Introduction To Clay Animation For Beginners | Rachel Beaney | Skillshare

Introduction To Clay Animation For Beginners

Rachel Beaney, Social and Digital

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13 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. What is clay animation?

    • 2. How do I write a script and storyboard?

    • 3. How do I design a clay character?

    • 4. How do I build a set?

    • 5. What do I need to keep in mind with sound?

    • 6. How does the mouth move?

    • 7. What's an exposure sheet?

    • 8. How do add movement to an exposure sheet?

    • 9. Select your monster sound!

    • 10. What do I need for filming?

    • 11. How do I film clay animation?

    • 12. How do I edit my clay animation?

    • 13. What you've learned


About This Class


Do you want to learn to create clay animation?

Have you always wondered how clay animation works, but didn't know where to start?

Are you looking for a new fun, creative hobby to jazz up your week?

This course teaches you how to create stop frame clay animation at home, using your smartphone.

You will learn the end-to-end steps for creating stop motion animation, from writing a script, to building characters and sets, to adding audio and lip syncing sound, and filming and editing.

This course is a hands-on course, which you can follow step-by-step to create your own clay animation short film, using a class project as an example. The camera you will be using is the one you've already got - the one on your smartphone!





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Rachel Beaney

Social and Digital

Rachel Beaney is a freelance digital media specialist, with a wide variety of experience in creating multimedia projects, social media and online content.

She has worked as an editor, a social strategist, on social media execution, community management and real-time social media integration. She is fluent in creating engaging content, with a solid technical understanding of the web.

She’s worked on social media campaigns for big names like Microsoft, Aussie Home Loans, Net...

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