Now we can start listening to different tracks and seeing what will work for us. That's quite cool. Um, see this one? Let's see. Okay, I'm gonna go of this family montage video. Or let me just see our Yeah, let's work off the family Montoursville Rights of Venice's select. And now it's been added to the video. Now you'll see that the sound is actually 1 52 one minute and 52 seconds. Now, if I go to my collection, you'll see that it actually shows the selected music track here. If I preview the scene, you will actually not hear this sound at the moment Now where you can go and preview how everything works together. If you can go up to preview and export and this will generates a lower resolution preview right, so you can see the inside of video is running there. All right, so let's play again. All right, so that's where we are now. So we added some music to the video. Now you can obviously change the volume off the music of Yes. Currently on seventies, I considered to Teoh actually be quieter. Why can put it louder? But I'm gonna leave it on 70. I think that's a good volume at the moment. Right. And over a year, I can go and I can look at some of the options we've got around this video seen now. Interesting enough. The music that you put on will play across all scenes. The music is not added to a specific scene, but it is added to your entire video. And the reason for that is so that your music, actually you know, is a continuous flow. If you were to have a video longer than this 1 55 seconds, you can taste that art and see, maybe it loops. Or you can add some additional music to it. So I can, for example, at the identity as well. Um, no, you can actually just add one soundtrack at a time. And the one soundtrack will think probably loop. I haven't played around off that, but you're more than welcome to play around with videos longer than the actual soundtrack. Now what you can do year with the video edit is if you could control video, you actually go back to the screen we were on when we dragged the video in where you were allowed to read or resize the timeline off the video. There's the loop is off. You can Volume is currently off, so I can put the volume on, and I can add order, volume and background music. So let's see what it does. Okay, there's still no effect since there is no volume or no sound on the video itself. But you can actually stop the video from playing its own music if and play your background track. Then if you have that, you can say that the audio volume and in the background music you can play around of these , um, these volume controls and see so that the one video clack audio track doesn't overpower the background music. You can also add some voice to this. If you want to add some voice to this, you always have the option for that. So I'm going to say volume off, and I am going to look at playback speed. We want toe living at one X we can do the video re sizing options. It says Foot of blur, federal transparent, dropped to screen or stretch to screen so you could bear around of thes options as well. This is when your video is smaller than your actual scene. So if you've got a video, for example, that were shot in a one by one aspect ratio resolution. If you want to call it that and you put it on the 16 by nine resolution that we currently working on, you will see that your ages will blur out. And this is because off the video re sizing options, you can change it to stretch the screen, and what it will do is it will stretch the video bigger than the screen to actually make the video for the entire scene. You can also add some animations with the video itself. Eso, for example. Let's change this to in place, and if I preview, you'll see that the video bounces when it comes in. I can even make it three seconds, and I can say, and you'll see that it keeps bouncing for three seconds. Now I'm going to remove that because we don't want any animations at the moment. But this works really well when you've got images in your videos that you want to animate. So this is just something else that you can look at and playing around with the editing with it. And but the main focus off this video was actually adding the sound just for completion sake. You don't need to worry about saving this video as it is, as it continuously saves every time you made a change, and once it's done saving, you'll see saved up here. That's it for this video, so I'll see you in the next one. 9. Adding Text To The Video: Hello, everyone. Welcome back to introduction to video editing with in video Part two. Now, in the last video, we made some changes to the music off our video. And now finally, we get to the part where we're going to enter our message that we want to get across now because there's only three scenes. I went ahead and I created a script with three different quote. I said Never, never, never give up, Keep on pushing and success is closer than you think. Now I'm going to use these three fate phrases across our three scenes that we created in video. So once we go back, I'm going to the head over to the text part here. Now what I want to do is I want to use headlines. So I'm going to go down to titles and headlines because I want to actually use some off the pre made boxes. Now, some of them have already got animations. Some of them have, you know, for that one foot in dead one focuses. I think this is a good one. I'm going to use this one. And now it says that your headline goes here now I want to eat it. That and I want to actually copy the stop pot. Never, never, never give up one. And I want to hit over and I want to paste it in the okay, But now you'll see that what we've got here is number one. It's too big and I know wanted to center in the middle of the screen. So I wanted to make a box like that. I want to move it down here and what I want to do is I want to actually go and change the color off this text. So, like I said before you change it on their aided screen on the side. So there's the text we put in. They is our textile. I can change the font if I want you. I'm just gonna leave it as default. And I'm going to say that I wanted bold. So let's say black italic And what I want to do is I want to actually change the text color . So I want to go over here and I want to make it white. This is just because you've got a darker background, so you will want a lighter text. You can also align the text. I can put a drives left or center. I can also bowled it and I can underline its and I cannot Ellicott. But because it's already said to italic black eye telling, it's already bolding and italics by default. I can also change the obstinacy if I want to make it place. This is actually just the acid color on the sides, the block that you see and then these animations. Now, because I added one of the pre made text boxes of a year, the animations have already been set, duration has been set, and the textbooks animation has nothing. So there's animation on the asset. That's the lines across its, but there's no text box animation itself. If you were using brand colors, you could apply the brand colors or custom. I'm just going to stick with the tempered one that I've selected here, and you can also change the line height and the fault sighs. Now let's preview what this will look like, right? That's our scene looks just again, so it animates the box and it brings in the text. Right now, I want to do the same thing for the second scene So what I want to do is I want to actually go ahead to the next scene. I just want to see if I can maybe copy this text books, Click Control, See? Going to go over to my new scene. I'm gonna click Control V and it's gonna paste. Now, I might want to put this over a year, and I want to make this text dark again. So now what I want to do is I want to go against text colors and I want to change it to let's say Okay, so now we landed in the scenario way. It's too dark to have to take stock, but it's too light to have it. Lights and I would were going to do years a simple trick. We're going to go over to the enhances. I'm going, go over to shapes, and I'm going to maybe not shaped. Let's see overlays on. And no, it should be shapes solid. I don't want a three d shape. I just want a box like this that I want to add. I don't want to do is I want to make take this box all over the H and I want to take a dog over this H I want to put it over everything. Now what? I want to move. I want to move it one back. So my six books is above the block. The shape I added, If I click of the elements here, go back to in its I can change the color. I'm gonna make the color dog. And what I'm going to do then, is I'm going to change the optics, see, so you can actually see my video at the back 25%. So that's what I'm going to do now. I want to add the next part off my quotes go over, you're going to textbooks, change the text and leave it like that. Now we can preview this and we can go over. Copy this again over to the lost one and paste are seen. And now I wanted to be in the top. I'm just moving the boxes around to show you guys how easy it is to have your animations in different spaces. Same thing. I'm just gonna change the 60. And I'm not going to change anything else because it's fine. The background is dark enough for the white takes to be fine. So now we've got we can preview this one again. So we've got our video. And now what I want to do is I want to actually go over and preview our video. You can click on the save button over here if you want to. If it didn't save preview and exports, I can see my entire video. Okay. No, this is basically the entire video that we're going to be creating Gives you an idea of what's happening. And in the next video, I'm just gonna add another scene with the image that animates. Just to show you guys how to weaken end off this video before we export it. 10. Adding Animating Images: Hello, everyone. Welcome back to introduction to video editing with in video part two. Now, we are reaching the end off our advanced editor training. So I just want to add one more thing to make this video complete. And I want to actually added image at the end of sun takes to stank people for actually watching the video. Now, what I want to do is so I'm going to go to click add here. I had a scene. It's gonna add one of the end. Okay. I just want to make sure that it's actually blood like the rest off our video. I want to make sure our video is five seconds. It is, actually make it six seconds. It is actually over the duration of 15 seconds that we were aiming for. But this is just for the purpose off. Finishing off video. Now, I'm first gonna delete this text box. There's no logo. Yeah, chicken lays. No. Now what I want to do is I want to go back to images and I wanna use this image. All right, Now you would remember I told about blurring to fit. This is exactly what's happening here. It's blurring to fit the image. Now, how I'm going to change that, I'm gonna change this foot to blur that stretched the street. Right? So that's one option. I just want to see crop to screen. Okay, let's keep it to streets. Discreet. Okay, so you've got to stretch to screen one. And now what we want to do is I want to add first of all, add shapes again solid, going to do the same that I did with the previous one way. The background was a little lights dragged us over and over, change the color, make a dog changed obstinacy to 25% like off the previous one. And now I want to add some text. So I want to add a headline. I'm just gonna kick on. That's so that's the placeholder. I'm going to move that up and this one I'm going to delete on, I want to say at a sub headline, and I'm gonna move that to the bottom. Now that's up. One again. I'm going to change this to black metallic, and I'm going to change the color two white, and I'm going to change the text to say, Always stay positive, and I'm gonna do the same off the bottom one. I'm gonna leave. Yeah, I'm gonna leave that regular. I'm going to change the taste color to White. And I am going to say I think you for watching, right? So we've got that going. Now what I want to do is I want to actually animate this image. So why don't want to do is I want to first say Okay, I wanted to slide in, so I wanted to fade, lived for one second. So let's preview that. See how it works. That's it. That's exactly what I was going for. And then what I want to do is I want to actually go, and I want you animate. This is well. So what I want to do is I want the whole takes to come down and I want this text to animate . I wanted to fade up, said this side. We've got the fate down. We've got the fading up and the image is going to be fighting in from the left. Now let's see how that looks. That's it. So that is going to conclude the end off our video. Right? So now what I'm going to do is I'm going to actually save this again. And now I'm going to preview an export. Our video. Okay, so that's it's. And now, when I'm done with my entire video like I want it, I'm gonna click export video, and I'm gonna wait for it to exports and actually download. And what you'll see is that the processing will be happening yet will show how far it is of the job. Um, my text, Longley citing longer. But this is just due to short a stock issue at the moment. So what's now gonna happen is you can download the video from you also show you from another place from your dashboard. We conducted the video, and I'm gonna wait for this one to actually finish processing and download. And I'm gonna get back to you in the next video to show you our final results. 11. Final Advanced Project: however, one of Welcome back to the introduction to video editing with in Video Part two. So where we left off lots time was with the video that was actually processing and exporting. Now, after a while, it has completed, and I have received an email as well from in video to tell me that my video has been completed Now on the page that it processed. If you hold over the video, you will see that there's a shade button that you can share to Facebook. Total YouTube. Well, you can just click the download button to downloaded as an MP for file. Please note the job I d up here is called 247665 Now you can change. This is, well, let's say, Call this in video Advanced tutorial. It's changed that save Now if I go over my, um, I couldn't over here and I go back to dashboard. You will see that there's different. My stats are year like a showed in the free video. This is where your headline goes. This is just the headline that it's using so I can click download here as well, to download the same in before video. So this is the what either created today as you can see August 29th 8 35 PM and it's now nine 15. But it's because I took took a little break between the beer starting process and me actually shooting the next video so you can download it from the dashboard. Or you can go back to your projects and all your videos will be under your projects and you condone it it. So if you're ready, this is how our final video looks also. So that concludes our advance tutorial and how to use the N vo advanced editor. What we'll be doing now is will be going to the next section, which will take a look and using scripts and using pre defined templates. But since you got the hang off the advanced part off in video, the rest will be fairly easy. So that's it's and I'll see you in the next video 12. Starting Your Script Video: Hello. Everyone in this lecture river learned about views in Teradata SQL and we will also see the advantages off using views. So views in a stool and nothing but a saved escalate quickly revert. Normally complex are big school queries. Results are stored using views. So let's see an example in which we're going toe preparing a skill query and we're going toe stored. The result off school, Grady using views select static from die start imply this is my first table. So I'm going to use joints toe. Combine this table with another table, which is called department table select. So this is my department table in this table. I have this department I d through this department idea. I'm going to join this imply table, you know, join department. He be on condition Igor department I d equals to be dark department. I d. So let me quit this imply name. He don't imply name. E dark position, A dark facility. Be dark Department name for this is my SQL query. Let me executor discreetly. So the result off this escort, Grady, is not saved anywhere. So you think view, I can save the result off this Siskel quickie. So let's create of you create view then the name off you, Let's say employ underscore view. So this is my name. Name of you? Yes. This select execute disk Ready, Create view completed. So in order to retrieve the data from view, I will use select statement Select static from name off. You bitches imply underscore view. Look, data has been saved in this imply underscore view. So any time, if I'm required the information off this SQL Grady instead off running dish skulking Quaid e with joints. I will just execute this view, which is imply underscore view, you think Select statement. So in this Lee, I can avoid complex joins, aggregate functions and many other things. So let's say I don't want the salary column in my view. So in order to modify the result off view, I will use replace view statement. So lets you here in this result, I don't want this salary column, so I will just write, replace view, remove the salary column and from this Grady. So let's execute this replace you completed. So let me execute this escalate e look. Ah half modified this view using replace you statement the lecture. I don't find this view anymore. So I've used drop view statement to drop this year. So drop view, then the name off, you imply underscore view is my name. So let me execute this. Drove you completed de imply underscore view, local imply and a Scorpio doesn't exist So this has been dropped. So what are the advantages off using view? So these are the advantages. So user can be given access only to views instead off base tables. So instead of giving access to these imply in department tables, I can create a view and can only give access toe this particular table imply underscore view. So this is the benefit off using view. You can save the desire a school query result using views and later can be used if it requires. So so, these are some benefits off creating of youth 13. Editing And Completing Your Script Video: however, one of Welcome back to introduction to video editing Part two Within Video. Now we're back on our storyboard with our script video. Now the purpose off the script video is it allows you to create a video quite fast. You don't need to add a text box for every scene it automatically created, but now there's some scraping that needs to be done to make the video perfect. Now the first thing that we want to do is we want to take a look at different images. Now I'm not going to be using the advanced editor if you click on Advanced. It's a lack of sit. In the previous video, you will go to the Advanced and it's like we used before and will actually move this entire video into the advanced editor for you to in it if you feel more comfortable using the advanced editor. But because we handled that already, I'm not going to do the advanced editing on this video. I'm only gonna use the edits that provided to me on the storyboard, So the first thing I want to do is I want to actually start changing the images at the back I'm gonna go to media and I'm going to say, Well, this is interesting. I didn't realize this before, but now you will see that your videos are already set up for business and industrial. Because why? Because we talk about business growth. So that's already searched for you. The same of images. So now we could start using video. So now what I want to do is I want to check this out and see this one. Let's see something a little more like this. This is perfect. So what I want to do is I want to add drop a day. I want to use six seconds. Well, five make six seconds off the video. You'll see that your scene is six seconds long and I want to remove. That's up, Media. So now if I previewed this, that is my entire scene. Now, I can do the same for all of these different scenarios. So I'm gonna use this one drop a day, change this out again to using six seconds off the video so done, and I'm going to remove that image. And so you can do this for every single scene on the scenes that have no images. He just don't have to remove the old one. You can say, for example, we do a change into six seconds done, and you can go down and say we do be change that up to six seconds. It works exactly the same as it did in the advanced editor and the videos that I showed you . They So that's why I'm going a little fast on this one. And I am going to say we do see as well. Seems like my Internet connection is a little slow today. I just use another video sample, drop dead one, and I'm going to move that down again. Just six seconds, right. And I'm not gonna worry about the lost two images and some of the other images. I'm just going to leave, as is now. What you can do now is you can click on the edit button, and now you get into a scenario where you back to where we were with that voiced its um you can enhance your videos of shapes overlays. Remember when we change the background to be a little darker, for example, to show our text better, you've also got your layers just like before, and you can trim the video. You can change the playback speed. Re sizing animations, video animations for you could go to layers context. You know it's and now again, you can change. Make a bold We could underlined Good night, Alec. Um, you can change the text color that's you wanted to be white, but in this case, black Expedia and you can actually go through and see how your scene looks When you're done , you just like save it would have changed on your video. Preview this and that's the idea. So when you click on it it you'll end up in a screen similar to the everything off the advanced editor. But just based around what you've got on your current video now this makes it great. Let's say, for example, you click on it it again, and you want to add more text. You can just click on it 60 at the left, and you can add anyone off the text boxes here, just like you would have done with a blank canvas for a blank video. Now you can also change the music. Normally, the script videos automatically come out of some music, you can go to music under my collection. You will see the selected music track also up here and again. You can choose your category just like an advanced editing, and you can choose your music or you can upload your own. If you are on the business package now, that's about it. For creating a video from a script. The race is simple and easy. It's actually the same as using the advanced senator just in a very, very forced and all very forced fashion. So you basically create the basic video from your script, addressed the video. You just ended the components you need to, and you can say preview on exports and you can export your video right. It's a lot faster than actually doing it with the advanced editor and starting from scratch . There are some scenarios where you might want to start from scratch, and they awesome scenarios way You would want to use a script like this to create a video fast, easy and efficient. So that's all. I'm going to teach you guys about creating a video from a script. We handled a lot off changes and editing in the advanced editor. So there's not really a big difference between creating a video from a script and using the advanced editor. Except that script pretty populates a lot off the dates of for you, and you don't need to go and added by hand. So that's it for this video, and I'll see in the next one. 14. Using InVideo Templates: Hello, everyone, and welcome back to introduction to video editing with in video Part two. So we completed our script video in the previous video. Now what I want to do is I want to actually go back to my dashboard. Or you could just click on the create button over here and we go to jump into Option two, which is Ready, mate. Versatile templates now, as you saw off the script option because we did a lot off the editing and changes inside the advanced editor, you learned most about the in video platform, so it's going to be quite the same worth the templates that would create. So now what you can do is you can click on Start a project one Option two, and now you get to a template. Now what you can do is on the side. You can either pick horizontal square or vertical, depending on the aspect ratio you want to use, so that's going to be your 16 by nine is going to be the horizontal. The square is going to be the one by one, and the vertical is going to be the instagram video format. You can also go down here and select one off the categories off testimonials. So, for example, if you want premium or promo videos, here's some promo videos you can look at Instagram videos, video ads, photography. Maybe you want to intern Outro video, and you can actually choose one of these categories. Now, for the purpose of this video, I'm going to choose the insurance outre video, and I am going to look at one of these options. So that's quite cool. And I'm go to look at that is a nice option. Get. I think I'm going to go with this template. It's got a little more to get it on. So I'm gonna choose this option, and I'm gonna choose the 16 by nine option. As in the previous video witness, I start off this template. Now what you will see is that you end up in the advanced editor where we were before, so it's exactly the same as editing of video in The Advanced Editor. Now you'll see the videos already saved. So in the next video, we're going to start editing some off the basic components off this template to make your own intra video. That kind of works like this one. So that's it for this video, and I'll see in the next one 15. Editing And Completing Your Template Video: however, one of welcome back to introduction civilian editing with in video part two. So we are back in our advanced units and we busy editing the template file that we selected . Now we chose this video way. It shows the NVIDIA logo. It's got a Facebook, twitter and Instagram link. And I could just preview this again just to show you guys how the video looks right now we want to start editing this video and make this template our own. The first thing we want to do is we're gonna kick unless text option. Or you could have gone to layers and select this. Now, this is an image with a logo. Now, for the purpose off this, I'm actually going to use my own longer. So I'm going to go over to uploads. I'm going to say, and I'm going to head over to my files and I'm going to pull in one off my transparent logos. Okay, so this is the one that I'm going to use, So I want to drag my logo onto this logo box over the so that's going to replace the logo in the template fall. I also want to kick on these boxes over here. I wanna go over to it and I want to change the text now. It's already been set ups on it. On a template like this, you shouldn't be editing too much. It's already got the animation set up. It's already got everything set up. You just need to change the basic stuff that you need for this specific template. So on this one, I'm just going to say it's Facebook. Not gonna add actual your all's I'm just gonna call this Facebook on this one when it changed his twitter and on this one. So I'm gonna change this to Instagram right now. I'm going to preview this, okay? And that's basically all there is to it by editing a template file so you won't be able to eat it too much around the template because it kind of has to stick around. So if you go to layers, you also see that there's no background layer, there's no you can change the actual background video. So this is actually what you will be working with is only the ticks that you can change the logo fall that you can change, and you can use the video as is at the end, you can either say proven exports or you could go head over to music. You'll see that there is already a music fall. I'm just gonna previewing export this and I'm going to export this video. And again, just like in the advanced editor, it will show up. Here it is processing. So I am just going to give a time to actually just download or process and then finished downloading. Okay, so the video has bean processed and I can click on the download link over here, okay? And this is how our video looks like. Okay, so we completed the temperatures well, like you'd have seen. It's extremely easy to eat at the templates is extremely easy to great script videos, and it's also extremely easy to do the advanced editing. And once you fully understand advanced editing off in video, you can get it. Anyone off the other options and it's really easy to build your videos. So that's it for this view, and I'll see in the next one 16. Conclusion: Hello, everyone. Welcome back to introduction to video editing with in video Part two. So this concludes the course about in video and video editing. Now we've done a lot in the schools. It's been a long ride. It's been a lot of videos. There's been a lot of content, and I really hope you guys followed along that you really enjoyed using this platform. So again you're all my contact details, my email address, my blogged, the social media links that you can do. And if you've got any questions, feel free to please contact me on the platform that you watching this on sending email. If there's anything that you struggle with in video, please help. Let me help you answer the questions and let me maybe a helping debug. So if there's something that you're struggling with, you just can't get it right. Feel free to send me an email and I'll help you and assist you as fast as I can to get your videos shorted. Now, in this course, we also looked at what is in video, so I gave you a brief introduction again on NVIDIA. Now, if you didn't watch the free course please go back and watch the free calls about NVIDIA tells you how the in video platform works. As a general, it tells you where to send your brand presets. So there's a lot off stuff that you can do inside. The in video platform are surrounding the features that we didn't cover it in this video. Now it is all inside the free course. That's why. Then shoot it again. We also talked about the India pricing bottles and in video has become really affordable. So on the free version, a lot of you guys might want to use the free version. And then there's also the business version for the guys that want a little more. There's also the Enterprise Edition. Like I told you guys, if you want more than the business package, if there's something you need something unique, be sure to heat up the guys that in video that will structure package for you and, yeah, get started off in video. I think it's a really, really good platform. It's really effective. It's really efficient. And in this video we also jumped into some in video projects. We first jumped into the advanced video editing starting from scratch, and we built a video from scratch and we built it from a blank canvas. And we went through the different features, adding music, adding text, adding videos at the back, putting on the animations. So we went quite in detail about the advanced editor. After that, we started with the script video, and I showed you how easy it is to pre load some data with a script. And even though you will still then probably go into the advanced editor or any form of editing a lot of the stuff already pre loaded, which makes the script feature really handy. Then we jumped into templates, and I showed her how easy it is to create an interview with templates. Now again on the templates. There's not a lot you can edit. Your only aided what's necessary, and you use the template as is. So I think we can. We went to a lot of the video platform features. They might be one or two things I didn't touch on that we might have missed. But I think that most off the platform we have covered and it's good enough at this point to get you guys started in creating awesome videos, especially for social media. If you want to learn more about digital marketing and you want to learn more about branding yourself and Facebook ads are really recommended, you also check out my digital marketing for real to schools. It is built around the real estate industry, but the skills were transferrable to any industry out there, and especially now with the in video stuff, you can create amazing video content for your social media platforms, so that's it for this course, and I hope to see you in one of my other courses. 17. Bonus Lecture: Hello, everyone. Welcome to the bonus lecture. So the only reason for this via is to give you guys the link to the video platform. Now I own some affiliate commission on sign ups that happen from this link. So it is the link to the NVIDIA platform. It's just a bit Lee link, and you can find it in this slide show, which is a downloadable resource. And you can also download a text document, which also has the link, so you can copy and paste that into your browser. Peace. Remember to check out my digital marketing for real discourse. Aziz Well, and that includes branding yourself as a real estate agent, creating and managing a Facebook page. And it's also running Facebook ads for Realtors. I also discuss why video is so important and the different types of content that you can use and as well as in the free version off the in video course in the Port. One version video is becoming important, and the two, like in video, can obviously be used to create amazing content created fast and easy for your social media pages. So I really recommend that you look at this in video course and then joining up with the digital marketing for real to schools to learn about social media marketing in such a way that you can use the two together to grow your business out there. That's it for the bonus lecture, please remember to download the resource file so that you can get the link and then use the link to sign up for the video platform.