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23 Videos (2h 8m)
    • The Course Overview

    • "Angularizing" Your Existing Web Page

    • Bootstrapping an Angular Application

    • Defining a Controller

    • Displaying Data Dynamically

    • Repeating Content for All Items in a List

    • Area of Influence of a Controller

    • Adding Interactions to the Template

    • Creating Corresponding Controller Logic

    • Reading Data from the Template

    • Conditionally Showing/Hiding Elements

    • Route Declaration and the ng-view Directive

    • Creating New Routes

    • Routing with Parameter

    • Creating Links

    • Making AJAX Calls via $http

    • Handling Responses via Success and Error Callbacks

    • Building GET and POST Requests

    • Making Cross-domain Requests Using JSONP

    • Separating the Loading of Data from the Controller

    • Introducing the "factory" Type of Service

    • Injecting Your Own Services

    • Implementing Persistence


About This Class

A step-by-step guide to build a well-structured single-page Angular application with a focus on a faster and more enjoyable development experience

About This Video
Build a full featured single-page web application with clean structure up to the standards of a real-life project
A faster, more pleasant coding experience for developers, focusing on actual logic and avoiding repetitive tasks such as code scaffolding
Ensure that the application will be easy to maintain, extend, modify, debug, and test using AngularJS
Learn about every aspect of Angular applications: views, logic, data layers, and configuration to build a dazzling app

In Detail
AngularJS is a Google-backed JavaScript framework that simplifies the development of single-page applications and other web page JavaScript widgets. It is one of several modern frameworks that are revolutionizing web development by bringing a fresh, more professional orientation to application building. Developers will love working with the framework, which allows them to focus their time on actual logic, instead of having to deal with repetitive tasks such as rendering and event binding.
Introducing AngularJS will show you how to build a complete application in a very short time, yet without cutting corners that would be detrimental to code quality. We will take you through a concrete application, a movie library app, one step at a time, in order to introduce the concepts behind all the moving parts of an AngularJS application.
We will start by quickly scaffolding an entire application’s structure using Yeoman. This will lay the foundations of our application in a well-structured manner. Then we'll focus on displaying data and allowing the user to interact with the application, and how can Angular help us handle rendering and events binding, so we can focus more on the app logic itself. We'll peek into templates and controllers, and will see how Angular’s declarative nature makes it obvious which element is in charge of which functionality.
We will then introduce a second view to the application, and show how to handle routing between the two views, including reading parameters from the URL and how we can very quickly create new routes with the companion tool Yeoman.
You will also learn how to load data from an API using AJAX, both from the same server as the app, as well as from an external source. Finally, we will close by introducing services that are Angular data-layer singleton objects as well as building a client-side data persistence using LocalStorage.
Introducing AngularJS will guide you through all the aspects of an Angular application, start-to-finish, view logic to data layer and persistence. You will learn how Angular makes developers lives easier by taking care of rendering and event handling, giving you more time to focus on what you love: the actual logic of the app. With Yeoman, you will also guarantee the quick creation of new views, routes, and controllers, without ever having to create a file manually.





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