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Introducing the Musicarta Canon Project

Bob Chappell ., Your Creative Keyboard Companion

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    • Introducing the Musicarta Canon Project


About This Class

Johann Pachelbel’s beautiful and ever-popular Canon in D major is the ideal place to start learning about chords and how to play a chord sequence. The simple key chords repeat predictably under melodic figures, providing the ideal opportunity for learning about harmony, melody writing and improvisation.

Familiar and delightful, the Canon chord sequence forms the basis of many pieces of popular music, and you will be able to apply the keyboard skills and theory learnt in the Musicarta Canon Project to lots of other chord sequences you want to learn.

Each module in the Canon Project adds a ‘bite-sized’ piece to your music theory knowledge and to own unique performance, showing you what to play and how to practice it, with numerous illustrations and full audio and video support.

Studying the Canon also provides a good opportunity to develop your musical ear. Module material coaches your recognition of the Canon chords, and, with practice, you will find yourself being able to tell just by listening what chords are being used in lots of mainstream popular music.





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Bob Chappell .

Your Creative Keyboard Companion

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