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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. The Four Elements

    • 3. The Tree of Life

    • 4. Class Project

    • 5. Congratulations!

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About This Class

In this class, we will cover the basics of understanding the Minor Arcana so you can better interpret the meaning behind the symbolism. The Minor Arcana is a division of the Tarot system that consists of four suites, each representing one of the four sacred elements of creation – the Wands, the Cups, the Swords and the Pentacles.

While the Major Arcana reveal the mysteries of the Archetypal realm, the Minor Arcana offers practical and spiritual insights for daily, earthly life. It’s for this reason that I’ve chosen to discuss these card meanings first. It will allow new Tarot readers to recognize the symbols used in these cards with ease, as their meanings apply to situations which we all frequently experience.

By the end of this class you will have an introductory level understanding of the sacred elements and their relationship to the four minor arcana suits. As well as, the 10 Sephiroth of the Tree of Life and their numerical correspondence to the symbolism of the minor arcana cards.

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Freelance Writer, Artist and Lifestyle Blogger


Elisha is a freelance writer and lifestyle blogger for modern mystics. Her favorite topics include spirituality, writing/blogging, holistic parenting and heart centered entrepreneurship. 

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1. Welcome!: Hi. Welcome to class. I'm Alicia, and I'm so excited you decided to join me on this journey of gaining a deeper understanding of Tero and my first course of this Siri's learn how to read Tero. I explain the basics for those who are completely new to Tero and aren't sure where to start. If that sounds like you that I invite you to watch that class first so you can begin this lesson with a firm foundation. This is the second class in my terror Siri's, and it's designed for those who are ready to dive a little deeper into the esoteric and exa Terek meanings of the cards themselves. In this class, we will cover the basics of understanding the minor arcana so you can better interpret the meaning behind the symbolism. The minor arcana is a division of the terrorist system that consists of four suits, each representing one of the four sacred elements of creation the ones, the cups, the swords and the pinnacles. While the major arcana revealed the mysteries of the archetypal realm, the minor Arkan offers practical and spiritual insights for daily earthly life. It's for this reason that I've chosen to discuss these card meetings. First, it will allow new terror readers to recognize the symbols used in these cards with ease as their meanings applied to situations which we all frequently experience. By the end of this class, you will have an introductory level understanding of the four sacred elements and their relationship to the four minor arcana suits, as well as the tens of hero of the Tree of Life and the numerical correspondents to the symbolism of the minor arcana cards. 2. The Four Elements: the first important concept to understand when deciphering the cards of the minor arcana are their association with the four sacred elements. The suit of wands corresponds to the element of fire. The swords represent air, the cup suit belongs to the water element and the pinnacle symbolized the Earth element altogether. The minor arcana includes 40 numerical cards as each suit contains a see through 10 and 16 court cards with a pager, princess, Night Queen and king for each element. 3. The Tree of Life: throughout all the tarot classes, I'll be referencing the couple is stick tree of life when describing the esoteric meanings of both the major and minor arcana. So I would like to take just a moment to briefly explain the subzero and their relation to Tero. For students who have not yet encountered this particular iconography on their spiritual path, this specific version of the Tree of Life is derived from the esoteric mysteries of the Judeo Christian Kabbalah. Similar systems, which seek to explain the unfolding of creation and utilisation of divine energy, exist in other cultures as well. Examples include the shockers and the Snake like energy of Kundalini as well as the North eager Zilin the serpent, which the Rounds Mitt guard. However, modern Western her medicines, um, which formed the philosophies that underlie tarot decks, were most familiar with focus primarily on Kabul law and alchemical principles. When creating this unique form of divination. The word kabbalah is Hebrew, and it means tradition, similar to Tero itself, the origin of Kabul, a steeped in mystery. Since ancient times, the esoteric ideology which underlies the tree of life was passed down orally through schools and initiation. Those who have studied Kabbalah have incorporated its mysteries into systems like Tero, Jim Atria and language itself. However, when it comes to Tero in particular, the Sophy Row and the paths which joined them are the basis for interpreting traditional card meanings. The tree of life is normally depicted in a way similar to this. Each Shapiro, or sphere, symbolizes an emanation of the force, which burst our collective reality. The subzero are numbered one through 10 starting at the apex of the tree, it Cather on flowing all the way down to the bottom sphere and Mel hoof altogether. The 10 spheres on the 22 pathways between them are often referred to you as the £32 of wisdom. Antero, the minor arcana, is a representation of the spheres themselves, and the major arcana symbolizes the pathways through which the emanations connect and flow through creation at the top or crown of the tree of life. We have Cather. This level represents divine union with the creator of all. In all chemical terms, it is sometimes referred to as the Mona Antero. It is associated with the aces of the four suits as it depicts the primordial energy that encompasses the potential and ultimate possibility which lies within the power of each divine element. Second, we have hope, MMA, which means wisdom. It could be viewed as the point of recognition which burst the creative force. Whereas Cather is complete union, therefore neither feminine or masculine in nature hope MMA is symbolic of the initial masculine energy which is sometimes referred to as ABBA or the great father Antero. It is the energy depicted by the twos and kings of each suit. The third sphere is called Bina, which also means understanding this energy is feminine in nature and represents the primordial mother figure Emma. It is the receptive or receiving half of the polarity which receives the wisdom from Hope, MMA and further develops it. For the purposes of Tero, we use the threes and queens of each suit to embody this principle. The fourth sphere is chess. It also called mercy. It is the first emanation to fall from the Super Nall trio to the world of formation. Kassid represents the primary energies of creation. Within it lies the power to produce life in the universe. But it can also exact total destruction when unbridled entero. She is represented by the force of the minor arcana. Ghabra is the fifth set. Fero, his name implies severity as well as the concept of fear and justice is the structure which controls the flow of chaotic forces he sometimes portrayed as a masculine warrior. As one who defends his people from the unknown or uncontrollable elements of life. Therefore, he can restore order and harmony following a time of great upheaval and instability. When unchecked, this force can transform from protective too tyrannical, his fear symbolized by the fives of each suit of cards. The six fear too, fear if emanates beauty and is the Lord of Knowledge. Unlike the previous four spheres to fear, it sits on the middle pillar. Therefore, it exemplifies the balancing of the forces from above. The subzero is frequently compared to the philosophical and physical manifestation of the king, the divine son or the sacrificial God. As he was placed on the trunk of the Tree of life at the center of the crossed paths. Antero, he's represented by both the sixes and the princes were nights depending on the deck. Next we arrive and net saw the seven sphere on the tree. Her name depicts the concept of victory or perseverance as she is the first sphere to descend into the realm of the astral plane. She represents the power of creativity and its effect on the world of thought in mind. Here lies the receptive forces of emotions, instincts, desires, intuition and the collective mind of men. One at aspect of Net saw offers the life giving energy of love, beauty and sexual desire while also providing potential to experience negative emotions like hate, anger and jealousy. She is symbolized by the sevens of the terroristic Hold the eighth sphere as a lower reflection of his ID. The name means glory, and it is a representation of the type of intellectual thought, which offers rationality and organizational abilities. It corresponds with language, communication, writing, ritual and magic. It is represented in Tero through the eighths. On the ninth position, we find your sowed, whose name means foundation. It could be most easily described in modern terms as the matrix or program, which underlies the forms of creation. Some also referred to the concept of Akasha, or that which generates from the astral plane. It also acts is a transmitter which connects us with the higher worlds and with one another . The moon is also closely aligned with this safiro Antero. It corresponds to the nines of the minor arcana, and finally we reached the bottom 10th position, which is rolled by Mel CUF or the kingdom. It is the manifested form of third dimensional material objects. It's associated with the earth itself, the realm of humans, animals, plants and minerals. Also known as terra firma and alchemical terms. It is the point where all the kinetic forces of the super Nall, angelic and astral currents finally find a place to rest. It represents the culmination of energetic forces, which is why it is represented by the tens cards in the terrorist system. Keep in mind that the Tree of Life and the subzero are very complex topics. Please don't take this little bit of information I have provided and allow it to be the end of your knowledge on the matter. I've only given enough to provide a firm foundation for reading tarot cards, but one could study the system for lifetimes and still not understand its fullness. If you want to further develop your terror reading skills for spiritual purposes, then I definitely recommend a further in depth study of Kabbalah in tandem with your Tero practice 4. Class Project: Now that we've introduced the fundamental foundations of the minor arcana, it's time to introduce the class project. For this lesson, we will be performing a tree of life spread. First, choose a problem or issue that you need clarity on if you're having a problem moving forward or understanding recurring trouble in your life. This reading can give you a sense of direction so you can better align with your higher potential. Shuffle your tarot deck and place the cards and the locations of the severe Oh, for the first position will start in the hoof. On this card will represent your current state of being the issue at hand and how you are being affected by the world around you. The second position will represent you sewed or the unconscious energy, which underlies your problem. Third, we have hold, and this card will symbolize the thoughts that are causing your issue. The fourth card will embody knit sock or the emotions and feelings which surround your question or problem when we get to the fifth position too far. If we began our ascent towards clarity of direction, this card will provide guidance on which direction to move toward to find alignment with your greater purpose or higher power card. Number six is give Arra and it will explain what kind of challenges or limitations you will come across that will actually help bring you closer to your goals by submitting to it has it is card number seven, and this will help determine which moral truth is necessary to understand in order to reach the goal you desire. Number eight is beena and it will tell you which kind of psychological breakthrough is needed to move forward from a point of confusion or stagnation. The ninth card is Hope MMA, and it represents the final action which is necessary to realize your desire. Finally, we reached the 10th position of Cather, which will reveal what will be achieved once your goal is actualized. To complete the lesson project, take a picture of your reading and summarize with this card reading means for your unique situation 5. Congratulations!: Congratulations. You've reached the end of the intro to the minor arcana class on skill share. So far, we've learned how the four elements and the Tree of Life form the basic foundation for interpreting all 78 of the major and minor arcana cards and the next class. We will utilize this knowledge to understand the meetings of each individual card in the fiery one suit. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey through Tero. I hope you enjoy this class and I look forward to meeting you again in future courses on skill share.