Introduction To 3D Character Animation: #3 - Technical Concepts | Danan Thilakanathan | Skillshare

Introduction To 3D Character Animation: #3 - Technical Concepts

Danan Thilakanathan

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5 Videos (50m)
    • Rigs and Armatures

    • IK vs FK

    • The Dopesheet and NLA Editor

    • The Graph Editor

    • The Facial Rig


About This Class

In this class, you will learn about the technical controls that you can utilise to make your character move and come alive. These controls will also help make your animation life a whole lot easier.

By the end of this class, you will have learned about the major character animation tools and concepts such as IK/FK, rigs and armatures, the Dopesheet editor and so on. You will also gain some experience using these controls so that you will gain more confidence in using these tools for your own character animation projects in the future. 

This class will be of most benefit to you if you use the 3D open-source software Blender, however, you will still be able to follow along even if you prefer to use other 3D animation software. 





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Hi, my name is Danan. I am a Software Engineer by day and a filmmaker/animator/educator by night.

I started out making an animated short film for fun using Blender a few years ago. It was during this time did I realize I had a huge passion for 3D filmmaking. I have spent the past 5 years making animated short films and have learned a great deal about the entire process of filmmaking and animation.

This is something that I do as a hobby. Animation and filmmaking are both somethin...

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