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Introduction To Video Editing With InVideo (Part 1)

teacher avatar Pieter Jordaan, Creating the 10x Developers of tomorrow

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Overview

    • 2. Why Use Video

    • 3. Different Uses of Video

    • 4. InVideo Introduction

    • 5. InVideo Pricing Models

    • 6. InVideo Account Registration

    • 7. InVideo Features Overview

    • 8. InVideo Editor Overview

    • 9. Conclusion

    • 10. Bonus Lecture

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About This Class

There has been a lot of questions surrounding video and whether it is still relevant in today's world. In this mini course I try to explain the importance of video as well as different types of video you can use.

I also give an introduction to the InVideo platform, a video editor and video creation tool that should be in every content creator, marketer and small business owner's toolbox.

This is the part one of the course. Part 2 is also available where we do step by step tutorials on the InVideo Platform.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Pieter Jordaan

Creating the 10x Developers of tomorrow


I have a BSc. (Hons.) Information Technology degree. After working as a software engineer and cyber security specialist, I decided to start sharing my knowledge of topics with the world and giving a little back.

I love teaching people and helping them achieve greatness. My courses are designed to educate, mentor and assist students in reaching their full potential.

My key area of focus is training Software Developers in taking their software development to the next level.

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1. Overview: however, one of welcome to introduction to video editing with in video Part one. My name is Pedro. Don and I will be your host throughout this course. So just an introduction about me. You can send an email to Peter at PDO. Don't not come or you can follow me on my block If you need to ask me any questions regarding this course or any other off the courses that have shot all my social media links are also available on the block and I really recommend that you start following me on Instagram and Facebook. Now I have shot this course previously, and a lot of you might have watched this course. There's two reasons for reshooting the scores and updating it. The first reason is I got a new mike, so I know there were some sound issues previously with the videos on the new Mike really makes a difference to the video quality. So I am reshooting it for the purpose off made a sound. And the second reason is we are talking about the NVIDIA platform and they has been some changes to the platform that I will discuss a little later on throughout the course. So what we're going to be looking at in this course is why to use video. We're also going to be talking about different types of video. And as you know, video has become integral part off today society, especially with the boom of social media. They were going to start looking at the in video platform, which is a new video creation platform that's available for easily creating videos. Now, if you watch my digital marketing for real two scores, you'll see that we talk about a platform called Kendra for image editing and in video is quite similar to Canada except that it does videos. Now I have shot a premium causes well, where we'll go into details about actually creating the and actually creating videos in NVIDIA and doing a step by step tutorial about how in via works. So if you finish with this course, please check out the Part two as we will be looking into deeper detail about how to use in video, then we're also going to be looking and in your pricing models, which have been updated recently. Also going to look at how to register your in video accounts and I'm going to give you an overview off what in video offers. There's also a bonus lecture with the link to the video platform. At the end. You can watch that days. Also downloadable resource is that you can take a look at, and the reason for that is that I own a little bit off affiliates commission when you guys use the link to sign up to the in video platform, so that's it for this video, and I'll see you in the next one. 2. Why Use Video: however, one of Welcome to introduction to video editing with in video Parts one. And in this video, we are going to talk about why you should be using video. Well, why should you use video? Well, videos are taking over the Internet, and more and more people are starting to prefer video compared to other content types, such as images, carry cells and slide shows. The reason for this is that video is MAWR offer Just click, play, sit back and relax scenario and people in today's will want to be entertained. Video is also easier than reading, and video allows for captions as well as music. Now there's different uses off via the 1st 1 is animated video. So if you want to do, let's say, a whiteboard animation video, you also get promo ads, videos that you can use in your Facebook ads. Like I discussed in my digital marketing for real discourse. We talk about running video ads quite a lot, and you can also run specific video campaigns. You also get 3 60 videos or virtual reality your normal slide shows. Then there's live video. So, for example, on YouTube and on Facebook, now you could do live video. Also, Instagram. It's coming in where you can do live video and you know all your followers and everybody that's falling your page or subscribing to your channel. I can see that you are alive now. They'll probably also get a notification, and this can be handy wing doing certain types off marketing efforts. You also get the video blogged or the vlog, which has become quite popular over the last few years. And then the last one is drone footage, which has become quite popular, especially in real estate, for taking overhead photos off a property so they always to create your own via right. The 1st 1 is obviously the one I'm going to be discussing in this course we just called the in video Platform. Now there are other ways as well. You can use something like eight and live to create a video Obey studio can't Asia. But those tools are extremely heavy, and they can be quite complicated now, even though they might be powerful. It's like using paint versus using photo shop, and you need some extra skills, and it takes a lot longer to learn these platforms, especially if you want to create a short and sweet, easy video, and this is where in video comes in right in video is easy to use. It's like creating a power Point presentation. And that's what I'm going to show you in the advance schools for the part two course where we actually get into some extremely advanced projects, and I show you how easy it is to create your in video videos. There's both free and a paid option, so there's the free version, which you can easily use. If you don't need the figures off, it's a 10 80 p or you don't eat videos of extreme length, and you only need to use let's a smaller or shorter videos and those options are they. So I really recommend that you check out in video to use maybe one of the free options if you do not want to pay for the platform as of yet, there's also a bunch of useful features, like creating a via from script files and also using pre defined templates to create your video. So that's it for this video, and I'll see you in the next one 3. Different Uses of Video: Hello, everyone, Welcome back to the introduction to video editing using in video Part one. Now this video, I want to talk a little about different types of video that you can create. Now. The first video type that is actually quite popular at the moment is live video, and the reasons for live video is that it's already uploaded. Now. A lot of people would shoot videos like this video, for example, of the training course, and they would always look off a critical eye at the video, which means the video is not always perfect. And that means the video never gets uploaded to a platform like Facebook or YouTube. And that Veer never sees Day of Light. So live video takes away that barrier because it's already uploaded and you've got that instant connection with the audience. Even if you make a mistake, that's fine, because the audience will really saw that, and the video is already life. So the other thing with live video is that it can be reused, videos can be downloaded and it can be populated or sent to other platforms. So let's say, for example, you did the Facebook live video. You can downer that and republish that lets on your YouTube channel or your instagram or Twitter or even on your block. So that's a really great feature about live video. Live video also gives the option to answer questions on the go, almost like in a scheduled Web. You know where you talk to your audience audience. Can I ask you questions? You can answer them, and it kind of builds on the conversation instead of having to answer the questions at a later stage in the comments or having to shoot another video just to answer the questions off the previous one. Educational content and tours were grateful Live video, and it's what it's usually or mostly used for. So with educational content, maybe a training session. And that's especially when the questions start coming in or alive to a whit. Let's say you work in a factory and you want to show people around or you are real estate agents and you want to show people around the property. Then live video works extremely great. The second type of video that you can create. His educational concept now educational, constant works great, even if you're not a teacher, and especially, let's say, on social media, right? This is when you try to make constant without trying to sell something. This is when you create content to explain a certain concept or certain idea to people, and you don't necessarily need to be a teaching. You don't need to be an expert, but it gives you an opportunity to be seen as an expert, and it really builds trust for your business or service that you deliver. So educational content is something that needs to be considered when you want to build your social media prisons when you want to build your YouTube channel. So there's always educational content being made, and it's a great way to get your foot in the water to actually start creating videos, Let's say, to build a YouTube channel, you also get the Life Tour, which is kind off like the live video, but you don't have to actually shoot this as a live video. You can pre record this, edit it and then uploaded again later. So how you do this is you can get yourself a selfie stick. You can walk around in the space and do an explanation like you would just somebody that's actually accompanying you. You could make sure that you are in the video. It's really important, especially on a live tour, because it brings back that personal feeling off the video. You need to be enthusiastic and you also questions as they come in. This is in the case off a live video. If you pretty recording them, they are going to be no questions coming in, so you can just answer those questions later in the comments, or shoot a second video just to answer and give feedback on the video itself. You can easily reuse this video and populated toe all different platforms, and this again bolts trust and shows. You know, if you want to show your factory, if you want to show the property that you're going through, we want to showcase a car. It builds trust around it and shows that you are again the experts and you know something about this topic. Then you also get drone footage right, which you can use easily. If you want to do let a property investment or you wanna showcase an area, you may be into tourism, Then drone footage is a great way to showcase the area, showcase the property, showcase what you want from aerial view. It's becoming more popular, and drones are also becoming cheaper. Now. They are a lot of service providers that do drone footage, but they can become extremely expensive. So if you are doing drone footage a lot, the based idea is to get your own drone and actually start taking the footage yourself. Now, drone footage looks great with the right background music so you can easily get background music. Let's say a soft classical music to showcase of property way. If you showcase an area for tourism, you might use something Mawr, energetic and mawr. Let's say, active as your background music. Some drones even have senses to allow them to navigate indoors so that you can showcase indoor, um, part with the drone. Now, what's great about drones and this is one of the major things that I love about drones is that the inside drone track and actions can be programmed at home before you leave. Most of the new germs come out of some software, and you can put in works in a coordinate system so you can put out the code in its system, and you can actually tell the Dern way to stop way to take photos, what the point of interest is. And then when you get to the site, you could just put the drone down, put it on and let it run its program course. And this makes it quite easy to schedule your inside station beforehand. So those are just different types off videos that you can use and different uses off video . In general, it's not the only uses of video. There's still a lot more like, For example, when you want to do a promo video, you want to do add video or you want to do an intra video. There's still a lot more uses, but those are the main ones that are currently really hot on social media. So that's it for this video, and I'll see you in the next one 4. InVideo Introduction: Hello, everyone. Welcome back to introduction to video editing with in video Part one. So in this video, we're going to start looking at the in video platform. So let it let's head over to in video, which you will find the link for in the bonus election. So in the bonus lecture, there's going to be a PowerPoint presentation that you can download all. There's going to be a text document that you can download that contains the link to the in video platform so you can click on that and I'll meet you on NVIDIA. Okay, so we're only in video. Home page now in video, as I said, is a video editing and creating to now, if you on the home page, you'll see. Here's a little description about the types of videos that you can create. Now you can go down and you can actually see this some off the reviews. I mean, they've got 98% happy customers. Total videos created 214,000 and then they've got stunning designs that inspired create 79 . Okay, so you can click on some of these links to see some of the videos that they have available , and you can try out different templates and see actually, how the videos created off in via looks. You can create a free accounts over here. Then you can create videos in minutes, and that's what I tell you. And it's totally true. And I'm gonna show you how to do this exactly in envy. Oh, the in video introduction, Part two. But for now, you can play around so you can see how easy it is to switch around your images. Change your six type changing colors. So that's really how fast and easy NVIDIA is. And even when we were running through the tutorial, I'll show you some more. Now you can also look here. They've got a video library, def con transitions. They do the multiple layers. They've got automated voice overs, intelligent frames and multi lingual videos. Now you can actually check out here. They've got three different types of projects that you can run. You can either build your own video from scratch, what is what, and that is what we call the advanced editor. You've also got you already made versatile templates, which is fairly easy, since you just select the template, select your size and only switch out the elements that need to be switched to make it personal to you. Then you've also got to create your script to a video or convert your Scripture video. Now, this is interesting feature. It's where you actually upload a text document worth. Let's say some sentences, and those sentences automatically get converted as content for your video in video, or to select some of the images and auto select talent some of the animations and then at the end, you can actually use that script. Now you can also convert your blogged articles by putting in a your L, and I'm going to show you how to do this. In Part two. Now you can look around on the NVIDIA home by to see what it's about, and you're something's customers say is the pricing and we'll talk about this a little later on. And then is how they can help you and that their own line train for seven. And if you've got some questions you can hit over to their help center over here, and you can check out some of the languages and can you upload your own photos so you can play around with their home page and actually see one in video offers. It's really fun. It's really cool. And, um and that's it for our basic introduction, So I'll see you in the next video. 5. InVideo Pricing Models: I never wanna welcome back to introduction to video editing using in video pot one. Now we're back on the in video home page, and this is what I showed in the previous video, that soldier that you can play around off the home page and see what in videos all about in this video. I want to talk to you about the pricing off in video. So if you click on the pricing, you'll go down to this simple and transparent pricing pot. Now in video has made some efforts to really make in video affordable and to get more users onto the system. And I really like it because it's amazing platform. So first of all, you've got the free 16 right? So the free account will basically give you everything that you need to get started with the in video platform that will allow you to create a certain amount of videos and create a certain time for more videos. So I'm going to look into the features off each platform or each package in a moment, but they've got the free version, and then they've got the business version for $10 a month. Now that's this f you pay yearly so you say 50% by paying yearly. Or you could do month E and you pay $20 per month. Then, if you need something more than what they offer you in the free and the business package, you can always go down to the customized plan, and they will create an in surprise package for you that suit your needs. So to get more into the details, I'm going to click on this. No more button and a new tab is going to open up with the in video details, right? So again, yes, your pay monthly or pay yearly. Now, if you look at the free package itself, it's going to be free forever. Now there's no in video watermark. Your videos can be in 7 20 p resolution, which is more than enough for most people who want to get into, Let's say, social media and online video. This is going to be more than enough. In most cases, you also get full editing features, handed curator designer templates, and you can create videos up to five minutes long. Now there's a standard media library that you get access to so you get access to some sound , some videos, some photos, all that you can use with in your videos. You also get a single user accounts, so it means that you can only have one user that works on your account. You get one brand preset, which will show you a little later exactly what the brand presets or and you've been stove years, images and files for up to one gig. Now this is especially with to do with your media. So if you start uploading media, you can upload up to one gig, and they also store videos for you up to one gigabyte, and then you've got no reselling rights. So what this basically means is on the free version. You cannot sell the videos that you create on the platform. Now, if we go over to the business version again, no watermark. The difference here is that your videos can be in 10 80 p resolution, full editing futures 100 plus curated design at same place, and you can create videos up to 15 minutes instead of five. Then you also get unlimited team members. Now this is important, especially if you've got Let's say you've got editor and a designer, and you've got a bunch of different people doing different things, especially in a company situation. So this is where the team members become really cool. You can add extra people, and they can work on the same account issue. You also get up to three brand presets, and you get up to five gigabytes of storage for your media, your videos and your files and upload. You also get reselling right words mean you can create videos on the platform that you can resell. That's on a platform like fiber, for example. They also get 300 premium stock videos from shutter stock, so shut the stock makes really good videos, and a lot of the time it's watermark misbranded, see going to use it. Except if you buy it now. They already include 300 premium video off stock videos from shutter stock. And this is amazing because I mean the videos and the quality off those videos are pretty good. You also get automated text to speech. So, for example, if you've got um, let's say a text documents and you want a voice over on your video, it can be done with this platform, you can also choose to use your own music. If you would like to upload your own tracks, tracks that you paid for one its iTunes, instead of using the bolts in music. Then if you want to, customers plan like a sage. You can have the enterprise plan. You can contact support to get more information, but what I want you guys to do is at least sign up for a free account on in video to try out the platform, especially if you're going to be watching for two off the schools, you will need at least an account on. This is where the free account comes in, so that you can follow along off the videos and editorials when we get into some serious video creation and video editing. So that's it about the pricing for this, um, this video and I'll see in the next one 6. InVideo Account Registration: Hello, everyone. Welcome back to introduction to video editing with in video Part one. Now, what I want to show you this video is how to start setting up your account for registration . So you can either go to sign up for free or get business on. Both of these pages will take you to a registration page, but for now, you can just If you want a free account, you can sign up, and it's going to ask you for your full name for for your full name, your email and your password, and you can read creative free accounts. You can also sign up with Facebook with Google. Now, once you create the free accounts, you will get an email to where you can verify your accounts and we're feel log in details too long here in to the envy your platform. Once you have not done signing up for this platform, you can again click on the sign in button appear and you can enter the details that you registered worth and you can click on Sign in. Okay, so once you loved in, you will end up on your home page, which looks around this now What we are going to do in the next video is I'm going to show you around the platform and what the platform allows you to do. That's it, and we'll see in the next one. 7. InVideo Features Overview: Hello, everyone. And welcome back to introduction to video editing within video part one. Now we back on our first page once we're locked into the video platform. And basically what I want to show you in this video is the different features within video . Now, the first thing that you'll see over here is that you've got an option one which is to convert a script to a video. You've got option two, which is really made. Visit all templates and option three to Bulger on video. Now, converting your scripts of video, you basically upload a text, documents or some text, or you can even pull in your all from a blob website to actually convert that into a website of ready made versus all templates. They provide you a bunch of templates, and believe me, there's a lot that you can use to actually create your videos from. So all you're gonna do in templates is you're going to just swap out the parts that you need to personalize for you, and then you gonna have a video with Bulger on video. You start of a blank canvas and it's in the advanced in it, and you actually build something from scratch. And this is quite a handy feature if you don't want to use the templates or you don't have a script that you want to convert into a video So we're going to be looking at some of these in a little while. But I explain all three of these options in detail worth state by step tutorials import to off this course. Now, the first thing I want to show you is appear you've got your project. So this is any products that you are currently busy with. You've got the help button. If you need any help, you can kick on that. And then you've got an icon with your lot A with your account. So it shows your can teachers, you on what type of plan you are. And then it's got your project, your dashboard, your brandy presets and your team settings. Now, what I want to show you is first off all your projects. So this is different projects that I am currently busy with with on the NVIDIA platform. Some of them have completed some off them off, downloaded on some of them I've created now, some of them I created for the, um, for the in video or introduction to in video Part two. So this is actually what we'll be doing in the advanced courses now. You could also head over to the dashboard. Now that that sport is interesting place here, you can get all the stats that you that you have for a certain time frame. You can see actually, how many videos created harmony videos on draft? How many videos who published it tells you? Which uses? Probably still. So if you're in a business package and you actually have unlimited user accounts and team members, you can see who published a video and you can see what happened. I did one digital logo review, and I did one start from scratch. I can also show you which videos Oh, how many videos were published. And yet you can see all of your videos that you can download that look created in this time frame. Now you can also download this report, which looks really great if you're on the team in the business and you need to provide some type of reporting to Let's say the CIA will marketing director and he needs to show him what your team has been busy worth. So this is all handy features. When using the dashboard, you can also hit over them to brand presets. And once that loads, I'm going to show you around the brand presets. Now for some on the business package, you've got three barren piece. It's on the free package. You're going to have one precinct, which is actually a enhancement that in video has done from the lost fear that are shot and how the Grand Prix such work is you basically sexual brand time. You select your default font, you select whether it's bold black. It's bold, italic its regular italic, or it's just regular. You can also upload your Brad logo, and you can choose your different brand colors so you've got your text color, your highlights, color, your background color and your accent color. Then you've also got your Facebook page your truth. Handle your instagram handle your YouTube channel that you can in, and you can also add an int clip. So with the logo you can add an in Klempner in clip is basically an ultra video, so once the video complete, you will see this as well. On my training courses, there's the Internet outre video. They look exactly the same, but in video also allows you to add an end clip. You can then decide whether the in clippers horizontal vertical square and this is all got to do with the resolution that you create your video in in video, allows it to create normal 16 by nine videos for places like Facebook and YouTube allows you to create square videos for Facebook and Instagram, and in allows you to create vertical videos specifically for Instagram and Instagram TV. One should done changing all the brand precedes. You can click on the save button below to save your brand presets. You could also hit over a year to social accounts, So if you want to connect with certain accounts to share directly from in video onto those accounts, you can do so. The next thing I want to show you is the team sitting start. This will only be available on the business plan, where you've got your team settings. Now you can click on add a team member. You can put in the members full name you can put in the email address, and you can select the role that can either be an admin or an editor. Now, normally, on platforms like these, Edmunds have the right to change. Let's a payment sittings building sittings. Um, any type off? Let's say admin. Administrative task admin scandal. They can also add and remove team members. Now your editors. Normally, or people that can create videos, they can create content. They conducted content, but they can't access your payment sittings your billing settings. They can't, you know, middle of the actual settings off your account. So if you are using this as a team in the business, always make sure that if you are a business owner and you're adding an employee that the employee is being added as an editor and the business owners ties the admin. Or if you've got a manager at the manager, be the admin and the employees be the audiences. So that's it about team members. Now what I want to do is I want to head back to the Creek eight screen. Now what I want to show you is I want to hit over to the advanced literature just to show you a little around how brand presets can be applied and just to give you a few about what video allows you to do. So we are going to be doing this within the next video. 8. InVideo Editor Overview: Hello, everyone. Welcome back to introduction to video editing with in video Port one. Now, as I said in the last video, I'm gonna head over to the advanced editor by building your own video to just show you around the advanced data to show you what in video can do. And then just to show you how you can apply different brand presets, So the first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna kick start a project. And now in video's gonna ask me which dimension I want to. I want to do instagram stories and instagram TV, YouTube and Facebook or Instagram and Facebook. Now, this is just a resolution off the video that you're creating. So I'm normally just going to select to YouTube and Facebook, and I'm gonna click start a project. Okay, once that loads, you end up on this screen. Now, this is what's called the in video advanced editor. Now, just so you know, up here, you've got your project colors. Now, this is where you can select between the template colors, the brand presets. So to apply your brand pieces, you could just, like, apply and all you can use your custom colors. So this is just how to apply the bread presets. Now, I just wanna show you around this a little. We are going to do this in Part two. I go through every single sitting. We take this at advanced, we go. It's a full blown tutorial on how to build a video on. We build a video from scratch to finish in the part two off this course. If you don't have a link to the party, you could just search under my profile and find the Part two video for the scores. If it's not on the platform that you are on yet it will be. Probably it will probably be on the platform within the next week or two. So now what you can do is you could hate over, first of all to media and you'll see videos. And here you can search in your video so I can search, for example, business and will give me preloaded videos that I can use in my own creations. I can also kick of images and it will load images that I can use the same way. You've also got enhances. We can add directly. Add a tweet or instagram post to your video, you can add stickers and icons, large layouts, overlays and in different types of shapes. You can also add music, so there's different preloaded music in different categories that you can select. And then you've got your collection where you can upload some of your own video, and you can upload up to 100 tracks off your own at once. You've also got text with different takes settings that you can apply different headlines. Body options, social media credits, location boxes. There's so much that you can do it in via you can also upload your on file. So this will be your own videos, your own logos, and it can be up to 800 megabytes. Now, when uploading files, please keep in mind that you will have a limited number off space on in video. The business package it is five gigabytes on on the free package is one gigabyte, so just keep that in mind when uploading media. But you can always delete media that you've already used and you're not going to be using again. And then there's the ad seen Button, which will discuss in the part two course about adding some scenes and building your scenes of on this side. You've got your different layers. You can send letters to the back to the front you can under redoing deletes, and you can also look at the different layers off your video at the moment. Then you can also go down to the inner to now we've selected the text box, so here you will see I can change the ticks. Then I can change the styles and the fonts and alignment on Guy can add animations, and I can animate the text box. So there's a lot you could do with in the in video platform and make it easy for yourself. You can also click on save appear if you created your video, and once you've done, you can click preview and export. But like I said, I'm going to go through all of this step by step and show you exactly how this editor works within the party to off this course. So this is just how to apply a brand presets and an overview off what you can expect with the advanced video editor in video. Once you go back to the main screen or the create screen. I just want to show you some off the templates that in video has available a swell. Okay, so first of all, you can select your via formats up here. You can say to horizontal square vertical, and the templates will be sorted according to that. But you're always selected, so it will be all of them. Then you get different things. You get your calendars, your instagram videos, video ads, Snapchat ads, Perma videos, product videos, intern, outre videos, photography. So there's a lot you can get worth of radium, a templates over year. You can view each of them if you click on them. Also show you which templates on new, and they actually show you, um, the size off them. So, for example, you'll see this is a vertical video, while this is a square, a video and this is, ah, horizontal video. If I click on this, for example, I can say that I want this video to be square or horizontal, and I can start of this template again. We do explain the step by step in the part two off the course, and then if you go back and you go into convertibles, Scripture video. It will actually load up some templates again, and you can select your templates. It seems like that one. And as I start off the steam plates and now I can add my script and I can start creating my video from the script file. So that's a basic overview of what you can do with the in video platform. Like I said, I am going through the state by step within the part two of the schools, which you can find on my profile on the platform that you're currently on. And if you struggle to get the link to the platform, please feel free to send me a message was sent me an email, and I'll make sure that you get to the poor to off the course. So that's it for this video, and I'll see in the next one 9. Conclusion: Hi, everyone. Welcome back to introduction to video editing with in video Part one. So just again they are my contact details and my blood details. So if you've got any questions regarding the schools or surrounding the part two, or you can't find part two of the course, please let me know, and I will make sure that you find the relevant course. Now you are my details. If there's anything or any questions that you might have about any of the courses that I give, please feel free to send me a message. Okay, so in this course we actually discussed Why should you use video in today's world? We also discussed the different types of video that you can create, and I discussed some off the hearts of types of areas. There's a lot more that you can create, but I also then introduced you to the in video platform. So once you create these types of videos a sugar and easy to that you can use to create videos full of social media and dragged those videos in, pull them in and let them inside the platform. I also show did the different NVIDIA pricing models we went through the account registration, and then I showed you around some off the features I showed you about the team members. I showed you about the brand presets, and I showed you around some off the basic editing features. Now we are going to be handling these features in detail within the party to of the course . So please don't miss out on the part of the course in video is really stunning platform for video editing. If you are serious about social media and social media marketing, you realize that the world is going more for video. Everything is becoming more video based. Please make sure that you check out party off the course because they were going to be editing a lot more off the videos. And I'm going to show you the extreme power off the NVIDIA platform and how fast it is to create content, especially for social media. And then there's obviously the bonus lecture that you can check out at the end of the course, which contains the link to the video platform that you can click on. And as I said earlier, if you do click on the link to register for the link or to register foreign video. I do receive a little bit off affiliate commission on that link, so please use the link when signing up for the platform. So that's it for this course, and I hope you enjoyed it. And please be sure to check out for Bottu. 10. Bonus Lecture: Hi, everyone. Welcome to the bonus lecture. So this video is just about this one slide, and it's all about telling you that this is the link that you can use to sign up for. The in video platform you will also find attached is some downloadable. Resource is there's probably a text file, and there's the slide, and you can use to kick on the link. It is taking you to the in video platform. It's just a bit Lee Link to make it a little shorter. Then you can also remember to check out my digital marketing for real discourse. And even though it is built around the restate industry, the skills were transferrable to any industry out there. You can look at the branding yourself assertively state agent. We would talk about different types of content that you can load into your social media and how to properly bread yourself and your business online. We also talk about creating and managing a Facebook page, and then we also talk about running Facebook ads for real says, which is actually a quite comprehensive course that goes to state by step about every type of campaign that you can run. And although it is focused more on the real estate industry, like I said, these types of campaigns can be used in any business. Are they? Please remember to check that out. And if there are any issues that arise, please feel free to let me know.