Introducing Open Source (Free) IDE NetBeans 8.2 for Web Development

Surendra Kulkarni

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9 Videos (50m)
    • Intoduction

    • Lesson 1 Download and Install the IDE

    • Lesson 2 Explore the IDE

    • Lesson 3 Customisation using Plugins and Themes

    • Lesson 4 Part 1 How to create projects aka websites

    • Lesson 4 Part 2 How to create projects using bower

    • Lesson 5 Chrome Connector fo Debugging and designing

    • Lesson 6 Chrome Connector to design a website in browser

    • Wrap up


About This Class

Choosing appropriate tools for the job is essentially half the battle won.

After taking this course you will be able to

  1. Download and install the application
  2. Learn to use time saving functionality of NetBeans e.g Code Templates, Code Completion, Multi-cursor editing. 
  3. Learn how to create templates to save time and create web sites with ease and speed by reusing the code.
  4. Create web sites quickly by using NetBeans Chrome Connector to edit web site templates downloaded from the web without having to unzip the downloaded folder.