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Introduction: Drawing Galaxies With Black Fineliners Only

teacher avatar Lonneke Idema, Illustrator from The Netherlands

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools

    • 3. General Shapes

    • 4. Drawing A Galaxy

    • 5. Adding Galaxy Elements

    • 6. Create Mountains And Shadows

    • 7. Final Drawing

    • 8. Video 8 Final Result & Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how simple it can be to create really awesome looking blackwork illustrations. These illustrations can be used on t-shirts, tote bags, posters, stickers and more. There is no skill required. Only some patience and faith that you can create something beautiful. The only tools you will need are a pencil, fineliners and some paper.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lonneke Idema

Illustrator from The Netherlands


Hello, I'm Lonneke, an illustrator and aspiring tattoo artist from Utrecht, The Netherlands. My work is mostly smaller illustrations in blackwork combined with linework and dotwork. 

I believe that everybody has an inner artist, you just have to practice and give yourself time. Everyone is still learning it's awesome to share your skills and your enjoyments in these skills with others.

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1. Introduction: Hi. My name is Malika. I'm an illustrator from its test, which is a town in the Netherlands. Have my own company go ill of strikes if I make illustrations for different companies, but also for myself. And I noticed drugs that I like to are actually really simple there like this black and white dot work and my word combined. And today we're gonna talk about how many Galaxies and, like, really simple shapes. Anyone could do it actually. So it's gonna be really fun and drawings you make, you can use it on tote bags or T shirts or sweaters. We're just like the paper you can frame it included in your will. It looks really cool. I also have instagram, which, if you follow me, it's called restrictive On Out on. I think you can follow me like this video as well. Please comment if you liked it and please send in the drawing. She made to really love that. I hope you keep on watching 2. Tools: ready. Hey, Hello. Welcome. My name is a little good, and I illustrated from the Netherlands. And today I'm gonna show you how to make a galaxy kind of black word and dot work illustrations. And first of all, I'd like to show you some examples that I made it past You can, like, kind of know make with. So the 1st 1 is this one. It's kind of a galaxy with mountains on UFO. The 2nd 1 is this hourglass. It's like a falling galaxy also with mountains on. This is the 3rd 1 is also again a mountain with, like, this kind of moon in the middle of it. So this way you can see like this a lot of triangles on diamond shapes. This is like an hourglass you keep also, just put it inside like a living object, or like a random object to give it a little bit more life on this one's closer in a diamond shape. So the things we're gonna do today are Well, first of all, get comfortable getting up a coffee or something. Because most of the times when I make these drawings, you're gonna be sitting for a long going. So, first of all, I'm gonna show you what kind of tools you need. First of all, starting with pencil like I really like the two h ones. They're really sharp. They're sharper and, um, a little harder than normal. H or bees E Benesova razor when you need it. When your pencil breaks short for the triangles and the diamond shapes, it's really easy to have, like some kind of, I don't know, a sharp managed OK, I have some local markers, the bush ones, three more minutes, millimeter tip and 0.7 millimeters. These are good for, like the big, bigger areas and basing. And I have these mine from Ben's starting at 0.8. This is the biggest tip I have. You can see it's really large on. Yeah, it's for the bigger areas and for the ABA, Kline's most of all. I start with most of the time I started with Europe, went one because it's really not that big of a tip. But you can press it harder and it becomes bigger and it's just like it looks like the perfect thickness lines and then at make out of eyes look bigger at the end. It helps with like to make the shadows more obvious. Use deserve way through. You want sounds. Sometimes that's your 0.5 and four shadows on the dot work. I used those your 40.0.50 point 03 The micro bands coming sets where 0.5 or smallest ones But those airports are. Three are available like crops scores, so most of it's fairly easy to get your hands on those. Now you guys know what kind of tools you could use to make these kinds of drawings, and obviously you can use different brands on different breads were also really good. This is just It's also you experience teachers whatever you want, and in the next video, we will talk about general shapes for the outlines of the dry. 3. General Shapes: for general shapes is important to just draw like there is not a shape that is wrong or shaped that won't work when filling it in like it's the first step. You can always adjust. Anything can make it whatever you like and however you want it to be. First of all we're gonna is it's handy if you have, like, a straight edge with the centimeters are or inches on it. We're gonna start with making triangle. You sure? Teoh, go for straight and point a dot in the middle from that thought you could go up, up, down, whatever you like. Um, go straight up. Go however high. You wanted to go and connect the dots just like that. And in this triangle, you can make the galaxy and are you wanted to go? What's also fun is to experiment with just odd kind of shapes. Like for example, you can make some sort of smoke cloud like so and this kind of way you can make anything in it. However you like, you could even draw some objects around it. Um, you can also do like multiple triangles at the scenes. I am. I showed you an example of this in the drawing book that I and then you can do drawing like over the two drawings, just like leave blank spaces in between. Like so. It was also impossible, if you want, like a perfect round, nobody's well, like even the best artists are able to draw a perfect round. So what I mostly do is just get a glass like so and just draw a rounded this way. It's super easy, so I have a perfect, perfect circle like this. These are some basic shapes you can use, but you can like big anything you want. If you want a heart if you want, like a rectangle. If you want a diamond, people will be working with the diamond later, but like you can use any shape you would like. And the next lessons we will talk about how to make a galaxy and the general shapes and objects and things to use to make the galaxy look beautiful. 4. Drawing A Galaxy: we're gonna continue with the shapes. The shapes are perfect. Teoh, make a galaxy. First of all, I will start by. There are a lot of different things you can use in a galaxy. Obviously, the galaxy has most of the time a moon, but not always, always starts. You can do some shooting stars. You can even use you. Oh, there's a lot of things you can do in a galaxy to make it look interesting. The thing is, it's more white specks and more white areas you would expect. But the more starts to have more interesting, interesting. It looks we're going to start by making a moon the moon. We're gonna divide into these triangles for that. I just used, like, this plastic cup because I can't make round objects by myself. So, um, and this way it makes it look more sharp. So we're gonna leave this area, gonna leave it blank so that the galaxy will only appear in the triangles. So we're gonna do this part and this part right here. And that's gonna be our moon just like pizza pieces right now. But Okay, now we have that done. We're going to do the outlines in black first because the sooner you start with black, the less time you're spending or your drawing and the more confident you get because you can do everything in pencil and erase it later. But it doesn't really matter, because you have to have a little think yourself you're gonna not screw up. So I'm going to use the 0.1 pen first. I'm gonna still use this one. - So it doesn't really matter how thick your outlines are because you're gonna make them sticker at the end anyways, because that way, the shadows are more visible, like so, um, we're just gonna do the moon and the stars in this one. Maybe maybe Warren shooting start, we'll drop. The shooting star will switch to the 0.5 It's just more precise, and it works better that way. Gonna do a shooting star. Maybe just you can put it wherever you want. I'm gonna put one right there is going to start like that, that whole finish it out later, and we're gonna draw the starts. So stars are gonna be just like, real little round dots like that. You could make however many one, you can put them together like that. Or you can do like a single big one right there. It doesn't really matter just for a lot of them in there, because the more black is in there, the last white dots are gonna like pop out. Also make them bigger than you would like them to be, because they're gonna appear smaller when the blackest all around it. So just gonna put a lot a lot of white dots in their clubs, like so as you can see, I've got a lot in there. It looks really strange right now, but trust me, it's gonna look really good. It's done. Also, make that make the rounds a little bit bigger than where you want them to be. That's really important. Pleased to make them some small Oh, After this, we're gonna with the same 0.5 Ben, make a little big a few dots around the falling star like so we're gonna put more dots in later. But this is so you can see where it should be. Careful with filling it in black. If you feel it all the way, then you won't be able to make it look like a shooting star. Now we're gonna fill it, fill the whole thing in because it's not really a big area. I'm going to use the 0.31 Okay, so now we're gonna fill it in, and this is gonna take a while. What I mostly do for the bigger areas I spend like how I want this stars not Teoh on accident filling in black. Um, thing I do is I draw a huge, huge circle around one star and I do that every star so that I won't extent Lee closeted with black, you can already see the stars look like smaller than then what I through them It's okay if the stars are perfectly round because like, you can't you don't see stars being around your realized. Anyway, it's also perfectly fine if you're like, Oh, shit, I didn't put enough stars in. You can also add more one of you want. Like if I want to start right there, I just for the next one, like I accidentally put black in this one. Just fill it in as a matter. All right, I'm gonna switch still. My 0.5, it's a little bit thicker, and it will get the job done faster with this part. Be sure Teoh don't or use thick paper. Or don't go over there. Same area a lot of times. Because over your paper, best thing is to use a good quality paper, like better quality than I'm using right now. Just tears. A printer paper. But, um, yeah, make sure you won't press through paper. Okay? Now you get how it works. We'll see you when it's tough. 5. Adding Galaxy Elements: you teach sites because I notice my name was in the frame a lot, but I finished drawing, and now we can move on to, like, more precise dotting work. I'm using those 0.3 grand for that. We're going to start by the shooting start to make it appear more you can see by putting in these dots that they're very tiny. And that helps by creating shadows like that. You can see it's super diesel and it's super real looking for the moon. The moon is it has lots of different shapes in it. Like circles, stripes, anything like dark ones, light ones, really shadowy ones on. You can create whatever you want actually going to start by making an outline because even the moon has some kind of shadow behind it. So we're gonna make one right there using tiny dots. This is gonna make it appear more realistic. So that's gonna be our shadow line behind that. Nothing will be filled in will stay white. Um, yeah, from here. Just go crazy and make your own awesome looking moon. So I'm going to see my moon is looking really simple. But just because we added. These really tiny dots like these air really close together creates death, death, feeling and these are more superficial. Spread it a little bit more. So this makes it look like, um there is like, this moon let escape. And as you can see with stars and shooting star with motive in the middle, you have really awesome drawing in just a few easy steps and this concludes this class and we're gonna move on. Teoh, um, making your landscape and your galaxy look a little bit more awesome. 6. Create Mountains And Shadows: So we just finished this easy like simple galaxy kind on just one of the examples that I showed you earlier. It's really awesome. Teoh. Bring all landscapes into your drawing, like or draw u of o or draw some mountains or tens or campfire or just anything that will make your drawing look more life. So the easiest one, I think, is just wrong. A few mountains. So we're doing the galaxy, and I'll do that quick because you just learned that and draw like a few mountains on the bottom side of this circle. First, we're gonna make the outlines black. But first we're gonna draw the mountains, and after drawing mountains, we will make everything black. And this is also the lesson where I will teach you how to make dots look like shadows and how you can combine the bigger dots with more thinner like that. Combining that 0.5 with the 0.3 and I will also show you the difference. If you only used to Europe, it's over five in comparison to the 0.3 because it's a crazy difference how shadows look. But first we're gonna drop bodies. So what, you want to dio ISS mountains look rough, so it's really easy. But, um, just don't be really And make sure there is, like, a mountain top. So something like that matter gonna draw another one right there, like so just rigid, rigid looking edges. And to make it look more rough, we're gonna do like few allies and it doesn't really matter right now because we're thickening them up later, just like so. And there you have to mountains which look kind of not like mountains right now, with variations in the thickness with my liners, we will make sure that they are going. We're gonna start with the 0.1 to do the outlines of the circle. What's easiest, like the tips in, um, drawing a circle is move fast with your hand. The faster you move, the last mistakes you can make, because if you're going really slowly, your hat will shape it. Only screw our old ruins, the life and what's also easy because your hand is naturally moving that way. So it was easy for me is I just draw like, two centimeters for like, one inch, and I moved the paper with it. So my hand will always stay in a natural position, which is easiest to drawing. And if you still feel uncomfortable like this, you can used a glass on that Also, fix it. So we're done with the 0.1 lost 105 We're gonna do the outlines of the mountains, so just go over the lines that you just drew and because it's really sharp pencil, make sure you don't overdo it, so just follow the lines. And don't be too neat because mountains don't really look that clean. Anyway, on these lines should be a little bit thicker than lines we're gonna draw in it. Moving out of Europe, borderlines in middle. Yes. And even if you don't really like the placement of your lines, at first you can draw them anywhere. I mean, like, pencil gonna race principle anytime you want to make it for Richard. Slowly like a your mountain disquiet warning. But this And now we're gonna race the pencil because, as you can see, the pencil is like a little bit visible. I don't want that. So get your razor and just go over. It doesn't really matter. Just make sure that you can see the prince when you are like so Okay, after it ISS we will start with the 0.5 and normally I would skip this step. But I just want to show you what a difference in thickness in pencil or fine liner can mean . So first we will start out with making shadows with 0.5 And by making shadows, you want to make sure that you decide where this Sunday is coming from. Like if the sun is on your face like straight, you won't see any shadows. But if it comes from left or right, the shadows will appear that way. So we're just gonna decide that the sun is coming from this direction and that will make the shadows go more to the right. I tried to make the dots. It's time you can, so this is looking like a good chateau, but it will look better if you use a 0.3 So I'm gonna leave this one as it iss and, um, accentuate the shadow. Over here, you see a difference so you can see this one is just looking a little bit bland and with the tinier thoughts, you could even make it look like there's It's really black at the top of the shadow and that is going slowly going over in gray and grades wife. And it's of course, it's personal personal preferences. Well, but I really like the look of it. Just give you that extra dimensions. So I will finish this. Well, then, when you move over to the thickening of the ones like so now we're gonna move over to out, right The inside outlines. I like to go over them because also, with a razor, it makes them look a little bit washed out with Great. So with zero points over three, I will go over the outlines in the mountains just like this to make their move extra black , still thin, which is like, so and the other outline we're gonna do with 01 to give it that extra there, have you just to make it look good? We're going over The edge is with 03 because everything on outside should be a thicker line on everything on the inside. This is to make it more look more three dimensional. It's OK. It's the lion Cern's that's be even thicker than you intended it to be. It's just it acts like a frame. So, like even frames around photos. It can be thick, or it can be sin, but it doesn't really matter can look pretty. Your weight. Of course, If you want Teoh use around frame, make sure that it's a little bit more precise than what I'm doing right now. You can use the glass or just take more time. I'm just trying to show you the effect that thinker friend could have like so they have it . Of course, you can combine the Easter like, make some kind of water flow or just make this part galaxy if you want. Then it's like two mountains in the night. Last galaxy on top of it, could do whatever you want. You could make like mountains here with the galaxy top good a moon in there If you stop shooting starts, that's the freedom. You have worthies, kinds of black and white drawings, canoe whatever you want, and this completes this lesson and the next lesson do to step by step into your final drawing, combined everything that we've learned so far and make the final piece 7. Final Drawing: way finished a piece to we can move on to the final drive for the final drawing I made sketch. I think we're gonna do the diamond shape with dots at its absurdity that I can't show you how the shadows really work at its best. And of course, we're gonna add a galaxy we got at the moment as well. So please follow along and make sure Teoh sketch on this paper. But because it's gonna be a bigger groin, like you can hear the difference. I'm gonna use the thicker paper because it will make the black. Because we're using a lot of black will get a bear more solid on that people will ruin a little. That's so if you have thinker baby, of course you can do it on thin paper, but if you have thicker paper, I would get that those Okay, lets go. We're gonna start our final drawing. Final drawing. I decided to go for a diamond shape on Just go all out. Make it look as extravagant this possible. Um, I'm doing a dia meter off six centimeters and put a a little dot in the middle. This way I can make sure. ISS Street. So putting it zero again gonna make it pretty big, like 12 centimeters. Gonna make this one a little bit bigger, like a like so All right, perfect. Let's makes outline. I decided to make the top with Onley dots, and I like I like mostly anything I like. It's being non symmetrical because it gives more of extraordinary look to drawing and makes you look like not that standard. That's what I like in my drawings. But you could make it symmetrical where you could make it however you like. So I'm gonna Well, obviously remove this way and I'm gonna remove part of that line and a bigger part of that life. Like so make these lines again, Teoh. Like however you want, how far you wanted to go this woman that for a little bit for a little bit further. Like so. Okay, so this is to shape I'm going for, um I want the allies to be pretty thick. So normally I would wait on dude outlined at last, because this is gonna be only dots. I wanted to be, like, straight looking, because the dots can make it look more chaotic. So the outlines. I'm gonna make thicker right now so that I can line up dots in a good way like this, Recognize sharp edge. And now we're gonna be placing the dots. It's good if you still know. Like what? The tip waas So that you can already place a tip right there. Just put your for your ruler. So if you have the dot at the top, just put your ruler to outline dentist, go there. It doesn't really matter how big the dots are because you're gonna do them with a fine line out anyway, like so already pretty cool looking. Okay, We're gonna fit in the mountains right now. So just if you want one mountain where you want Teoh three really up to you, I mostly due to because, like, one big one on one small one, like the composition of that one. So that's what I'm gonna dio. It's also easier because that's the one we've learned already. So start somewhere around there. I don't like it. If it such is the bottom there, uh, just makes it look like the one next to it is really far behind. So I just like to do it like this like so they have to amendment going pain or the kind of drug ridges because it's going very far down. They don't go to this side. Step off that, uh, don't go because it's very long. It's better to go down then to go sideways because sideways you don't have a lot of space. So maybe on the rigid that already exists goes are sideways like that and this for just because there's a lot of a blank space down there. This is good. Just like that, you have to remember it and that this is going to be the dotted top. But we do want a galaxy in there somewhere. All right? What? I think a school doesn't have to look realistic. We're gonna do a stroke of galaxy and make sure it doesn't go up any higher than that. Like this point. So what I'm going to do is make the line right here, make it. I want to make it like Slowey on. Make the other one like that and right, Impeded swinging hair is going to be our galaxy. It's a very big one, but I want to show you the shadows as Well, so this is the template we're working with, um, and work. I moved on to painting it. Three galaxy. I've shown you I'm just good time left that one just like the mountains, and we'll finish it all together and 8. Video 8 Final Result & Conclusion: Thank you guys So much for drawing with me for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it. This is the end result. And I would love to see your interests as well. Please come below. And if you have any tips for me or tricks that I use to make my work better, please going that blow like feedback Always welcome. And just remember that every drawing, like every skills express it on. I didn't learn this in a day so earned anyone waas problems or difficulties doing anything . Just give praise yourself and keep pressing and it will come like it takes time. But thank you so much And follow me on instagram all of me Skill share. And if you have any ideas for videos, I should bake in the future please comment That was Well, I love to make more videos issue in the future