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Introduction To Facebook Advertising

Gordon Leslie, Internet Marketer

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About This Class

Facebook advertising can be overwhelming at the beginning but there is no doubt it is a MUST for every business today. With 1.7 BILLION people on Facebook, your business could be missing out on tens of thousands of dollars every month simply for not taking advantage of Facebook.

This course is designed to introduce you to Facebook advertising. We will be covering how to setup your Facebook ads account, how to create your first advertisement, how to properly track whether your ad is working or not and more.

If you are looking to connect, you can reach me here: 



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Excellent course for beginners. I was overwhelmed by all the options and choices but the course has managed to explain everything with great clarity. It's the most helpful course on Facebook advertising I've watched so far.
Succinct, detailed and the teacher has a clear and pleasant voice! It can be off putting when the audio is jumpy and the person has not really clarified what they are going to say.
Extremely helpful for anyone looking to get a basic understanding of Facebook ads. Comprehensive walkthrough for beginners that avoids overwhelming its audience. Thanks for the course Gordon!





Gordon Leslie

Internet Marketer

Hey guys!

I am really happy to be connected with you on Skillshare!

I have been an internet marketer and entrepreneur for the last 8 years. My main focus at the moment is on helping other businesses grow through social media marketing.

Outside of work I am a avid reader, golfer and hockey player. Always looking to connect with likeminded people!


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