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Introduction To LightZone Photo Editor - Photo Editing For Absolute Beginners

teacher avatar James Woo, Skills For A Better Life

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Download LightZone

    • 3. Installing LightZone

    • 4. LightZone Preferences

    • 5. Overview

    • 6. How To Crop Your Photos

    • 7. Adjusting White Balance Selectively

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About This Class

Are you looking for a free photo editor that is as powerful as offerings from Adobe? Something that allows you to enhance your photos but do it differently.

LightZone is a free photo editor that allows you to edit, and enhance your photos. This class helps the beginner to get started with LightZone.

Whether you take photos are for fun, for your website, or social media, a few small adjustments can make your photos look a lot better.

This class is Part 1. You will go through the basics first, including an overview of Lightzone. As a first step, we look at cropping, and adjusting the white balance of your photo.

This class is part of a series where we will go to more advance editing with Lightzone.

Part 2. Bring Faces Out From Shadows

Part 3. Enhance Your Landscape Photos with LightZone

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James Woo

Skills For A Better Life


I’ve been an engineer and a business owner. I enjoy helping people with software, videos and online tools.

My aim is to teach you how to Leverage Tech to create Greater Impact in your life. 

Over two thousand people have taken my online courses on Skillshare alone. I believe that anyone can master the tech world with some training and an open mind.

Besides my courses here, there are articles and videos on my website and my YouTube channel where you can learn how to master other software and tools to help you be more effective in your life or your business.

Feel free to connect with me too.



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1. Introduction: Do you want to impress your friends with photos you take? Do you wonder why some of your photos doesn't look as dramatic? This what you see online or those taken by your friends? Very likely it is because those photos have the editor to bring the best out of them. Many photo editing tools cost big money, or you have to pay a subscription each month to use it. However, how many people know there's a very good piece off photo editing software that is free? It is also cross platform, which means you can use it whether you use a PC and Mac or a Kleenex computer. In this class, I will show you an introduction to this software where you can download it and a few settings to get that software configured properly. Very soon you will be on your way to making beautiful for those as well that your friends will be amazed with the photos that you take. I look forward to seeing you in this class 2. Download LightZone: in this class, we were used like Zona software, and in order to get like zone, you could hit on over to, like zone project dot org Leg Zone is a free software that is available for Windows Mac OS and also for the Knicks to download like zone. You need to register at their website and in order to register, just hit on the water this website and low for a place to register. Okay, if you are new, just create a new account over under right here. Okay, so let's go and do. And let's create a new account. So in order to create a new account, you need to enter user name. So let anything that you like, right, and also until your email address. Now a very email address is necessary because the like Zone Project website will send you an email in orderto approve your account. Next, you need to select your time zone and and so a simple catch your question right and then click on create new account to do that. I already have an account, so I am going to logging into my account after you're locked into a lot like zone project you notices. A new blood appears only for law in users, and this is the links for you to download the software, and you can download the software four with those Intel, Intel, Mac O X and also for the Knicks. Click on here and you will be taken to a site, which allows you to download the software. And again, there are some versions for you to choose for the purpose of this class. I'm going to use the Windows version. So, as you see, they are so relations available. The latest mission is at the bottom and at this point in time is actually 4.1 point five MD 64. And this is for those who are using AMG base or 64 bit computer and lies on install a 4.1 point five dash X 86. This is for if you are using older versions of Windows or versions that use a study, do bit on the subway. Okay, so I'm going to use a 64 bit version and click on this link to download a software, and all you need to do is to click on the safe, are to save your fall somewhere where you can retrieve it easily to install, like, zone. I really don look like zone, so I'm not going to download it again. I'm just going to click on can so 3. Installing LightZone: this video, I will show you how to install that, like, zone in starter. And this is the legs on file that I have downloaded earlier. So I'm just going to click on it and you will ask for already. I really want to install. It happened? Yes. And he asked you to select a language. I'm just gonna leave it as English play on. Yes. To allow the software to install. He asked you whether you want to welcome the Lego set up visit. Click on next and you will ask you where you want to install. Like zone. I'm just gonna leave it as the default at sea programmed fouls and, like, zone. And you will require around 200 plus megabytes off the space. Just click on next. Read a desktop icon. Normally, I don't want that. Stop. I can't. I'm just going to click next and the far will install. Okay. Like, zone has completed and you can click, fit, finish and to run the leg zone. I am just going to click finish And when legs starts, you will see a black screen like this. Okay, So, legs Oh, no. Actually, scan your computer for the folders that has images. Okay, so I have something you may just here are based on my previous preference. So basically, that's how you install, like zone. 4. LightZone Preferences: okay, In a light, selling there is actually a preference that you may need to set right. And this is important because every time you edit a fall and what's your completed? Anything like zone was safe. They fall. So in order to set aside things or to set that preference here under what? To edit and click one references. Okay, so they are general preferences and safe preferences as well as copyright. So the general preference you can just leave it as it is here they some memory limits. Maybe you can control how much memory like zone uses. You can just leave it as it is and or adjusted. If you like to a higher or lower level, right. And the rest of the sightings, you can just leave it as the default. Okay, so there few some things that you may want to take a look at is actually, when you save your four Toyota, you have editor. Where do you want to save it on or, you know, folder or say save it? One recent folder that you set here and the rest is actually to just lift the auto safe, direct safe and show two titles as it is so that there will be two tips as you have a worser than tools. Okay, so let's head on over to the safe preferences. You can actually set lights on two safe houses, Jay Peak Falls or three fouls. Okay, for JP, you have several options here, which is to safe according to the colorful front, I would just usually leave it as the standard, which is as RGB. Now, this is quite an important setting. How larger one likes going to save your edits. You can actually save it so that your photo see fit within 10 to 4 by 1 to 10 to four pixels or a larger foul. Or you can also save it up to 2560 Or you can also set it as don't limit. So, like zonas safe your fall to the original fall size. Okay, So normally I would just leave it to either this one or this one because many of my faults are used for the for the weapon for you. If I said you intend to venture for those, then you may need to change this as well and for rendering intent you can just leave it as perceptual right there. Other options as well. So I just leave it to the default, which is perceptual. And here this point is actually controlling the quality of your jetpack fast. Right? So you can save Yes. 90. Or you can also increase it to a higher level show you want by just moving this lighter. Okay. And of course, finally, you will have the pixels per inch if I say you're photos are to be used on the internet. 72 pixels. But inch is good enough for everything. However, for printing, you'll need to save it. Toe higher picks off inch, count the teeth options. Ah, a little bit different. You have a similar collateral fall. You can resize again to certain limits. Okay. Rendering is perceptual. You can choose to compress using l Z w. And we're less the color. Beat them okay. And a soda pixels per inch. So usually I just use it as G pain. And finally, the copyright attempt. So if you'd use your you can actually keen some tax over here, your copyright notice that you want to use right, and this will be Safed into the meta data off your file that you safe. Okay, so once you have done, just click on OK, and your preferences will be all right. But that's all about the basics preference and settings in, like, zone. 5. Overview: When you open up like zone, you will see a screen like this whereby on the left hand side you will have all the folders on your computer and you can actually click on this type here and hide this for this step and you can click it again to open up order for just that you have on your computer and you will notice at the bottom. Here. This is like a preview of Indo and you need to select a folder. For example, you select a photo video and image, then this won't show up. So let's go into like here. For example, This is my simple material and this is that on process image. Well, at the right, you have a been dough that shows the metadata, for example, was a foul name. Where is this follow? Cater in the size of it as well as the exposure the I s all right and other things in what camera is used similar to the window on the left. Here, you can also click this, but I'm here to hide this step and have a larger screen. Okay, So for example, I want to hide the photos he will be there. So this would actually be the preview offer photo, Right? And if I want to edit a photo, I would need to click on here, and you will bring up a different set off menus. So let me just go in, click on this edit, and you will see the tools that I can use to edit. And this will bring up a different window. Okay. For example, you if I want to click there under interest in four, I can see that in fourth this far the I sewed focal length exposure, etcetera. And if I click on the tools, this had a set of tools that you will see in the next video. I will show you how to edit this image. Read the tools or what they're 6. How To Crop Your Photos: this video will show you the basics function off like Zune. And first we're going to look at the cropping function and it is right at the top right corner here. So in order to crop your photo, just click on the crop for dope, right? And you have some extra meanest that comes up and there is a lock over here, you click on the lock. It means that you are actually constraining the expect ratio if you come to the anything window here if you pull it or even if you reduce the size by pulling you down, you will notice that even though it's actually following the aspect ratio awful in the ratio that has been locked, If I were to remove the aspect ratio constraint and if I move it this way, you no longer will be constrained making a crop. If they say you're happy, all you have to do is to click on and okay, I'm going to undo that and do the crop. Okay, there s also I turned on your right. It's more triangle. Maybe you can select common ratios. For example, if you want to have one toe, one square photo right. So, yes, you of your photo. You become a 1 to 1, or if you want to crop it to see life over tree is like that becomes this week. If you click on the arrows at the center here, you will swap the wreath with the height. Okay, So like, son? Initially when you like the crop, it doesn't show anything until you move the border's right, and then you see that brought changes. You can also set your own ratios. I'm going to set, say, a white screen ratio of 16 or 19 or you need to do is to type in the figure 16 or 19 So you are making any images for you videos and you wonder 16 the 19 hoping. So that would be the you get that you need to keep and s u crop it you will have a nice like screen image for your videos. So this is how you crop your for those in like, zone 7. Adjusting White Balance Selectively: in this video, we will look at the white balance to in, like, zone. So click on this edit to edit this photo and the white Balance two is this one that looks something like that. The momenta. Hey, click on that too. Bring up a white balance tab and you will notice that is slider for temperature and for tent so you can actually move to slither left and you'll see that the color has gone cooler for the photo. Or you can move it to the right and the picture with 10 warmer. Okay, You can also change the figure here by typing in a figure. Let's say, for instance, when a keen 6000 so that would be the temperature in Calvin. Okay. And again, the same thing for think as well. You can key in the figure if you want to. Oh, you can just move this later. Okay, Another way you can do this is by clicking on the colors like the to buy to select a neutral color in the photo click on that and move your fat mouths over to something that looks neutral and you can click on you. And then you will see that for to have changed. And so has the past year as well. Okay, you can select another point. For example, I'm just going to do this, Okay? So again, you can see that the slightest has moved. I'm just going to change the white balance by selecting the road again. And in order to see whether you're white balance competitor original. You can always disable this by clicking on this Chipman. So this is the original. And this has been enable, obviously the results, very friend. So you can see it. Let me show you by turning the photo into a warmer color. Okay. And if I were to click on this check mark to disable the white balance tool, you will see that photo has gone back to the original color. You can also select the blending more whether you want to have a soft but right or to have , uh, shadows where the white balance tour then affects certain sections of the photo modern on this, for example, less Alexey Saban here. The white balance to have a greater impact on your foot door. The two opacity slider allows you to adjust the opacity off the white balance to if you, slightly to the left means the changes created by the white balance who have a lesser impact. But if you slide it all the way, it is as if you have not apply any white balance changes to your photo. And if you apply the all the way to the right, means the white balance to have 100% opacity order for door. So that's all for using the white balance toe in like zone.