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Introduction To CPA Marketing

teacher avatar James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Introduction To CPA Marketing

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About This Class

Isn't it awesome how you can go out there, pick and offer, and start promoting it without having to create the offer or do any customer support? That's the power of CPA marketing, and in this short slideshow presentation I'm going to walk you through what it's all about.

Upon completing this course, you'll know what CPA is, the benefits, how to promote offers, and a couple recommended resources. If you're new into CPA marketing, then enroll today to get your head start. 

Meet Your Teacher

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

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1. Introduction: Heywood's up in James Cancel. Welcome to my course introduction to see Be a marketing. It's awesome to have you here. And what this course is going to be all about is the introduction of C P. A. Marketing. Who would have ever thought right? But aside from that, this course is very short, very straight to the point. Didn't want to waste a lot of time on getting down to the basics. However, if you've never done CPJ marketing before, if you want to do CPR marketing before if you've done it, you had a little experience. Want to get a few more insights when it comes to see P A. Marketing what you need, what you need to do, the benefits, how to get offers, all that other fun stuff. This course is definitely for you. So any type of affiliate marketer. If you want to get started, you want to learn a little more. Go ahead, sign up. Right now, I look forward to seeing you on the other side 2. Introduction To CPA Marketing: Hey, it's James can zonal and welcome to my course introduction to see P A marketing. Now, if you can tell by the title what you're going to be discovering in this very short slideshow presentation is basically a walk through of what CPI A marketing is the benefits , how to go about doing it and for once in my life have done so many courses. This isn't going to be one that's going to be extremely actionable. Alright, it's an introduction. As you know, by the title, it's basically just going to be the basics. If you don't know anything about C p. A. Marketing. If you do know a little bit about C B. A marketing, you want to know a little more, this is going to be for you. So that's your introduction to the introduction. Now that we've got that out of the way, let's continue to the other slide. All right, so what is C. P. A. Marketing and the benefits? Okay, so in case you don't know, it can stand for either cost for action or cost per acquisition. Okay, so what you're doing is basically there's an offer, OK? It could be any type of offer. I'm going to get down into that. And whenever someone takes that action going through your affiliate link, there's going to be some type of pixel that triggers and you're going to get paid for it. OK, so all you got to do is send someone and offer have them accomplish that offer, You get paid. All right. Aside from that, what you're gonna want to do is sign up for an affiliate network. There are tons of them out there. Okay, Some of the problems that come along with this could be that there, so many to pick from. There's so many that have a lot of restrictions on them. There's so many that aren't newbie friendly. It happens. Okay, there's ways to get around that. I'm not gonna focus on that right now, but plenty of spots to find them. The good thing about that, though, would differentiates C p. A. Networks from let's say, click Bank or JV Zoo is that when you sign up, you're going to get an affiliate manager? Okay, so have you ever have any questions? You can sometimes have the phone number. They'll usually have their Skype of their email address. Depending on the type of volume you're going to be doing or the amount of money or sales, all that other stuff, it's really gonna greatly depend. There's going to be plenty of C p A. Networks like Max Bounty, where I imagine these affiliate managers just have have to manage for a lot of different affiliates because I've seen a lot of people log into the screens and it's always like the same three people. So I imagine they manage a lot of affiliates pretty the way. If you ever have any questions, you can say something like, Hey, what are some high converting offers or hey was converting well with being traffic or what's converting well with Facebook traffic. They literally have a bird's eye view of all the affiliates, what offers they're promoting, how much volumes coming in and so on and so forth. So that's really cool. It's like having someone on the inside telling you where all the golden nuggets are. Okay, so that's a very big difference, right? You can also promote offers in many niches, and when I say many niches, almost anything you can think of, it's it's really amazing but it depends on the c p A network that you join. Some are going to be maybe biz up specific. Some might have an array of different offers. Some I only have a specific verticals and just, you know, vertical is basically another way of saying niche. Okay, CPI A. Networks use that word a lot. So maybe you're in the weight loss vertical. Maybe you're in the What else could they be? Bizarre vertical. Maybe you're in the skin, Vertical or, if you want to niche it down a little more. Either way, all you're doing is promoting an offer as an affiliate. Okay, if you're not familiar with the benefits of that, there is no support desk. You don't have to do any refunds. You don't have to worry about charge backs. You don't have to worry about people threatening you. You have to worry about people blackmailing you through support desk and all that other fun stuff that comes along with it. All right. There's also no product creation. There's no offer creation. There's no split testing off the offer. And when I see that, I mean like up cells and all the other stuff. Yesterday is going to be split testing on the pre sell pages you use, but that's going to be completely different than doing an entire funnel. Okay, so you just get the offer and you promote. Another thing is that the payouts can be pretty quick. Depends on the amount of experience. And if you're a newbie and you come into a c p a network, maybe we'll get weekly. Sometimes you gotta wait a month for your 1st 1 Then they bump you up, maybe to a week. It depends on how much volume you're doing. You can always negotiate with your affiliate managers. For example, when I came in once and I remember I was trying to get into this network and they're like, we think you need a little bit more experience. And I showed him like a screenshot of how he just did like, three or 5000 in a week or whatever. Okay, you can come in now and we're gonna bump you up so you get paid out quicker. Eso Sometimes they want people with experience, but once they realize you have some, they're very, very convenient when it comes to quickening your payout. So to speak. Okay, Aside from that, there are thousands of offers to promote. All right, if you thought click Bank had a lot, just look at all the CP eight networks out there and all the different verticals. It's like you can never run out of offers. OK, That could be a good thing. That could be a bad thing. It's kind of like a double edged sword. There are a lot of high converting offers, but there's also a lot of crap, okay? And that's the great part about having affiliate managers that they can help you sort through all that. Okay, a lot of times they have offers they'd like you to promote. Whether they are high converting or not, you're gonna have to kind of figure that out yourself. Okay, so here are some ways to get paid And what I mean by ways to get paid. I'm not talking about, like, PayPal, her Western union or or, you know, direct deposit. While they probably do have a majority of ways to get paid like that, depending on the network, this is how you're going to get paid through specific actions. Okay, so the 1st 1 is one of a lot of people's favorites. Okay, cause a lot of people hate selling. I got bad news for you. Okay, If you hate selling, you're still going to be selling whether you're getting someone zip code or email, Okay? Because what's going to happen is you have to sell them on the benefit of why they need to take that action. Okay, just cause you're not getting their credit card doesn't mean you have to sell them. Doesn't mean you don't have to sell them on the benefits. It doesn't work that way. Okay, so if someone's entering a zip code, a lot of times, this could be for insurance offers. I've seen plenty that around, like, four or $5 just to get someone to enter their zip code. I mean, how awesome is that? Okay, So what normally happens, you would send them to a pre sell page first, and you've got to convince that person that whatever is going to be on the other side, they need to take that action, OK? Because what could happen? Maybe the maybe the car insurance rates are you know, they're there skyrocketing. But you know what? You can find the best ones. Whatever the reason is going to be for that offer. That's what you need to come up with as an affiliate. Eso Aside from that, there's someone entering the email. If you looked at the picture on the right there, get the new iPhone six s. This is a perfect example. You might have seen this 100 times, and offer like this usually pays out around $1 maybe $2 max, depending on what else they need to do after that. Okay, that's a simple email submit. Then there's also getting a lead, which is basically the same thing here. But I put long form because many times you're gonna have to. They will have to enter much more than their email. For example, there's a scholarship offer that paid her own between, like, four or $5 it was like your first name or last name your address where you live your whole number in a few more details, there's probably like 10 boxes that they fill out, but obviously the more boxes someone has to fill out, the less conversions you're gonna get. But usually the more money you're gonna make all right, so keep that in mind, signing up for a trial. This could be for Netflix. Maybe it's a dollar down, and then after that, they pay, I don't know, 10 or $15 a month, something like that, where they enter their credit card, even though it's free. In the beginning, you would get paid for that or a lot of those supplements or a lot of times $5 for the 1st 5 days. And then it's like $80 a month or something like that. For example, even though it costs about, let's say, $5 for a trial. For those you can get paid around 40 50 60 bucks, OK, because the CPI a offer. They know their numbers and they know how much. Anytime someone puts in, you know, a $5 trial, Let's say after six months, they're making like, I don't know, $500 for that person. So of course they can pay out 50 $60. I'm just making those numbers up. I don't know if that's actually what it is, but either way, purchasing something very similar to click Bank. Okay, let's see if someone one in spent $40. Use your credit card at the purchase. Basically cost for sale. Same thing. Also, another one is getting someone on the phone call. You can do that as well. Where? Instead of someone entering the email, what happens is basically, they might type in there full number. And if they call, that's how you get paid. Okay, So if you're ever wondering, kind of touched upon this before. If let's say someone is giving you 4 to $5 for them to give you your name or for, you know, someone to give you their name, their email, their address and you're gonna get paid for $5. How could that person ever profit? It's because they know the numbers are they know their funnel. I'm sure it goes much deeper down. Bullets is safe. This iPhone right here, whoever has this, you know, lead generation campaign, whatever is gonna pay $4 for every lead. Okay, How in the world could they ever pay you $4? Like, how do they profit off that? Well, let's to say this. They know that every lead, let's say, is worth $5 to them after one month. So if they're paying you $4 and you send them 1000 people a month. After 30 days, they made $1000. Okay, So like I said, they pay you $4. They get $5 so they're making a dollar profit for every lead. Now, if you look after two months, okay, lets see. That jumps up to $10. Okay, so everything after that is increasing on the profit, the profit, the profit. That's why people talk about you need to know your numbers so well. This is basically why people can go out there and use these offers on C p A. Networks and to say, like, Hey, I'm gonna pay out people this much per leads. I need a ton of traffic, and that's what happens. Okay, so if you ever wondering why businesses know their numbers and they'll probably pay you a lot less than what the leads are actually worth because they're gonna end up profiting a lot. Okay, so here's how to promote. Okay, there's quite a few ways first and foremost, you can direct link, which isn't always recommended. That's why put, Sometimes a lot of places do not allow direct linking cake That's why I think that iPhone offer is probably one of the most spam to see p A offers in the world. People just span that everywhere on. That's a reason why people don't like direct linking because it can trigger spam. You know, maybe if you posted on Facebook against banned from doing so. So a lot of times it's not recommended. There are a few times which I do recommend doing, for example, of human being where I just want to test out to see if the offer is going convert. I will direct link at first. If I get a few, conversion will say Awesome. Now I can deal with this. There's conversions coming in. I'll put a pre sell page in front of it, Okay? Another way to do is sending to a squeeze page. Basically, you are getting them on an email list. Okay, so then you can promote as many offers to them as you want by email, basically, until they unsubscribe or you run out of offers. Okay, Next we can do is send to a pre sell page. Have talked about this multiple times. If you look at the picture on the right. This is a great example of one. This was using the plug in pre sell crusher. I have myself, but pre sell pages don't always look like this. This is just a, you know, a quick answer, a few questions. Three idea here is you want to get him to say yes as many times as possible. It's called micro continuity. And what that means is that when someone hits yes, yes, yes or you bet or whatever it's going to say here multiple times, there's more chances that they're going to take the action when they get directed to the page. Okay, so next is email marketing. Of course, once you have them on a squeeze page, send out some broadcasts and follow ups a great way to make some money there in terms of sending traffic. Then I put any traffic source with a little star Noakes next to it because as long as the offer allows okay, there's going to be many offers, which are traffic specific. For example, maybe they don't like search traffic. Maybe they don't like social traffic, or maybe they only want social traffic. It'll show you whenever you're in your C p a network. It will usually have a little boxing will say this is the type of traffic they allow. This is the type of traffic they don't allow. Okay, because, remember, add retired advertisers basically want specific traffic coming in because if you just start sending add flight traffic and it's just random people that don't convert, they're gonna be losing a lot of money and they don't want that. Okay, so last but not least here, some resource is that are recommended first and foremost hosting. Okay, Hosting is very cheap nowadays. Literally. If you go to JB Zoo hosting and you enter in a coupon, I forgot what it was. If you wanna really want to know what it is, just find me and ask me or something. But you can literally start off. Hosting is gonna be free for the 1st 30 days in the beginning, when you're not doing a lot of volume. If you're just starting off with C. P. A. You don't need one of those huge VPs is like I do like I would be on hosting right now. It's $50 a month. You don't need that In the beginning as a beginner. Okay, You're not gonna be sending 100,000 clicks per day. It's just unless you are good for you. It's probably not gonna happen in the beginning. All right, Aside from that, you're going to need a website. It's a measly dollars or $2. Get like a dot info. Okay, What you want to do here is if you're not sure what niches you're gonna promote, make the website something generic like and awesome for you dot an awesome offer for you dot info. Right, Because if you do like women's weight loss that involved, you know, like, oh, I want to change, you know, websites or change niches. You're gonna have to keep creating new website. So if you make it generic, you can always use it for almost any offer you want. OK, next would be a landing page creator. This is just going to really simplify your life. I don't care if it's lead pages or click funnels or a WordPress plug in or optimized presser, instapage or insta builder or profits theme. Whatever it's going to be. Just creating these pre sell pages will make your life so much easier. Okay, if you want to do? Html. Good luck. I've never liked HTML. I've never I know the basics of it because sometimes you have to use it. But it's up to you and less, but at least is some type of tracking now. A lot of people get their panties in a twist when it comes to tracking because they feel like it's so expensive or so difficult to use. Here's the thing. Once again, in the beginning, you don't have to use traffic is going to help you out, definitely. But I've had many great campaigns. Were All I did was look alright. How much in a my spending today? How much did I make? Am I making profit? Good? Continue. Doing that literally is simple is that I know someone specifically those multiple will doing $1000 day, a $2000 day, 3000 day he has never used tracking one's K has done a lot of trial and error, so I'm not saying it's impossible. But many times like if using bing and you're not using tracking, you're not going to know which keywords are bringing in the conversions, and that's gonna be extremely helpful. So this person isn't using tracking. If they did, would they have probably gotten to where they are now? Quarter probably. Would. They have saved a lot of money? Probably. So it is definitely helpful. But it's not like the be all end. All. Okay, so those are my recommended resource is And aside from that, that was your introduction to SEPA. Hope you learned something new. Like I said, this is basically the basics of CPM marketing night that you've got this down, you can dive deeper into the much I guess you could say specific topics of CPI and marketing. If you enjoyed this course, go ahead, give it a thumb's up. Whether it was just for one awesome tip, one new insight, whatever it was that greatly appreciate it. I'm James Kansan. Ella, Thank you for taking my course, and I'll talk to you soon.