Introduction To Detoxing - The Basics | Tash Jefferies | Skillshare

Introduction To Detoxing - The Basics

Tash Jefferies, Wellness Expert and Online Educator

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5 Videos (24m)
    • Introduction to detoxing

    • Why Tash?

    • What do you know about detoxing?

    • What true holistic health really looks like

    • How to maximize your results


About This Class

In this introduction to detoxing, and what it can mean for your health. In this program you'll find out:

- A little about me and why I do this work

- What detoxing is

- How to maximize the results you get from any of my future programs, and

- What true holistic health looks like.





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Tash Jefferies

Wellness Expert and Online Educator

TV/Web Show Host & Producer | Healthy Living Expert | TEDx, HuffPost, WSJ | My Glass Always Half Full | You know me by how I make you feel. #Video #Wellness

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