Introduction To SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - On Page & Off Page SEO | Vishal & Shubhi | Skillshare

Introduction To SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - On Page & Off Page SEO

Vishal & Shubhi, Bloggers, Freelance Content Writers

Introduction To SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - On Page & Off Page SEO

Vishal & Shubhi, Bloggers, Freelance Content Writers

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7 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

    • 3. Using On Page SEO for better rankings

    • 4. Using Off Page SEO For Optimizing Content

    • 5. Write SEO Friendly Content In 4 Easy Steps

    • 6. Class Project

    • 7. Conclusion

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About This Class

Join this class to learn Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It's one of the most demanded skills recently and by joining this class, you'll get the basics of SEO. This would help you in setting a solid foundation for your digital marketing. 

It's an easy to follow class, where you will learn: 

  1. Basics of SEO
  2. On- Page SEO
  3. Off-Page Search Engine Optimization 
  4. 4 Easy Steps To Write SEO Friendly Content For Better Rankings in Search Engines

This class is best for: 

  • Digital Marketers
  • SEO Executives & Interns
  • Content Writers, Blogger & Copywriters
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers
  • Start-up owners, small business owners
  • Those Who want to learn the highly demanded skill of Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

The best part is that you do not need any previous experience because this class will cover the basics of SEO. So even if you don't know anything about SEO, this class will be ideal for you. 


  • You should be able to write and understand english
  • Even if you have little or no knowledge about SEO, you can still enroll in this course
  • You will need internet connection to watch the lectures

We invite you to take this class and join us in the journey of search engine optimization. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vishal & Shubhi

Bloggers, Freelance Content Writers


A warm welcome from Vishal & Shubhi!

We are freelance content writers & Blogger. We started our journey as content writers but soon switched to freelancing and within 1 year we created content for over 50 websites. 

We have worked with national and international clients and helped them have a great online presence through our content writing services. 


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1. Class Introduction: I'm and welcome. They're so excited to have you in the introduction to every such golden optimization. This class is going to be great for you if you want to learn the basics off search engine optimization on. Know how this can help you in ranking your website or your block pulls on search engines like Google and get massive traffic from my name is should be sent. And along with my instructor, Michelle Singer, I have designed this class to help you in mastering the basics off search engine optimization. But why you should learn from us? I know this question may be coming to mind and has the answer because we have bean content writers on digital marketeers since 2000 and 16 on both of us have practical hands on experience into digital marketing and content writing domains betweens. We also have ample off knowledge regarding search engine optimization. In fact, you over boast have bean ranking really well on Google on one of them has bean on the top six results. Which brings us a lot of traffic on our side. So when you're learning from us in the club, be sure that you're learning from those who have hands on experience into a search engine optimization on digital marketing. So what, you would Millington slots? Firstly, we will clear the basics off s you or search engine optimization to set a clear foundation off this amazing and highly demanded skip. Next, we're going to take a look at the on page Seo techniques. And what exactly do you mean by on Beach s you? Then we'll take a look at the off page search engine optimization techniques and know how you have tow. Optimize your content to rank. Also attentions. Finally, we'll take a look at the four easy steps to write as your friendly content so that you can rank higher in the search engines they also created and S u Jackman's ringing. That's going to help you optimizing your wanted whenever you want. Be a soul, Trine to have you here and we welcome you to this last. Make sure to join the class and start learning about the basics off search engine optimization. I'm well sure that you're going to really like this class because it's easy to follow and it's going to help you and setting the right foundation for your search engine optimization skills. We are thrilled to see you here on. We hope to see you inside the glass. 2. What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?: Let's take an example. Toe Understand by S CEO is so important. Suppose you have a fashion block and you write about styling tips on the latest fashion trends you have written opposed on styling tips for Windows and optimized it due to optimization. Your boast gets higher ranks and starts appearing on the first page off search engines. Now, if someone searches styling tips for winters, they will find your post on the first page and click to know more about those steps. Hundreds and thousands of people. So it's the same query, and since your post appears on the first page, more and more people start coming to your block. This gives you amazing traffic. It sounds incredible to rank on the first page, but it requires efforts, skills and knowledge. If it does not that easy, then why everyone is going through the pain off optimizing content. You will find answers to such questions in this, let so but is search engine optimization and simple Once S. U is done for ranking on search engines, the techniques and tactics that are used for optimization help in getting better ranks. This helps to get free or organic traffic to your site, which leads to sales and convulsions. The goal off S U is to rank higher for a particular sort stump. In the example we took earlier, the block post was ranking for the dome styling tips for Windows. Such domes, which are used for searching, are called keywords or search Grady's. But why s U is important are my do we have to optimize the content? Majority of Internet users click on the results that are shown on the first page. So if your content runs on the first page, you will get more graphic. And if you're not drinking on the first page, your efforts are being basted. So how can your content drunk better? There are two ways to rank in search engines. The 1st 1 is on Page s U on the 2nd 1 is off page s. You move on to the falling like chills where you will learn about on page and off These s u . I will also show you how you can optimize content in three simple steps so that your content ranks on the first page is off. So tensions 3. Using On Page SEO for better rankings: this lecture will help you to understand waters on beach s you And then you will also learn how to optimize content using the on Beijing s your practices. Let's begin. What do we mean by on page optimization or on beach s you? It's about optimizing on the block or the website. It says, which means that on page s you can be done directly within the website or on the website. So this would include both front end and back and optimization on the website. On both of these count as on page s you. Which means if you are right in the post and optimizing them, then it comes under own page s you. And also, if you are managing your website on doing something on the back end, like altering the HTML code or optimizing it through the WordPress dashboard, all these things are going to come on under the on beach optimization as your techniques. The number one on the most important issue practice is to create quality content search engine scare rankings to those websites that offer relevant and useful information. Always remember that thes two words are the key to creating quality content that has the potential to rank on the force. Speech people. It's the right set off key words is very important if you create an amazing post with the best information. But lacking woods, your content won't rank instead off ranking for short the woods. It's better to aim for longer Giffords because they have less competition in comparison to the short keyboards. Optimizing, optimizing the images with keywords can help the images to rank in search engines. You should also optimize the U. R L title tags headings subheadings with the woods as this gives the signal to search engines regarding what your content is about. Internal linking is an amazing way to keep the readers on your side for longer duration. When you write a bulls, you can mention the link to other boast from your own blawg or website. This helps to show that you have lots of content that people can find useful. The other elements off on Beach S you are psych loading speed on user experience. Both of these help the reader to stay longer on the website. When someone stays on the website for longer duration, the search engines get a signal that the content is relevant and useful. And that's why the reader is engaging with it. So if you want to optimize the content, you should use thes steps. In the next lecture, you will learn about off Page s you I will see you there. 4. Using Off Page SEO For Optimizing Content: off page or off site s you repose to the techniques that you can do off your site. This means that you are not optimizing on the website, but you're doing it off the site. The building is the best way to optimize your site off beach. If the content gets links from other website, it could lead to off page s you back links from other sides had to search engines to know that your content is valuable and that's why someone has linked to it. So how you can build back lings for your website or block some of the popular techniques to do this included guest boasting on other blocks, sharing links on question on So websites like Gora are leaving back Ling's in forums and communities. You can also get back Ling's from higher ranking sites. Link building can help you in becoming an authority on a specific topic or subject the tech . The second tightening is social media marketing for gaining popularity. When more people share the content on social media, it gives signal to the search engines that the content is useful because many people are engaging with it and even sharing so to summarize this letter. Hair are the key points to remember regarding search engine optimization content and user experience contribute towards on beach s you right high quality content with relevant keywords and useful information that will help the readers create a strong user experience by offering links to other posts on your block and by adding attractive images throughout the continent. Popularity and authority contribute to off page s you to gain popularity. Social media marketing can be used to gain authority. You should become an expert on the topic. The best race to gain authority include guest blogging or sharing links in question answer websites like Gora, I hope you know have a clear understanding off s you. Let's move on to the next lecture where you learn how to write as your friendly content in four easy steps. 5. Write SEO Friendly Content In 4 Easy Steps: writing as you. Friendly content is essential if you want your content to reach more people. There are countless websites, but most of them do not get much traffic. The key to traffic is such engine optimization. Now you learn how to write s your friendly content. No, you should focus on these four things. Evens went off content internal linking on consistency. Let's get into the details off age off them and understand how you contrite as your friendly content. The 1st 1 is the woods s. Your writing is highly dependent on gay votes. It's true. Search engines use crawlers that reached the websites and check the content, and they rank the website and favorite based on the relevant keywords for a particular search. Grady, Here's an example to help you understand this easily. An Internet user searches for best recipe for Christmas. If you write a block, boast on this topic and include these keyboards. Search engines were drank. Your want entire. This means your website will get free traffic when people search for freeze. Best recipe for Christmas. So how can you find the key boats? There are many people's research tools that you can use Google keyword planner keyboard everywhere. Sam Rush and Keyboard Finder are some off them. You can also search keyboards by typing queries on Google, and it will automatically suggest you the keywords that are commonly searched. You should focus on using the long keyboards that are searched by more people. The best givens would be those but high search volume on low competition. The next important thing is to use things. Give words correctly. So falling are the best places to use keyboards. The Earl of the Blawg heading subheadings, the body of the content and the image all attacks. Always remember, you can use similar phrases or keywords instead of just one, so that the quality off their content remains high. Your goal is to write 11 2 plus high quality content but natural use off the woods. Avoid excessive use off key words because that could lead to your rankings. He would density or the number of times you use a keyboard Isn't that important now because search engines like Google focus on quality over quantity. So if you're writing a content off around 300 words, it's best to use the main Kenwood two or three times I'm not more than that. You can use similar Friesen's or related keyboards. Always remember that your continent should flew in a natural nano. I'm stopping it with the woods would reduce the reading experience off the user content. Lynn. The content Land truly matters for S U optimization. Readers prefer the continent, which provides all the essential information about a topic. So tensions favor longer content because thes provide companies in depth information about a particular topic. So what should be the ideal land off mountain? This is one of the most asked questions by content writers. Boston E. It depends on what type of content your writing for block boasts. The ideal length should be 1500 boards and more. If not, then 800 boards is acceptable. A block post should not be do small because it will be hard to get a drink If you're writing a social media post for Facebook, the best land is between 40 to 80 characters. For Twitter, it is 7200 characters, and for Instagram, I tell Lend would be below 1 25 characters because this is a platform that's more about pictures. Internal linking and don't linking is about sharing the links off other boast that are written on your block itself. You can share links off related topics or recent boast or popular boast. Internal linking is very essential because it helps to keep the reader on your website for longer. Andi helps him to engage with the content. Second, then you have very exposed on a topic and you provided Sling. It helps you to build a party. This means that readers would start considering you an expert about that topic. And finally, internal Lincoln had such engine to find other post on your block and drank them consistency. Publishing content consistently and frequently is very essential. Readers won't fresh content on more information, so more content equals more audience, which means you'll have more traffic on your website. Search engines also favor sites that publish content frequently To be consistent in creating content, you should create a schedule and always stick to it. Creating content in advance is very important, as it will give you a library off articles to publish. If you are unable to write new content, consistently make it a habit to update the older post and make them more relevant Now that you know the perfect recipe for writing as your friendly content, you will be able to optimize it and get higher ranks from search engines. 6. Class Project: Now that you're successfully completed the class, it's time for the class project. So hands, what you got to do? You have to optimize an article or a block balls. Now, this could be an article that you have already written are you can write a fresh bees off Condon article or dark post and then optimize it for s no purpose. So here are the specifications struck tions for the class brought it. The first step is to decide a topic on which he will write an article or block. Boast can choose any doping that you like our if you already have some experience into these things and you control the topic that you have not heard in on if you're not getting any topic, here are some topic suggestions. For example, you can choose the topic off the best outfits or winter season or five or eight means to stay healthy during summers. You can choose any of the topic that you like. So once you're done with that, the second step is to download the S U checklist started a dashed in the resources and use it for optimizing your article. And finally, once you're done with writing your blockbuster article on optimizing it for search engines . You have to some of your project so that we can give you a big back. So make sure you have all of these instructions on some into your project. We're really excited to see what you have known from the scuffs. 7. Conclusion: We hope you enjoy the class and found it useful. Make sure that you follow the guide nights and submit your project to get a feedback on it . We would love to know how much your benefited from this club. Finally times for joining this class and for being an amazing student. We wish you own luck, boy, or journey ahead and we hope to see you in one of our other classes on skill ship.