Introduction To The Buyer Persona Concept - How To Target Your Audience Better And Get More Sales!

Sorin Constantin, Passionate Online Entrepreneur and Marketer

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6 Videos (37m)
    • Welcome To The Class!

    • Buyer Persona Concept Benefits

    • Lecture 1 – Introduction to the Buyer Persona Concept

    • Lecture 2 – The incredible benefits of having a Buyer Persona

    • Lecture 3 – The Buyer Persona Profile

    • Lecture 4 – The Negative Persona


About This Class

Do you know which is one of the KEY CONCEPTS THAT DRIVES BUSINESS SUCCESS?

It's knowing your audience! And when I say "knowing" I mean it. Not just knowing a shallow Facebook interest that most likely is not relevant almost at all but actually knowing what your ideal customer does everyday, which are his favourite clothes, brands, what does he like to eat, where does he hang out, all the creepy stuff that just a serial stocker would know.

Now obviously I am exagerating a little but still, you actually have to know your customers like you know your friends. WHY? Because that is how you will know how ot sell to them!

This concept is named "The Buyer Persona" and it's very used by successful companies in any industry.

So, if you want to understand better this concept and how it works, join me in the class right now and let's get started!





Sorin Constantin

Passionate Online Entrepreneur and Marketer

Hello guys,

My name is Sorin Constantin and I am an Online Entrepreneur since 2011 and Network Marketing Professional since 2013. In the last years I've started more projects with success in the online world in e-commerce and affiliate marketing. I've studied and developed two network marketing business, the first being a lesson for me, the second being a real business as a result of personal development and appling the principles of being a network marketing professional. I want to share my experience in both the industries here on Udemy as I truly believe that Passive Income can be a Reality for anybody who is chosing these industries. I hope to see you in my courses and bring value to your business. Also if you would like to connect with me and keep in touch you have my facebook link in the links category bellow. I love to stay connected to ambitious and driven to learn people like you guys.

To your success,

Sorin Constantin