Introduction To Layers - Make Better Artwork | Robert Joyner | Skillshare

Introduction To Layers - Make Better Artwork

Robert Joyner, Strive To Become An Artist - Not A Painter

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4 Videos (22m)
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About This Class

In this class you will learn a lot about using layers with acrylics and mixed media. Layers are the key to creating intersting artwork by adding depth to your subjects. The lessons will demonstrate the basic idea of using layers and will open you up to how you can easily improve your artwork.

I will give you two examples of working in layers which are described below:

1. Working with mixed media - basically having fun & creating expressively.

2. Dark beginning

These are just two examples of painting in layers - there are many options. My goal with this class is to demonstrate two and hopefully it will open you up to thinking differently about how you approach your artwork.

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I am so glad that I took this class. I have been working on 2 large paintings that I was completely stuck with and did not like my results, and this class has inspired me to take the paintings to the next level and has given me clarity about what I can do next with them. This is an awesome and very worthwhile class!
David Groode

A creative guy with a sense of humor.





Robert Joyner

Strive To Become An Artist - Not A Painter

Hi, I'm Robert Joyner.

I'm a full time paint-slinger from Richmond, Virginia specializing in watercolor, acrylic & mixed media paintings. Best known for my signature loose brushwork and carefree approach to creating abstract style artwork.


I host and teach advanced monthly workshops for watercolor and mixed media are available. If you want more critiques and feedback that will help you identify problem areas be sure to visit pai...

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