Introducing the Novella-in-Flash | Tom O'Brien | Skillshare

Introducing the Novella-in-Flash

Tom O'Brien, Writer

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9 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Introducing the Novella in Flash

    • 2. What is Flash Fiction?

    • 3. What is the Novella-in-Flash?

    • 4. Starting from Scratch

    • 5. Build on Existing Work

    • 6. The Words

    • 7. Structure

    • 8. Rewriting & Editing

    • 9. What Next?


About This Class

The Novella-in-Flash is a hybrid form that’s becoming increasingly popular. Flash fiction, stories under one thousand words, is also blossoming and a novella is a way of linking several of them together in a way that's more than a collection. 

Combining several pieces of flash fiction into a larger tapestry creates a satisfying whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.


My class will show you how to write not just one piece of flash fiction but how several combine into a mini Novella-in-Flash. 

We will look at numerous techniques, from writing on to the blank page to breaking down existing work, to find the core of each piece; then how to rebuild it into several smaller pieces.

No prior knowledge is required, just a willingness to write.

I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned in my writing life, and reading what you produce in this class, and beyond.

In this class you'll learn how standalone pieces of flash fiction combine into a larger story, a collection of linked pieces.

You'll learn how to craft these individual pieces, to rewrite and edit them to a high standard. 

We'll look at how to combine and expand those stories into a larger novella.

By the end of the course you'll have written several pieces of flash fiction, reworked them and planned how to build on them for a larger collection.

You'll know how to interrogate a piece of fiction to remould it into one or many stories. 

I'll also point you toward resources that will help you find places to publish both your work individual pieces of flash fiction, and your novella-in-flash.

This course is for anyone with an interest in creative writing and an interest in learning.