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Introduction: Swedish Pronunciation

Anna-Li Danielsson, Swedish Fluency Coach

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3 Videos (31m)
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About This Class

Our Free INTRODUCTION: Swedish Fluency Course 

Do you want to sound more Swedish? 
How can you improve your Swedish?
Is it possible to get a more native-like pronunciation?
How difficult is it to learn to speak Swedish?

Better pronunciation can help you in your everyday life, your studies and your career. A good pronunciation will make you will get more easily understood and more confident as a Swedish speaker.

This is our free introduction to our unique and flexible Swedish Fluency Course. It consists of a 12-page INTRODUCTION ebook and 3 video lessons. This introduction will give you a good overview of what the bigger course contains.

These lessons include a brief introduction of our company, Danielsson Education, and the course itself. You will get to learn some key points on speaking Swedish, why it is so hard to learn and our best advice for learning to speak Swedish.

Ready to try it out? Enroll and enjoy!





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Anna-Li Danielsson

Swedish Fluency Coach

I am the founder of Danielsson Education, passionate entrepreneur, English and Swedish tutor and Sweden's first and only Swedish Fluency Coach.

This company was started based on my own passion and profession; Teaching.

I'm doing what I love, the way I want to do it. The goal is to provide students with tools which help them reach their best potential; An improved, confident Swedish.

In a few months I will get my teacher's degree from S...

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