Introduce yourself with the world of finance

Md Mohan Uddin

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5 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. What is Finance

    • 2. Financial manager

    • 3. Goal of financial manager

    • 4. Why profit maximization is not the ultimate goal

    • 5. Owners' wealth versus other stakeholders' interests


Project Description

Three Decisions and One Goal of A Finance Manager

Choose a finance manager. It could be you or your colleague who looks after the finance fucntions of your organization.

  • Make a list of the finance related tasks the manager performs
  • Classify the tasks into any of the three areas of finance
  • Ask the finance manager (or yourself): what was the goal in his/her/your mind while performing these tasks?

Make a table with three columns: first column for the individual tasks, second column for the areas of finance, and third column for the goal of the finance manager for the corresponding task. Upload the table in the project gallery.

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