Intro to colored pencils: Watercolor pencil techniques

Kate Amedeo, Artist & Illustrator

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17 Videos (1h 41m)
    • Intro to watersoluble pencils

    • Art supplies

    • Paper for watercolor colored pencils

    • Erasers and colored pencils

    • How to create highlights

    • Sharpening colored pencils

    • Dry colored pencil techniques

    • Watercolor pencil techniques 1

    • Watercolor pencil techniques 2

    • Watercolor pencil techniques 3

    • Watercolor pencil techniques 4

    • Watercolor pencil techniques 5

    • Watercolor pencil techniques 6

    • Watercolor pencil techniques 7

    • Color wheel

    • Watercolor pencils tutorial: Sphere

    • Watercolor pencils tutorial: Butterfly

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About This Class

Learn how to paint using water-soluble colored pencils in your art for stunning effects. In this class, I will demonstrate various water-soluble pencil techniques that make this medium so unique and versatile, from dry pencil layering to different wet applications and stunning effects, for beautiful colors and vibrant results that combine the best of water media with colored pencil textures!

We will be creating a color wheel and I will guide you step-by-step through two tutorials, a sphere where we will learn how to create shadows and light, and a butterfly where you will learn to create a beautiful contrast to make the painting pop.

If you'd like to explore watercolor pencils further, here is my other class Colored pencils: Blue Morpho butterfly paint-along with watercolor pencils!

Have fun drawing and painting! :)


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Very thoroughly gives you a step-by-step overview of watercolour pencils, what they are, how they work, different techniques to use them, paper selection for your work, simple color theory and color mixing, and 2 exercises for completing a composition. Highly recommend for the absolute beginner :)
Amaya Rourke

It's Never too Late to Start!

from basics to butterflies in simple explanations :)
Claudia Niño de Zepeda

learning my way through life :)

Love how detailed the class is! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!





Kate Amedeo

Artist & Illustrator

Hi there! I'm Kate and I am an artist and an illustrator (and a mom of a wonderful 2-year-old). I live and work in Cornwall, UK. 

When I was very young I went to art school but did not finish it as I got really tired of everyone telling me what 'the right way' to do things is. I believe that in art there is no right or wrong :)

I returned to drawing and then painting after I started having problems with my health. Right after I gave birth to my daughter I was in pai...

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