Intro to iMovie 2019: Learn the Basics of iMovie

Alli Saunders, Filmmaker. Youtuber. Business Owner

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14 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. About Instructor and This iMovie Course short course

    • 2. How to Download iMovie if You Don't Already Have it

    • 3. Let's Open iMovie and Learn How to Make Events

    • 4. Backgrounds and Animated Maps

    • 5. Titles and Fonts and Backgrounds Oh My!

    • 6. Bringing Footage Onto Timeline

    • 7. iMovie Effects Color Correction

    • 8. iMovie Effects The Many Ways to Use The Cropping Tool

    • 9. iMovie Effects Camera Stabilizer

    • 10. iMovie Effects Record Voice

    • 11. iMovie Effects Speed and Your Footage

    • 12. How to Use the Green Screen Effect

    • 13. More Fun Editing Effects Using the Overlay Tool

    • 14. Bonus How to Save Projects and Export a Video


About This Class

This iMovie Course is going to teach you the Basics of iMovie!  

You Will Learn How to:

-Download iMovie if you don't already have it

-How to create a Movie/Video Editing Project

-How to access photos/music within iMovie

-How to use Events and Name an Event

-How to Use the iMovie Library

-How to Find and Edit Royalty Free Music and footage

-How to Work with and Customize Backgrounds, Transitions and Titles

-How to use Animated Maps and add your own travel destinations in them

-How to import footage and other media into iMovie

-How to create in and out points in your raw footage

-How to color correct footage

-How to change the color temperature of your footage

-How to crop footage or photos and use the Ken Burns effect

-How to use overlay effects

-How to stabilize shaky footage

-How to speed up or slow mo footage and reverse footage

-How to record your own voice in iMovie

-How to flip your footage

-How to make bad audio sound better

-How to Work with Green Screen

-And so much more!!!