Introduction To Sculpting In ZBrush

Ryan Kingslien, Creator, Destroyer, Artist, Friend

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9 Videos (2h 5m)
    • Welcome Home

    • Moving Around Zbrush

    • Blocking In Structure

    • Blocking In Perspective

    • Adding Clay In Structure

    • Adjusting Topology

    • 07 Circuity

    • 08 Mouth

    • 09 V2 EyesMovie


About This Class

This course is designed for those who want to learn ZBrush like a traditional sculpting course.  I'll explain only the main tools you need to get up and started and explain a few thing about the anatomy of the face while I go.  

Emphasis is put on just sculpting.  Not sculpting "right"... just sculpting.  So make sure you do this exercise several times.  The more faces you sculpt the better everyone looks. :)

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I've been following this class and it definetely has helped me a lot! Totally recomend it. The only thing I'd say, is that there seems to be some parts missing, always at the end of the video, like 2 or 3 minutes, (for expample between the 4th and the 5th video) but other than that it's great!
awesome class, totally recomend it!
Sergio Yamasaki

3d generalist

great class!





Ryan Kingslien

Creator, Destroyer, Artist, Friend

I started drawing when he was six years old and been a bit off ever since...

I studied the arcane magic of traditional art at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts; earned my degree in being a bohemian poet in Prague while attending courses at Antioch University; picked up digital arts in the heart of Hollywood, California where the magic of the film and game industry still reverberates. 

I've been a waiter, a manager, a telemarketer (sorry about that...), a busboy, a roofer, a manual labourer, a gardener, a factory line worker, a book seller, Encyclopedia Britannica door to door salesman, a night shift restocker, a production artist, a coder, head of marketing, creative chief, product manager, evangelist, a teacher, an artpeneur, a business owner and, my favorite new job, dad.

Through it all, I've always been an artist, a painter, a sculptor, and a poet.

My work focuses on where the traditional arts of my past meet the potential of our future...

... but that is just the story and as you'll learn with me, the story isn't the story...

You may be working some dead end job and thinking, "I'll never be an artist..." or you may feel that you just can't be the artist you WANT to be but I can tell you, with one hundred percent certainty, since I've worked dozen of dead end jobs an struggled with lots of different mediums...

... that the only person who can prevent you from being the amazing artist I know you already are is you.

I've taught thousands of students and over the years I've learned, from my students and myself, that we tend to pick up little boxes on our journey through life...  

Little things that people say... Things like, "To be an artist you need to draw perfect circles like Raphael!"... or "Real artists don't need reference they just draw it perfectly the first time!"

These little boxes gather round us like so many floating plastic bags chocking out the oxygen of our lives.  Overtime we can begin to feel frustrated and numb inside but...

... its just the stories we tell ourselves.  Those little boxes that we gather and spin into the story of our lives... and we can change those stories anytime.

Now is the time to change those stories, to break through the rules you've imposed on yourself and unleash the amazing creative potential within you.

Now, you came to this page to learn about me but, really, I'm just here to tell you about how awesome you are and how much you can do.

Let's get started.