Introduction To Cutting Hair (Men)

Randy Tagle

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5 Videos (41m)
    • Introduction

    • Equipment

    • Buzz Cut

    • Taper

    • The Line Up


About This Class


In this class, I will be teaching you the basics of cutting hair. I will be giving my client a buzz cut, with a light taper and ice pick sideburns. 

  • Buzz Cut #2 All Around
  • Taper
  • Ice Pick Sideburns.

In addition, I will breakdown the equipment I use for this type of haircut and show how to use each item throughout the video lessons. 

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I graduated cosmetology school and got my license last year and now have my first job cutting hair in the industry. We learned the basics of cutting women's hair and didn't learn anything about men's hair cuts. Since I'm working in a brand new walk-in salon in a military area, I've been having to do a lot of men's cuts but I haven't been able to successfully do them on my own. So I've been struggling at work and this class definitely taught me a lot for me to be more accurate and confident in my hair cuts. Thank you, Randy!! I hope you post more videos.
This is a good class. Looking forward to seeing more.
Stacey Kyme

Designer & Artist

I'm a long time follower of Randy's videos (youtube) ever since I started cutting hair 8 years ago. He never fails to put out good tutorials. I've never heard of Skillshare before but once I heard Randy had videos on here it was a must for me to create an account and upgrade to premium right away. I HIGHLY recommend going premium for this class and for the future classes to come. You will not be disappointed!





Hi my name is Randy Tagle. I'm born and raised in San Francisco CA. I've been cutting hair for fifteen years and licensed for eight. Currently, I am the president of the Bay Area Barber Brotherhood.

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