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Introduction To Twitch TV Video Game Live Streaming

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

19 Lessons (1h 13m)
    • 1. Why do you want to stream on Twitch?

    • 2. Noahj456 used YouTube to build a large Twitch audience.

    • 3. Syndicate has the most Twitch followers and built from YouTube.

    • 4. Socialblade has hundreds more case studies you can view.

    • 5. League of Legends is the top game on Twitch.

    • 6. Looking deep into the browse features will show you a lot about streaming.

    • 7. The opportunity is to find a game you like where people will watch.

    • 8. New games on release day provide a great opportunity to get new viewers.

    • 9. Entry level streaming solution: BenQ monitor and Elgato HD capture card.

    • 10. To stream you need hardware to stream and software to manage it.

    • 11. Simple getting started streaming solution: direct from the console with Twitch.

    • 12. The microphone is one of the most important pieces of equipment.

    • 13. Wirecast is what I use to stream on my iMac with a green screen.

    • 14. Doing a little bit every day is the most effective way to do anything.

    • 15. Giving back to your streamers will ensure they come back.

    • 16. Uploading videos to Facebook works great for me to get people watching me game.

    • 17. Uploading videos to YouTube works great to get organic traffic over time.

    • 18. Follow for follow Facebook groups help to get your initial following fast.

    • 19. How I handle haters and negative comments.

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About This Class

Learn How To Get Started With Twitch TV and Streaming Your Favorite Video Games Live Online!

Are you looking to get started with Twitch TV?

In this course we walk you through everything you need to know to start streaming your favorite video games live.

What is Twitch TV?

For those of us who love to play video games Twitch is the perfect platform to get out there and start broadcasting your game play to the world. Twitch TV gives you the platform to start building an audience through the online gaming community.

Here is what you get in this course:

In this course we walk you through everything including setting up your channel, getting artwork, picking a streaming platform to use, building your audience and even learning how to receive donations while you play your games live.

We discuss topics such as:

  • Setting Up Your Channel
  • Comparing different streaming platforms
  • Using a Greenscreen on your stream
  • Getting High Quality Artwork Designed
  • Becoming Personable With Your Audience
  • Running Contests & Giving Away Prizes
  • Building Your Audience Through YouTube, Facebook and more.

What are the requirements?

  • A willingness to play games on a regular basis
  • Patience to setup a streaming platform such as OBS or Xsplit
  • The motivation to want to build an audience and expect it will not happen overnight

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn how to setup a Twitch TV Channel
  • Setup a Greenscreen
  • Understanding different streaming platforms
  • Use Facebook & YouTube to build a Twitch Audience
  • How you can earn revenue with Twitch from Donations and Affiliate products

What is the target audience?

  • Those who enjoy playing video games and live broadcasting should take this course.

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


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1. Why do you want to stream on Twitch?: This is twitch dot TV, one of the largest live streaming online gaming websites in the world. That means people are here playing video games live and sharing with you on twitch. Now, if you already know what twitches and you've thought about broadcasting on twitch than the key question for you, which will continually be addressed to the course, why do you want to live? Stream on twitch? Why do you want to get in on this action? Live streaming on twitch? The key question is featured like this because the why you want to stream on twitch will determine all of the results you get. Twitch is a great place where you can show yourself playing video games and get people watch you. That's about it. It's not a great place to try and make money for most people. It's not a great place for most people to try and build a big audience or career. It's a great place to try. If you like playing video games. It's a great website to just try and put yourself out there and see what happens. If you love playing video games and you think the world should have a piece off your camera while you're playing video games and see into your life. If you think that'd be a good thing, it's worth trying. I've done live streaming on twitch, and I wanted to learn it so I could teach it to you. There's nothing that beats actually having done it to teach it. So that was my purpose for live streaming on twitch ice. Had enough traction on twitch If I show you my channel here, I had enough traction on twitch to prove that I could be successful on twitch in just a month or so. I had hundreds of followers, and getting those first few followers is a very hardest thing to do. I just enough traction approved that I needed to figure out why. Why do I want to live Stream on twitch? Well, I just wanted to teach it. So after a month, that was enough for me. If I want to a live stream again, I'm twitch. It generally takes a commitment toe. Want to be specifically there with twitch with everyone else, and I'll show you in all the case studies. I'll show you so much more to this. If you can ask yourself why it is. You're doing what you're doing today for me. I'm here with you, to be of service, to help you, to be useful to you and maybe a little bit to entertain you. And the why of your life is critical. If you want to be successful streaming on Twitter, even give it a try to think about it. Because the why behind everything you're doing comes through the reason you're here. You can feel the reason I'm here. I care about your life. I care about you being able to contribute the most. You can contribute to the world. And what your why must come through successfully on twitch if you want to be able to build your channel up. So thank you for watching this. Thank you for learning about Twitch with me. I appreciate the chance to share your life's journey with you. 2. Noahj456 used YouTube to build a large Twitch audience.: Here's a case study of a streamer I've followed. Now for more than a year, I followed them. While they've gotten hundreds of thousands of subscribers on YouTube and back before, they hardly did anything on twitch. The purpose of showing you this is to give you an idea of what the top is like. Because often in life, you don't need to try and figure out exactly what to do to get to the top. All you need to do is just do what the people at the top do, and you will get the same results. Now there is one big thing No to mention. What you don't see on all of this is all of the love, all of the work, all of the time, all of the energy, all of the thought, all of the devotion that this that no a j or that anyone is put into their channel. You're here with me on you to me, because I've poured thousands of hours, hundreds of thousands of dollars, all kinds of conversations with my friends, family and all kinds of energy and time put into me by people at you, to me and by Google Facebook and all kinds of other things I've put a lot of work in to get here with you on you, to me. So when I show you these streamers, I hope you can understand what the depth there is toe all the things they've done that you don't see to produce these few things you do see. So no. A. J. Has built his audience on twitch, as far as I can see primarily by YouTube. I followed him for quite a while on YouTube, and he didn't used to do anything on his twitch channel until fairly recently. He's got a 1,000,000 subscribers, and I'm one of them on my main account. This is another business account here I'm on, and this is what he does. He makes videos mostly of playing call of duty zombies. Now he also does other games, though, and he does like g t a five here, and he's got a few certain games he played so that his audience we I have watched a bunch of his videos. I know what to come to him for, and he makes all his faras I can see. He makes his own video, so he's in his videos. He's doing the work to get the footage, and then he collaborates with other big streamers. He collaborates with some of the other guys to get the very first game footage out of doing the Easter egg in the newest zombies games, which is often the thing I'm Googling and YouTube searching for help with the most. That's how I originally found no. A J when I was looking for help doing call of duty zombies, Easter eggs, I found Noah. He works really hard to give people what they need on YouTube and especially, for example, that's call of duty black ops, three zombies. And then you look, you see gameplay, an Easter egg videos. So he works to give people what they want. And that's why he's able than on his twitch channel to have so many followers and have so many views on his channel. He's made what he does in sync with what people need, and then he's consistently done it. If you go back through his videos, he has hundreds of videos back here. All of these videos have been made that I'm showing you since I've subscribed to him so and not on this YouTube account. As you saw up here. He's made tons of these videos over a long period of time. I'm going to keep scrolling through his YouTube channel to show you how much depth there is toe what he's done, and he has a lot of help. Aziz, Far as I can see, he doesn't do these thumbnails. He has these thumbnails done for him. He has lots of help with this channel, just like I have lots of help with my unit. Me course is pretty much All I do is make the videos for them, and then for some courses like this twitch course, I actually streamed so I could learn how to do it. You'll see tons of videos here, and most of his earlier videos have a lot less views than most of his newer videos. So this is even back to a year ago. He's playing G T A Five Destiny and Assassin's Creed in here. He's got advanced warfare, lots of videos from advanced warfare. In fact, I was making advanced warfare, and often I'd be competing with him for the top search results after I'd advertised my videos and he just done it for free. So the key component here is the consistent effort over a long period of time. He didn't do this overnight. He's done this with a lot of love and a lot of attention over a consistent period of time. So this is the last video it's showing here. He's made some watchdog videos a year ago, g t a. Five heists and then coming up here, call of duty ghosts, awakening, cut scenes. And then this is around when I started watching advanced warfare. So he's been doing a whole lot of gaming. It looks like before he even made his channel and this is far backs. His videos can go you so you can see tons of videos here. And then all of that work on YouTube has allowed him to build a big following on twitch so he wouldn't have this following on twitch. Fee. Hadn't been working for at least a year, if not more, on YouTube beforehand. And he's likely at all kinds of help on YouTube, all kinds of love and support there. So this is an example of one streamer I've followed from before. He even did any streaming to now where he's got a huge audience fairly quickly that seems to have been built up really fast. And yet the audience was there long before the twitch Channel Waas. So I hope this is useful for you and studying what one person's been able to do successfully with the help of millions of other people. With the help of millions of subscribers on YouTube, what it appears one person is done, really a reflection of so many other people's love and support. 3. Syndicate has the most Twitch followers and built from YouTube.: the top twitch channel, according to Social Blade, at least in terms of followers, is called Syndicate. He has two million followers on Twitch, which is quite impressive. 38 million people have came through, and Ville viewed his stream on twitch. Now here's the thing. The Syndicate project does basically a very similar thing to know A. J, and he's been doing it a long time on YouTube. So let's go to the about page on syndicate nine million subscribers. 1.8 be Lilian YouTube views. He's joined September 3 2000 and 10. That means he's put 5.5 years of work into his YouTube channel to get it where the place it is today. And he's, Ah, British guy who makes videos. There's I've looked through. I pulled his videos upset enough to watch me scroll. Um, they only go back to two years, but he's made videos much older than that. What he did, and most of his views have hundreds of thousands of views on each video. He's plays Minecraft, black ops, two zombies, and he tries lots of other games, too, and he just makes some videos about his life. But he mostly sticks to Minecraft. And then he does some Grand Theft Auto three in here and then over to some of the zombies in the newest game. So the main thing he plays, his mind craft Minecraft is a fantastically popular game. Kids that are like 20 years younger than me seem to absolutely love Minecraft so that most of his newest videos are black ops, three zombies videos and I've watched some of his videos also, So then he's funneled. Same thing with him is No a J. His YouTube audience is with him on twitch. So if you're saying a theme by this point, if you want to be an individual who's successful on twitch, generally you need to have already done the work to build the YouTube channel up. Either beforehand or at the same time. The YouTube channel provides the constant stream of traffic that you're not going to get on twitch. The YouTube channel gives you enough people than to get natural followers through twitch. So the syndicate great example off another success story on Twitch that's happened through years of work making YouTube videos that people like and people enjoy and what you don't see behind this or all of problems he's had. I'm guessing looking at this kind of YouTube channel in just reading one of his things before this to prepare with you. He was working to get his YouTube name to be syndicate for five years with YouTube, and he just got that done. So if you go, you can now go to youtube dot com slash syndicate and it forwards to his user syndicate Project Channel. He worked on that five years and just got that done. Now that's probably a fraction of all the other problems he's ran into building the shoe tube channel. It's probably lots of problems on Twitch. What, you don't often see her all the frustrations. He's probably got an incredibly large community of haters that comes along, controls all his videos all the time that comes in, and spams is chat here on twitch. So if you want to be successful on Twitch, you're asking for a whole lot of work. You're asking for a whole lot of challenges, and yet you can see there are some gigantic rewards that you can get out of it now. This guy's basically committed to continuing to do this. If he wants to continue to grow and have success, he's got a big enough YouTube channel. But he's also basically made it a life that he needs to keep playing video games in order to use what he's built. So thank you for watching this case study with me. I'm honored. You spent this time with me and hope looking at syndicates Twitch Channel and YouTube channel has been helpful for you in seeing what opportunities air out there for you today. 4. Socialblade has hundreds more case studies you can view.: if you Google top twitch streamers like I just did here you confined hundreds more case studies that you can browse at your own leisure and get deeper into this. I got the syndicate project from this I already knew of No A J before and what you can see . You can sort different ways you can sort top twitch streamers by. Most followed. So Syndicate has the most followers here. Well, there's other things you sort by like channel views. If you look at channel views, Riot Games has the most channel views in the second most followers and riot games. That's League of Legends, the company that makes League of Legends riot games. So you kind of think, of course, they would have the most people that have watched their channel and out of the channels my friends watch Riot games seems to be the top one. So if you go, you click on the actual channel. So if you search, I'll go back and show you one more time here. So you go in, you click on a specific channel. You want to learn more about like riot games. You click. You can open a new tab here and then it gives you some basic channel details, some followers per month. And then you Congar Oh, here to the twitch Channel to pull it up like I did here. This is the right games. Twitch Channel 36,000 watching now seven, 186 million views total of 2000 followers. And they broadcast the Professional League of Legends games along with every anything else they wanna broadcast related to league of legends. So then you can go on here like here's another one. Captain Sparkles has a lot of followers and channel views. You can go on here and see Click on Twitch Channel and see what's happening with this individual channel. I've never been to this before, so you can check all these out and you can then learn exactly what you want to replicate the most closely. Rather, And you can get an idea when you go browse in here like look and see. Does this guy does? Captain sparkles also have ah huge YouTube channel and you look at it. Yes, they haven't even bigger YouTube channel. Then the Syndicate project, in terms of use, at least a few smaller in subscribers. So you the more you look around at these case studies, you can start to figure out OK, what is that? Some of these top guys did that I might be able to replicate or do myself or even just toe learn from to see. Okay, they're doing this on their channel. Maybe I can do that on their channel. Thank you very much for watching. And I hope this gives you a resource that you can go in depth on and learn as much as you want to about the top twitch channels. 5. League of Legends is the top game on Twitch.: If you go to the Browse Page, which is twitched out TV slash directory, You can see the most popular games on twitch that people are watching now. Normally, League of Legends is the most popular game people are watching. It looks like there's some kind of tournament today going on with counter Strike because there's a lot of people when I click on counter strike here. There's 163,000 viewers watching this one tournament going on right now. So that is inflating the counter strike views a lot. Normally, League of Legends is number one. On what you can see, there's ah, bunch of large League of Legends channels. There's 40,000 on this 1 50,000 And there's incredible depth on League of legends. There's lots of people that at least have 20 or 30 viewers online with league of legends. And yet you can see out of all the channels in the world right now, there are only this many that have a significant amount of viewers online down here. The majority of channels do not have that many views on, so League of legends is popular because there's people all over the world that watch it and play it. And there's a good bit off people who stream league of legends in almost every language all over the world. So if you want to stream games, it helps to know what the number one and number two games are. So League of Legends is generally number one, and if I go back here, counterstrike Dota, her stone Minecraft, Starcraft two Black ops and sub Nautica gaming talk shows thes air consistently up there on the top. Also, the League of Legends is number one, and most of the views on twitch are related to League of Legends somehow, and the League of Legends tends to have the highest spikes, and League of Legends has the highest channel in terms of use also. 6. Looking deep into the browse features will show you a lot about streaming.: together we can look deep into the browse features, and we can learn a lot together about streaming online. There's a lot of people that want to be able to stream, and there's a lot of people that watch streaming. However, I'll click into the League of Legends and we can browse together. What we're going to do is go deep into the League of Legends results and see what the top streamers are getting versus what most streamers are getting. So if you look over here, you can see these are the top streams. Right now, there's 40,000 viewers on this 1 30,000 on this one and then 20,000 here, 16,000. So the top row of streamers has thousands of views right now and down here. 1000. So if we go in, these are rows of five. So 5 10 the top 10 have between 3000 and 40,000 viewers on. Right now, on Saturday afternoon, go down. The next 10 have between 1000 and 3000 the next 10 So the top 20 have between 1000 and 40,000. The next 20 here start going down and you get down through it. Hundreds. Now these air into hundreds of viewers. Now having hundreds of viewers online is very well done. In the month of streaming on my channel, I never got more than 20 or 30 viewers on. And yet what? You'll see that still pretty high relative to everyone streaming. So right now these are rows of five. That means you go through 100 streamers pretty fast down here. Now, keep in mind. This is the most popular game in the world, you could say, probably the one people try and stream the most. So how long does it take to go through this? Dreamers to get down into more of the average stream. What we went through, maybe a couple 100. Now these are in tow, where I was streaming after just a month online about 20 to 30 ish viewers. And so if you look on these, then some of these are people that have been streaming a lot. I would imagine. And now let's keep going down, though. Let's go down farther. 10 viewers, nine viewers on what you'll notice is it quickly gets into very few viewers, so the top here is focused the top 10 streams have more viewers and actually the top of the first are this. Few top streams here have more than most all streamers combined, so this is what you could look to expect as a streamer. This is what the average streamer is experiencing right now. Here. I'm going to click on this guy randomly. He's got five viewers right now. Let's take a look at his channel, and I must have clicked the wrong thing here. Click done. His name tried to click on his name. That didn't work, so I'll click on his stream right here. There it is. Now I pause. Let's look at his channel this as similar stats to my channel here when I was starting it. So he's playing live. He's got a few 100 followers, a few 100 views, and then there's five people watching right now, So this is an established stream. He's got all of this artwork set up right here, and he's got five people watching. So this is someone who looks like they've been streaming a good bit, who's working at it, and they've got five viewers. That's about normal for this, So let's keep going farther down, farther down, farther down and farther down. What I'm hoping to show you here is realistic streaming. This is what almost everyone that streams gets lucky to have a few viewers at all. So we're going down, and, Ah, when we get to the bottom, there won't even be any people watching. And actually, it looks like that's all it's going. The lettuce browse here. So three viewers is the very bottom on League of Legends. So league of legends a lot easier to get views on than a lot of the other game. So if I go back So here we go over here to the Black Ops three channels. Now you notice the top channel on Black ops three only as 3000 viewers. The League of Legends Top channel has more than 10 times as many as a black ops 31 and it only tastes going The top 10. You only need 186 viewers to be into the top 10 on here. So if I keep scrolling down, you'll see how quickly it gets into. Hardly any viewers at all down on the black ops three streams. So if you're trying to stream games. This is a great idea of what you can expect. Hardly anyone ever gets out of this area down here of getting just a couple of views at a time. To viewers three viewers, that is what normally happens when you go to stream. It's very hard to get hardly anyone toe watch your stream at all. So if you can go forward, if you're willing to stream and have hardly anyone watch you, then you might be in a really good place to stream. If you just want to do it for fun and not for the viewers. If you have realistic expectations of how many people are going to watch your channel to get started, then you might be able to see if you really want to do this or if you're trying to do it as a means to an end. If you're trying to be a top streamer, you can see it's insanely ridiculously competitive to be a top streamer. I'm scrolling down these air hundreds, if not into thousands of people by now. That air streaming on twitch and hardly any of them have more than one viewer on black ops three I'm going down here. This might be all that. Nope. It's going to let me keep showing more. These air people, probably most of them are better than me. A black ops Torrie is very hard to get. People watch your twitch channel because think about this. How often do you spend watching other streamers online? How often are you watching someone else play video games? How often you watching someone you've never heard off play video games? This is the average streaming experience. One viewer, one viewer. Someone has taken the time to get everything to set up. Rather using the twitch up. You'll notice down here with these one viewers. Most of these air probably streaming straight from Xbox. There's very few pro looking setups, although this guy has his base on their. Most of them look like it's a straight stream from the Xbox without many features. But still, some of these our stream setups that look more like mine that are set up toe have ah, face on them and everything like that. So this is what streaming is really like right here, one viewer and you're happy to even get one viewer. This is how riel down are streaming is. So if you're willing to be one of the people in here that's streaming all of these guys one viewer, one viewer. If you're willing to do that for a long time and keep working at it, you might get up to three or four viewers. You might get up to six or eight or 10 viewers. You might push farther into the top, so I hope this look a streaming Israel honest, detailed look as it relates to getting started and consistently going forward streaming. 7. The opportunity is to find a game you like where people will watch.: the opportunity. The way I see it for you today is to find a game you like playing where you can also be needed by the viewers, in other words, to figure out what it is. People specifically need you to play. That might mean learning a new game. It might be playing an older game. You haven't played in a while. It might be playing a newer game that you've been playing a lot. I'm not sure exactly what people need out of you, what you can do if you look through and the more time you spend looking at what it is, people are watching, which people are being watched and why it is. People are watching people that air streaming online, the more you can get to know what other people are doing and what other people need. You can figure out the value you can provide when you look down. Some of these games might be a great opportunity where there's not as many viewers and correspondingly, there's more than likely not as many people trying to stream them either. Like if you go super Mario 64 here, there's not a whole lot of people streaming Super Mario 64. And yet there's several channels hell that have people watching Super Mario 64. So if you try streaming some different games, you can also just figure out manually. You can try playing some different games. You can make it fun. That's why your view with me, because I have fun. I love teaching these courses. I teach courses about all kinds of things I'm in. I'm looking around on you to me, and I'm seeing where it is. People need me to teach a course I looked. There's only one other twitch course with no reviews in 16 students. So bam, here I am teaching a twitch course when you take the same approach. When you look around, you see what is it people are playing? What is it? I'd like to play. I'm excited for you. I'm looking around some of these games. It might be fun to play some super Mario 64 see if anyone wanted to watch you play that it might be fun to try some counter strike again. It might be fun to try some old games again. I haven't played in a while like borderlands two There's so many opportunities here because a lot of these older games no one streaming and sometimes it might be nice to watch some older games get stream that you might not want to play anymore, but that you might want to watch. I don't know what the exact right thing is for you to do. I know that if you have fun doing it, if you try some different games, if you get creative with what you're doing, I bet you confined an ideal solution. I bet you confined what exactly it is everyone else online wants you specifically to do. You have communicated to me just by being here right now and all the people before you have communicated to me. Jerry, we want you to teach the mutiny courses. So that's why I'm here. I'm doing what has been communicated to me specifically that I need to do so if you ask if you say you know what, creator of the universe or whoever or League of Legends or twitch TV viewers. Tell me what you want me to do. If you keep asking to be told what you should do, what people need you to do soon enough, you'll find that you are doing it. I did not intend to be teaching here with you on you to me. All I did. I kept asking and asking and asking. What am I supposed to do? Please let may be of service today. I kept seeing what people needed me to do. And now I'm here doing what it is you need me to dio. So when you do the same thing, you will get the best results out of it too. So thanks for being here with me. Thanks for needing me to do this with you. And I'm excited for you to do what people need you to do. 8. New games on release day provide a great opportunity to get new viewers.: one of the best opportunities that might be easy to get started with is streaming the newest games. This lowers the competition you have in the sense that a lot of people stream the same game all the time, and often people really want toe watch the newest games getting played. So if you're just getting started out of, you don't have an audience. One of the easiest ways to get an audience might be to be aware of the new Games upcoming. So this aside, I just Googled Metacritic, and they have a good format for the newest major game releases. So I Googled if I go back here new game release dates. I went to this new and upcoming major releases, and then I zoom in here so you can see it. And then what you see down here, it shows the game's just released by platform, and then next it shows the coming soon major releases. So what you can do and this is the first thing I did successfully that got me a lot of people tow watch my videos on YouTube because the first dare to a games out. There's tons of people watching and wanting to see the new game. And then there's very few competition is very few videos out on the new game. So what, you can do it if you want to get started with streaming and getting audience the easiest way it might be to just pay attention to these major upcoming releases and then plan out your streaming based on this psycho can. February 9th, I'm going to get dying light and I'm going the dying light expansion. I'm going to stream that or you could plan out. I'm going to get one of these other games in a or you could just stream all of the newest games. So that way, people know you are always playing whatever the newest game is. And the best part is you don't have to be super good at the game. When a new games out. Lots of people don't know how to play it very well, and the expectations are pretty low on your individual games go. So the more games you've played in the past, if, say, you pick up Tom Clancy's the division, I just saw an ad for that. I'm Facebook. You picked that up. You don't have to play it super while you just can play it, do your best with it and see what happens. So this is how if I had more time and wanted to put a bunch more energy into doing the gaming videos, I do. And this is what I look to do in the future I am planning right now. Do I want to get in more to trying to stream the newest games or to put the newest games on my Facebook page in YouTube channel to get more views? It requires me, though, to stop doing some of my call of duty videos. So this might be a good opportunity for you to be aware of what new games air coming out and to invest toe by those games. As soon as they come out all the time, stream them right away and see what happens. So I hope this is a useful idea for you. Thanks for watching 9. Entry level streaming solution: BenQ monitor and Elgato HD capture card.: Here's what I think. The highest quality, most simple solution to get started with streaming is This is based on what I started using when I started streaming and recording my very first gaming videos online. So the key to this is first, I like the Ben Q. Gaming monitor you can see on Amazon. This is the actual monitor I bought, and then I'm using right now to do all of my streaming and wire cast recording videos. I use this because when you are doing streaming and when you're recording videos, you want to have the lowest response time possible. So the way I originally did it, I plugged my Xbox into a capture card. And then I plugged that into the monitor and then into the PC. So I got a lot of screen lag the original way I was doing my recording in It seems to me a lot of newer streamers are likely to have the same problem based on my friend who was doing the same thing. Now what you really need to do a great job streaming is a gaming monitor that has H D M I in and then HTM I out So what I do know I put my x box HTM I into this gaming monitor, and then the gaming monitor has an HD my out that I put into my computer to record with. So that's why I love this monitor because it allows me tohave a very quick response speed so I can play good in the game, and then I can record whatever footage is on the money, regardless of Rather, it's a PC game or rather, its Xbox or PlayStation. Anything I can put on that monitor I can capture. So for hooking it up, it's really simple. So this monitor and many of the Ben Q monitors make it really easy. And then the next step is a capture card. So the capture card I started with was this one, and it's the best seller for capture cards and then the one. If I had to get a new capture card and I wanted Teoh stream straight with it without using wire cast, I would get this one because it has the software included in it, and it captures at full 60 frames per second. So let's look, this is the 1st 1 you can say I bought this almost two years ago. This is really sweet because it's simple as an H D M i n and H D M I out and then a USB to connect to the computer, and it has its own software with it. So all you have to do is plugging in your computer, download the software and you can stream and record videos with it. It's all very cheap to set up, and then the newer version records at a higher frame rate. And I would use that if I wasn't already using ah, set up that I've built entirely for wire cast. I have a capture card that works specifically with wire cast, and you just have to research all of that. I spent hours and hours and hours trying to research a top streaming set up, and so far what you just saw was the best I've got. And it looks like it works pretty well. This is the cheapest high quality set up I know of that you can use with the 1st 2 gaming monitor. So you have a good interface and then one of these Delgado game capture cards. It works very effectively to stream online and to record videos, which is why I've shared here with you 10. To stream you need hardware to stream and software to manage it.: to stream online on twitch. There's two key things you need. You need the hardware to support streaming now. The easiest way to do that is just to use the Xbox or PlayStation you're already using to do the hardware end of it. That's the easiest. And yet you can imagine. If the Xbox or PlayStation is trying to perform both functions at once, it might not work as well, so the basic set up most dreamers have is whatever they're streaming on or creating the actual content on. So for me, that's my Xbox. And then I have what's called a capture card. So it grabs the signal from the X box. Or actually, for me, it's a monitor. And then it puts the signal into another computer than where I can manage the footage of it and then turn that into a stream. So the hardware elements off this both are the capture card and the actual computer. You have Windows. Computers are most commonly used, it seems, for streaming. I actually stream on my I Mac. If you look at the Twitch article on how to broadcast PC games, it has recommended requirements here for broadcasting piece see games and then same things . How to broadcast console games. It might seem like a complicated set up, but the main thing you need is just what I'm telling you. Here. You need to capture card and you need a PC or an I Mac to allow you to get that out onto the Internet. So the hardware is the first component, and if you're thinking at some point this is overwhelming or challenging, it is. I spent ah, lot of hours researching to get my set up the way it is now. There were a lot of frustrations on it, and that's OK. That's normal. I give you some simple solutions where you can start streaming today using just your Xbox or PlayStation for I'll give you some more simple solutions where you can then get your capture card and get it connected to a PC and start streaming on that way. And I'll give you an even more complicated one where you can do the green screen and everything. Like I dio the basic thing Noto understand. First is what your main set up is. So you've got the hardware, but the next thing you need, then is the software to manage whatever hardware you have. So on the Xbox, at least you can do everything all integrated. You can download the twitch up, it will manage your hardware, and it will act as a software to allow you to stream. Now, in my experience, you get a lower quality gaming and streaming experience because the Xbox one doesn't seem powerful enough to run a game and stream at the same time. That takes a lot of resource is. So then the computer you end up using needs to have software. I use wire cast. That's a software that manages my hardware to get the stream out there into the world. Some of the capture cards you buy like Delgado HD game capture, I show you it has software included with it. And then John explains some of the other software programs you can use to manage your hardware. This takes trial and error often to get set up just right. It often includes frustrations when you realize you need to upgrade your computer and then your computer doesn't support the exact kind of capture card you ordered or your computer won't take the feed. I had the L Gado game Capture HD and my I Mac would not take the feed from it in tow wire cast. So I had to buy another capture card. I spent hours and hours and hours researching the solution I have now. And if you really want to do a good job with your stream, it's worth the time to get it set up properly and simply so that my stream is super easy. Now all I have to do is turn my Xbox, my Mac on load, which one where I want my face and everything. And then I hit stream super easy. Same thing to record. So it takes time. So if you know up front, the getting the hardware and software all set up just right can be challenging, then you might be motivated to do the easiest thing first, which is just try streaming straight on the Xbox and then, if you like it enough to try and do it more than try some more advanced level things than step farther and farther into it. The thing is, if you love streaming, you will fix all the problems you have along the way. If you don't like doing it. Every problem will seem agonizingly annoying, and you'll stop. So I appreciate this overview of the equipment. The equipment is the most challenging part to me of getting started streaming. Once you've got the equipment set up, it's just a matter of continuing to use it day in and day out. 11. Simple getting started streaming solution: direct from the console with Twitch.: the easiest way to get started streaming is to simply stream from your console. If you have an Xbox one like I do or I think the PlayStation four conduce this to you can stream directly from your console for getting started with anything. I always try and do whatever the easiest option is. So here's how you get started with this on Xbox. You go over to the store here from the main screen, and then what you need are APS. So you go down, browse all APS, and then you want the twitch app you hit twitch up here and then install the twitch app and that then will give me the ability to broadcast right on my X box. Straight twitch. Now, that's the absolute easiest way to do it. And you want to at least give this a try. If you're thinking about streaming, just get your channel set up and you can try this then. And if you are frustrated with the limitations, this has, then you can set something better up. So right now I'm already signed in to my twitch channel. You can see I'm on my twitching on. This is one of the main ways people found my twitch channel was going through and just looking around on these featured channels or on just searching and watching the games that people are playing right now. So if you click games down here on the twitch app, this is how you can get phone. Say, I wanna watch Black Ops three. I click on games and then I can see over here. These are all people streaming right now with hundreds of viewers right here. And then this is how you get your channel founders. You have someone hop on and find your channel right here. So this is the easiest way to get started with twitch. Now, if you haven't sink your twitch account yet, what it will do is give you the option to enter a code in on twitch. So you take the code. That twitch gives you that you'll see here, and then you put that in on your twitch channel on the mobile app or the desktop version, and then your twitch account on Xbox or PlayStation is sync with their twitching out here, and then all you have to do is hit broadcast, and you have to have the game open, so I have to have, for example, a supported game like call of duty black ops open. I can't just broadcast my screen here without being on a supported game. So that's why I like wire cast in some of the more advanced options because you can stream anything you want to then so the twitch app absolute easy way to get started with streaming and you can go grab it on Xbox one and you can go grab it, I would think on PlayStation for also. 12. The microphone is one of the most important pieces of equipment.: the microphone you use is one of the most important pieces of your streaming equipment. Now, this Khamis by surprise, because I've made a lot of videos online, and I thought the video is the most important quality. The microphone is the most important thing in terms of engaging in interacting with people and not putting people off. When you have a bad microphone that to me, I almost listen to nothing Where there's a bad microphone, a bad microphone is one of those baseline things people won't tolerate. I really listen to anything where the microphone just sounds terrible. The microphone is also pretty cheap piece of equipment relative to everything else in the process. This is the microphone I use for my streaming blue microphones. Yeti, USB, silver, this microphones, the number one best seller in what Amazon calls multipurpose condenser microphones. It works great to make a good sounding experience where the volumes right where there's not a lot of, um, not just noise on it, and the Blue Yeti is what I've used to make most all of my online courses, along with another apple specific Mike I'm using to make this when you get your microphone . Right then. You don't have to worry about editing the audio or processing the audio. You just talk normally and your audio sounds good. It sounds crisp. It sounds clear. One of the most clear signs of a really new nonprofessional streamer or non professional new video maker generally is a low quality microphone. It's one of the things an audience will generally not accept that will turn people off enough where they'll leave you right away. So grab a microphone if you want to even try streaming a little bit of microphones. A great idea, because even if you don't end up using it for streaming, you can use it to make videos a record. Podcasts. This is a microphone I've used. I don't care for use this one or not, but if you don't know which one to use, I know I've appreciated it when other people making videos have given me the exact microphone. So here's exact microphone I use. I also use it with a pop filter. So when you hear that p sound, it doesn't have that. I'm not just ring across the mic so they you can get a pop filter for this Mike, specifically. If you just go down here, you can use this pop filter. Or I have the foam windscreen here that I use the phone windscreens. The one I've got. So thanks for watching. And I hope this useful for you. 13. Wirecast is what I use to stream on my iMac with a green screen.: How do I do my live streaming videos with a green screen background and a microphone and then integrated capture. I used wire cast, so this is a program I used, and I initially found it off of the free YouTube branded option. But then, if you want to do twitch, you end up needing to buy one of the other wire cast versions. I bought this because then I can take the Xbox footage and put it on my I Mac, my I Max more powerful than my Windows computer. So my I Mac can handle all of the video rendering and after effects to produce all the videos on Facebook. So I used wire cast. And yes, this is a premium option that costs $495. And yet, if you want to make a serious stream, if you want to do a really good job at some point, it might make sense to invest some money in having the software that does. Ah, very effective job for you. Wire cast works great for me, not only for streaming but for recording my videos. So when you actually have it downloaded, this is kind of what it looks like and I'll show you. This is the broadcast area here. So this is the live output, and then this is a test window, and then you put together all the shots down here off whatever you're trying to film. So if I go open this up on my I have all these pre saved layout time here so I can open this one game sound right? And then it opens up and you'll see. Then I've got the microphone coming in, the microphones coming in from over where I stream at. I've got the chair over here. So if I step over, you can see, then my hands over there on my green screen and then I'm not streaming anything right now. If I turn my Xbox on, which I can do that now for the footage, I'll turn my X box on so you can see. Then the Xbox comes on and then the screen pops up over there, and then all I have to do I hit recorded to record a pre recorded video on it, or I hit stream, and that will allow me to stream out there to any YouTube or twitch or there's other options you can stream to also. So this set up sweet because you can see I'll go sit down for a second. You can see the green screen effect on it, which is really cool. So you saw the green screen effect, and that's what I love about wire cast. And it has a ton of great editing options. So if I go in here, I can do all kinds of different audio. I have the game audio. I have all these microphones I can use different webcams, basically anything I hook up to my I Mac. I can get it set up so that I can modify my streaming that way. And then I can go in here to edit shot on wire cast. I can move all these things around on different shots. I can be on the right or the left side. I can raise the volume of the microphones and captured exact audio I want I can even preview it over here and then push it over live, and then I can save that exact set up. I can even see what percentage of the CPU I'm using and what frames per second I'm recording at to make sure I'm not maxing out. My computer resource is. So I love wire cast because it gives me a full set of customizable options, and I've got the really nice version where I can even replay live on the stream. So say if a new game comes out and I've done this with a few games when I was on twitch, I record the footage streaming live, and then I replay it so I can literally just replay what I was doing before. And if you really wanted to have an awesome stream, the ideal thing would be to have it online 24 7 So if you streamed a few hours a day, you could just re record or use something like wire cast than to replay your earlier streaming footage so that you'd never have an A f k thing on your channel. You'd always be live on your channel. Now some people don't like the replay, but it's an option. You could at least test it out. So, wire cast, I like wire cast. I make a lot of my you to meet videos on wire cast. I do all of my streaming on wire cast after having tried the options and used the options I did and showed you before this to get to the point where I used wire cast now. 14. Doing a little bit every day is the most effective way to do anything.: If you want to build a successful stream on twitch, the main way you can do it is to consistently be on twitch to stream every day, preferably at the same time on twitch and ideally, to even track that somehow this is what I do on you to me. And it seems to me that general formula for success that consistently works for anyone anything is doing a little bit every single day because people live day to day. For the most part, it's about who you are and what you've done today. When you do a little bit every day, you build a great relationship with people. This you can see, is my you to me tracking sheet. I track what I've done and you to me and also on YouTube. This shows you that I'm practicing what I'm telling you here. This shows the amount of lectures I've done. 1828 lectures tracked on you to me in the last year. If I scroll all the way up, you can see it starts on december 4th 2014 and goes down to today. This is the first lecture I've done today on January 23rd 2016. This is the total and this is the average. Now, if you look at this in terms of your stream If I were to say OK, I want you to go do 400 streaming sessions, I want you to go do, ah, 1000 hours of streaming online, you'd say, Oh my God, I don't know if I can do that. That sounds like a lot. That's how I looked at these. You demean lectures. Ah, year ago, I said, I want to do you know me full time. And instead of giving you these kinds of goals like you see up here, I instead of setting something ridiculous, like I want to have 45 courses, which is what I actually have. No, I said, I want to average two lectures every single day. That's what I want to average you can see. My average is actually 4.5 almost lectures every day. If you look at your streaming like that and say, I want to average maybe 30 minutes an hour, two hours of streaming every day, then that's how you can do really good with your streaming if you can stream a little bit. Every single day, you'll start having the same people come back toe watch you every day. I'm honored to have the chance to share this with you, and I hope showing what's working for me to do the number one thing in my life. If you want to do streaming and make it a priority in your life, I hope sharing the same basic formula can work for you in doing your stream on twitch. 15. Giving back to your streamers will ensure they come back.: often in life. If you want to get incredible results, you need to do incredible things. I was able to build on very enthusiastic following very quickly on my twitch channel by doing exactly what you see right here. This is an Excel spreadsheet showing Xbox, PlayStation and even battle Dot Net and Amazon gift card codes. I gave away two followers on my channel. I ran a promotion on my channel, the first person online. I would give them a $20 gift card, either Xbox, PlayStation Battle, Net or Amazon. And then I would ask questions throughout the stream to see if people are paying attention . And I would give them the same thing. I'd give them gift coats. So some nights on the stream I gave out 200 plus dollars and gift cards. I also would give codes. When I had less than 100 followers. I give someone, ah, code just for following me. So as you can see this, was this a bit crazy? Yes, I gave out 1600 plus dollars in digital codes to people for following my channel. You might say, Well, that's crazy. It's on Lee crazy because Then I stopped streaming. I had a good audience almost every time I was signing on. In just a month of streaming without hardly anything else that I was doing to get my twitch channel out there, just giving people who already found my channel, something motivating them to come back. I already was having 10 or 20 people jump straight onto my stream almost every time I started streaming. And once you see how hard it is to get even one or two people that try and watch your stream, you can see how effective something like this is when you actually give back to the people that are watching your stream. The thing is, with most streams out there, you don't get anything for watching them. And if you're just getting started, you don't often have any big poll. If you're not some established gamer or some established youtuber, you often don't have any poll. You don't have anything you've done before, so if you confined away and you don't need to do it this crazy. But even if you could just give out like a $20 card every night on your stream or every week, the more. You can find ways to give back to your stream. The more people will give back to you, they'll tell their friends about their stream. I had several guys. They brought five or 10 and their friends into my stream. When they got there $20 gift card, they told their friend about it. I even had some guys. They created a fake account, came back into my stream on another accountant, followed me there. When you give to your audience, they will give back to you. If you expect your audience to just give you everything and all you're giving them is your shining personality playing a video game? That can be pretty hard to do if you don't have some other compelling, entertaining reason. Toe watch. So if you make your stream entertaining, one of the most powerful things you can do is give people something concrete, something like a digital gift card. They're easy to buy online. They're easy to give out to your streamers. I gave out tons, as you can see right here, and it worked really well to get an enthusiastic audience that loved my stream that was coming back every night. If I had continued streaming after this. I did this just to learn it and grow, and so I could teach this course with you. If I had kept doing this by now, I would likely have given away like 5 to 10,000 in these codes, and I'd probably have 100 ish people online every time I went to stream. That's getting up there towards partner level and some major opportunities. If you're willing to invest in your audience, they will invest in you. And ultimately, if you're going to do anything with your stream, your audience needs to be willing to invest in you. So what better way to do it than to give them a reward for giving you what you want? 16. Uploading videos to Facebook works great for me to get people watching me game.: one of the most effective methods I've found to get people watching my gaming videos, which, if you want people watch your stream, ultimately need usually to find someone to watch your videos in the first place and then get them interested in your stream. Uploading the videos to Facebook has been a really effective method for me to get people watching my videos online, so I'll show you here. This is my Facebook page, and then all I have to do to upload a video to the page. I go record the video to start with, and then I hit photo video right here and then I upload a video to the page. I've done this a lot of times on my Facebook page, and it's gotten really good results you can see here. This is a new video, and I put a lot of these videos in tow ads, but now even my videos I don't advertise, get anywhere from 10 to 40,000 views on every single video. Facebook is one of the easiest ways to quickly build an audience because there's so many people watching videos on Facebook and adds a really cheap on YouTube. It takes a lot more effort, usually, and yet YouTube tends to work better for organic traffic in the long term. So just getting started. If you go and just keep up loading videos, you make a Facebook page. Or even if you just use your own personal profile and you keep up. Loading your videos is a great place to final people over, then to twitch. So what, you see, I'm funneling people over to sell my courses here. All you have to do is put a link to your twitch channel in here and on some of my previous videos. I've done this now. The one big limitation is that when you upload your videos on Facebook and then someone sees them in the mobile news feed on Facebook, then when they go actually try and go to the Twitch Channel on the mobile version of Facebook's browser, then the Twitch channel itself often doesn't provide very good options on here. Still, it could be a very effective way. Once you get people watching your videos, then they'll watch your videos. They want more of them. I've gotten lots of followers off of my Facebook page by doing this and you can see consistency Video after video after video after video, I keep putting up and I'm sharing links to all kinds of things. My YouTube channel. I'm sharing things, and here is an exact example off how you could do it. You put up a video of a game here and you can see this has 74,000 views. It's got lots of organic and some paid views on it. And then what you do, you have a link over your choice channel. So someone watches this video, they say, Okay, I like this guy. Want more of his videos? They see the twitch link and then all of a sudden, there, over on my twitch channel, and now they can follow me on twitch. Obviously, if you're online on twitch a lot, this will give you the best potential to build your audience up that way. So when you pair when you do the work to upload videos on Facebook, you just put a quick line explaining it Often. If you put the game and it'll help a link to your twitch channel and then you can advertise the video also to make sure you get some more people watch it, then you've got everything all set up to get to new people coming in near Twitch Channel all the time. 17. Uploading videos to YouTube works great to get organic traffic over time.: one of the main ways successful streamers get people to their twitch channel is through YouTube. The reason YouTube so powerful is because of this little bar up here, this search bar when you get organic traffic. In other words, someone who's searching and looking for exactly what you do. That tends to be the most powerful method to get people's attention, because people that are in the right mood, so to speak, they're looking for what you do exactly when they want it. So, for example, if I'm looking for something like black ops, three zombies, I search black ops, three zombies, then there's some of this successful streamers up here like No A J. He has a huge channel on zombies, and then I have the chance to go find him on Twitch because I've already found him on YouTube. So I've watched tons of Noah Jay's videos and then look, he's got his Twitch channel over here, and now you hop over to his twitch channel and pause, and you can see No A J as 100,000 followers on Twitch. And he's built that almost completely from this YouTube channel he has, which has a 1,000,000 subscribers. When you use twitch, you can have an icon. When you go into the settings, it allows you to notify your YouTube channel that your lives. So if you're in your profile and you go into the settings on it, so when you're in yours secure dot twitch tv dot setting slash connections It has a YouTube annotation that you can allow on your YouTube videos whenever you're alive. So if you go through and continuously upload YouTube videos off your game play, and then when people are Googling or YouTube searching specific kinds of videos they want, then what you can do is when people already have watched and found you on YouTube. You can have a link that comes up to your twitch channel, and then you get your twitch followers up exactly like Noah Jay's done. I've watched him build his channel now, over the last year, as I've watched his zombie videos, and all he's done is continuously uploaded videos to YouTube, gotten tons of traffic and subscribers on YouTube and then funneled them straight over to twitch. It's one of the most effective methods to build your channel because of this YouTube search bar and the YouTube suggested video bar that comes up. If I click on the videos and I click on a video right here, you'll see these air, all the suggested videos. So these two places air some of the most effective methods you can use to get connected with your future twitch followers. Does it take a lot of work? Oh yeah, No. A. J has put a ton of time and effort, probably more than I've put in the U To me, he's put a ton of time and effort into his YouTube channel here, and that's how he's able to have such a huge following on twitch today. So thank you for watching this, and I hope this is useful for you in guiding us toe what you can do to build your twitch channel on YouTube. 18. Follow for follow Facebook groups help to get your initial following fast.: one of the most difficulty of getting started building a channel or anything where you need followers is getting those very first few followers. It's like eating out at a restaurant. If no one's going to that restaurant, it's really hard to get anyone else going there. If you've got a line out the door, it automatically signals that it's worth going to. I drove by this restaurant in Sarasota called Yummy House, and there was a line out the door so many times that I started wanting to eat there, and now I've eaten there a bunch of different times, and it just looked like a little hole in the wall that I never would have paid any attention to if it hadn't had a big line out the door. Ah, whole bunch of times. If you want people to pay attention, your channel, it usually requires some kind of a line out the door. In terms of restaurant equivalent, you need to get those first few followers or you'll never get the next few followers. One of the easiest methods to get started with that is to do follow for follow with people . I've done this successfully all over the place. I've even done it with money. I'm patron. Where you go pledge for a pledge. You give $2 someone else gives $2. I've done this successful. Am I twitch channel. Get the first a few 100 followers getting followers. If you follow someone else and they follow you back, it's real simple. You're both helping each other out. So there's a bunch of groups on Facebook that are set up to do this where you join the Facebook group. You follow other people's twitch channels and they follow you. Then when someone else comes in and takes a look at your channel, they see Oh, you've got a few 100 people following you. Good. I feel safe to join in. I want to join in with everyone else who's following you. When no one's following your channel, it's almost impossible to get anyone else to do it, especially if they haven't seen you before. So if you want to know how this works, you go on Facebook and you search for twitch, follow and then you go over to the groups, and then once you find the groups, then you can just join whatever groups you want. There's a twitch follow for follow here, with 156 members 68 here, this one as 2000 members. This one is not strictly follow for follow group, but you might be able to do some good work in there also, so these groups may have changed. By the time you look at this, you just searched, twitch, follow or twitch followers, and then you could get in and join one of these groups. I wouldn't probably not by twitch followers anywhere, because that's often usually fake where you're getting a bunch of fake followers and fake followers often can get you in trouble with the platform. So if you stick to something like follow for follow with other people, it's generally a safe and reliable way to get those first few 100 followers to get your channel out there. So it's easier to get even more followers 19. How I handle haters and negative comments.: If you want to have a twitch channel where you get people to interact with you. One of the thing that's going to happen is you're going to get people who interact with you in a negative way. And the more successful you are, the more people you're going to get that will come in and hate. This is evident on my Facebook page. I have an amazing collection of haters on my Facebook page, one of the most impressive I've seen on a Facebook page. People that come in and just drop the Morse comment they can think of. So what I'm going to do, I'm going to live. Look, I haven't seen these comments before. I'm going to look at some of my comments on my newest video and show you first hand what I do when I run into haters and how I handle comments. So here's a comment, this top saying about what someone thinks so there's not too much of a hater there, So look, there we go. Here's a good one. Camping like no tomorrow on Lee, get camping. They need to fix called duty. That's now even too much of a hater. So often for the most part, I just ignore oy them. I ignore most of the haters. I don't get into going back and forth with them there. You can't go back and forth because there are people that have practically infinite time and effort, so to speak. In other words, you can't fight with all the haters. There's too many of them. All you can do is try and love the haters. Here's a good one. Sounds like another scam. So what you can see even on this new video I've tried to make to tell people about what I do online. You get a lot of people that roll in and have negative things to say. All kinds of you know, rather is just one word or so. For the most part, I just ignore the haters. So most of the comments I give back to people I give to people that say good things. So that way I'm not fueling the hater energy. And when you fuel the haters, then you're going to get a lot of hate back, so you generally don't want to work with that. So here's a comment. This is something that might make a good example for this. So this is one of the top comments on a video, and you might call this a hater because they said I should start up a little in my own game place. This was boring to watch. Who finds this guy fun? This is a good place where I can make a loving response where I don't have to fight with the guy and I can say that I had the same experience. I watched a few other people, Apple's videos, and I was motivated to make my own videos because I thought I couldn't make videos that people would like. Toa watch. I would like to watch better than the videos I was seen. If you are motivated to make videos that are better than mine by watching them, I count that as a win and hope to see your video soon. Then, to me, that's a loving response to a hater. Five. Motivated someone who's watched my video and said, You know what? I can do better than that guy, then good. They should make their videos to If I can motivate people to try and contribute and do their best now that's good. And to me, this is how I handle responses to haters. I try and make a meaningful comment. You know that that is a loving reply to what they've said. So not being hard on them or mean to them. But look, I respect that you're here watching the videos, and if you don't like them because you think you can do better, please go for it. I want everyone to reach their full potential. So understand that haters are coming from the same place fundamentally, that I'm coming from. I've been a hater a lot in my life. In fact, one of my motivations to teach more una me courses. I saw other people Judah me courses inside. I know I can teach a better course than that. I know it. And then I went and did it. I went and made better courses. If someone is hating on you, they can motivate you to do better. And you can motivate them to do better. Also, look, if you hate my channel so much, go make your own towards channel. If you hate my video so much and go make your own, that's better, because there's different strokes for different folks. Some people like watching one thing. Some people like watching another. If you've seen a channel and you think you know what, I could do a better job, then it's time for you to go do it and you're in the right place.