Introduction To Financial Statement Analysis

Nurlan Puchakhov, Finance Analyst, Instructor

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21 Videos (1h 18m)
    • Course Overview

    • Types of Financial Statements

    • Requirements for the preparation of financial statements

    • Introduction to The Section: Section Outline

    • Balance Sheet Definition and Example

    • The Balance Sheet: Assets

    • The Balance Sheet: Liabilities

    • The Balance Sheet: Stakeholder's Equity&Summary

    • The Income Statement

    • The Statement of Cash Flows

    • Statement of Stakeholder's equity

    • Introduction to Ratio Analysis

    • Profitability Ratios

    • Leverage Ratios

    • Liquidity Ratios

    • Interest Coverage Ratios

    • Working Capital Ratios

    • Operating return ratios

    • Limitations of Ratio Analysis

    • Valuation ratios

    • Congratulations on Completing the Course


About This Class


After completion of this course, you will have a solid understanding of financial statements, and be able to use the data contained in these statements to evaluate the performance of the firm. Who knows maybe you will become a successful investor, an entrepreneur, a finance analyst, an accountant or an auditor in the future? Then, there is no way to avoid this subject and you need to start by learning basics first.

The course is structured so that you will move up the ladder of necessary topics. First, the course builds your foundation on main financial statements: The Balance Sheet, The Income Statement, The Cash Flow Statement and The Statement of Stakeholder’s Equity. Then, in the second part, it shows how to extract more information from these financial statements using Ratio Analysis. It covers main ratios such as Profitability, Liquidity, Working capital ratios, Interest coverage, Leverage, Valuation ratios, Operating returns ratios and shows how to calculate them and how to use them to interpret financial results. We will also discuss main factors to consider before making any decisions about the performance. All these topics are explained through a comprehensive example of a fictitious company that I have created to make it easier for you to understand and remember. Also, you will get a full summary of the ratios and their interpretation which will make it easier for you to learn from a single source. Finally, you will get a total of 40 multiple choice questions designed by me to test your knowledge on covered material.

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Loved this course. Especially ratio analysis part.
Nice introduction to statement analysis. Well structured. Thanks :)
Very nice course to start. Well structured and easy to follow. Thanks :)





Nurlan Puchakhov

Finance Analyst, Instructor


I am Nurlan Puchakhov - a highly motivated and entrepreneurial individual with the passion for learning and sharing my knowledge, strong teaching skills, and financial knowledge gained from varied work experience in the finance area and through best quality financial education at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom.

Do you want to easily read financial statements?

Do you want to understand the financial position of your favorite companies?

Do you want to interpret financial information?

If your answer is "Yes", then you are in the right place. Enroll in my courses. The skills that usually take 3-4 months to learn, you will learn in hours, with all the necessary information you need. Throughout my courses, I focus only on the information that you need to reach your learning target.

More about Nurlan:

My goals:

To bring useful financial, accounting, investment, business and management information to the general worldwide public.

To provide high-quality teaching, share my knowledge with all those interested in my topics at very low cost.

To enable others to learn the information, that takes months or even several years to learn, very quickly (in several hours)

My degree in Accounting and Finance at Manchester University equips me with the most useful skills and knowledge that I need to teach you. Through modules such as Financial Reporting and Accountability, Financial Statement Analysis, Management Accounting, Corporate Finance, Investment Analysis and many other, I gained very good knowledge of Finance, Accounting, Investments and Business Management areas.

Although I am very young, I had a chance to work in several companies and develop myself. I worked as a Finance summer analyst at BP and Ministry of Economy and Industry of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and as a Risk Management summer analyst at Kapital Bank in Azerbaijan.

I am originally from Azerbaijan. I live in Manchester, the United Kingdom for already 3 years now. Some of the things I love to do in my spare time include reading news, nerding out on entrepreneurship and startups, watching football ( big fan of Chelsea Football Club here!) and sharing meals and going out with friends and family.

I want to make it easier for you to learn and develop.