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Intro to Youtube & Skillshare Thumbnail Making | PicMonkey Tutorial

teacher avatar Amy Norton, Freelance Writer & Productivity Whiz

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Intro to PicMonkey - Thumbnail Basics

    • 2. Thumbnail Speed Tutorial & Demo

    • 3. Product Centric Thumbnail

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About This Class

Welcome to this PicMonkey Tutorial class! In this video, I am taking you along with me as make 3 different Youtube Thumbnails for my channel. I typically batch 3-5 thumbnails in one sitting instead of doing one everytime I prepare to upload a video. I upload 5 videos a week and making all of the thumbnails or most of them in one sitting greatly speeds up my process!

The first section of this class is a basic overview of how I edit my Youtube Thumbnails in Picmonkey - exposure, contrast, text, basic edits on a person (whitening teeth, airbrushing small parts of the face, and shine reduction), text size, font choice, and placement. 

The second part of this class is a much faster version of the first thumbnail. This section is great for seeing a more realistic speed for creating thumbnails once you've gotten the process down a bit more! :)

The last section is a quick tutorial on how I make a Youtube thumbnail featuring four product shots! This is quick and easy but really eye catching. I use this basic thumbnail template for my Shop My Stash series and this creates a uniform look for that series! 

I hope you enjoyed this PicMonkey Thumbnail tutorial and demo! It was a sort of spontaneous video that I thought might be useful for anyone who makes Youtube or Skillshare classes. Quick and easy tips! 

Thanks for watching and don't forget to check out my other classes and Youtube channel! - Amy

See other thumbnails I have created on my Youtube Channel, MissAmyxo! Links in my bio! 

Meet Your Teacher

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Amy Norton

Freelance Writer & Productivity Whiz


Hello there! I'm Amy and I'm so glad you've stumbled on this page. I am really excited to be sharing videos here on Skillshare and Youtube. I am very passionate about being as productive and creative as I can be. On Skillshare, I am sharing videos about different productivity techniques that I have studied and had success with as well as writing, freelance, and entrepreneurial tips that have helped me as I build my writing business. I love to use my time to the very best of my ability and I love trying new practices to stretch my time out. When I find things that work I am so excited to share them with you, so I hope you will check out my classes and let me know what you think!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and have a fantastic day! 

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1. Intro to PicMonkey - Thumbnail Basics: Hello and welcome to another. Still share class. Today is going to be how I make my thumbnails for YouTube videos as well. Still share videos. Honestly, I do use the same technique. I am going to take you through pick monkey with me today as I go through and make a couple of my YouTube thumbnails. I always like to do these in batches, cause I feel like it is more efficient. You get more done your already in the mood of having photos, so I kind of do them all in one batch. So let's go ahead and start. I recommend starting with the collage, and then I'll go to a computer, Okay? And so for the first video, I'm gonna edit this video, have on hair products, gonna go ahead and import those files. And if you didn't get them all in one batch, go ahead and go add images computer, and we're gonna go to get those last two right here. Okay? And so for thumbnail sizing for YouTube, you want to set it at 12. 87 20. You go ahead and click this little lock here and unlock it so won't make it the same proportions. It will let you edit it however you want. And for this one, I'm gonna only have this one picture of myself. So I'm gonna go ahead and close out of the so it's just one photo. So now I'm gonna go through, and we're gonna look at each photo and pick which one I think is the best for the thumbnail . So let's go ahead and just take a look at the, um we have that one. That one's a little too like shiny looking. So far. I'm kind of liking this one the best. I'm gonna go through and start Xing out of ones. That one's pretty good. That one's better. So with X that one out, that one the my fingers and that is just too distracting. So we're gonna get rid of that one. And in this one, I'm covering up some of the wording on this here, so we'll get rid of that. Okay, so we're down, Teoh. Two photos. We have this one here and that one. So I'm looking at the eyes to see which one I think is a little bit better. So we're gonna go ahead with the front picture here. I think that one just looks better. Um, I always go and hit this little pen here. And I, like Teoh up the exposure just a bit so that it is a little bit brighter looking, and then you can adjust the sizing if you want to move it around. In my case, I'm planning on putting, like, text appear. So this is pretty good how it is. Let's see. So if I move it just a little bit that way, you can still see the products and me, and then I'm gonna put the wording over here on then I like to go through hit this little paint easel here, and you can change the border. I don't like to make my like this. Think. I think it's just a little a little much. I usually go around this thickness here, which is about 16 and then I like to match the color to like, a product or something I'm wearing, or like, my eye shadow. So in this case, I'm gonna go ahead and take that purple color here and use that because that's just pretty . It's vibrant. I think it looks nice against the silver then we're gonna send editor. When you do this, it's gonna give you a warning. But make sure that your sizing and the border is how you want it. Because you cannot go back once you go to the editor. So just make sure you like how it looks and we're gonna go. Editor. First off, we're gonna edit the photo some or so I like to go to the basic medic. Edits up here. You can do auto adjust. I find that it does. It increases the contrast really nicely, but it makes it a little darker. So I go Teoh colors again, and I go ahead our exposure. I'm sorry. And I brightened up a little bit more because you really wanted to pop. Um, using this little bar here, you could make it smaller, Bigger? I like to make it this small because that's how small it's gonna be on someone's like cellphone when they're browsing or one of the on this side bar. So you really want to make sure everything is clear and readable from a very small size. Otherwise, it's just you're not gonna tell what is. Some people put like a paragraph of words almost on their thumbnails. And you just you can't read it very well. It looks very busy. It's too much. In my opinion, this is just what I found his work, but with my videos. Okay, so we have this edited, I'm gonna go ahead. I always like to brighten my teeth. I don't think there, you know, terrible yellow or anything, but it just makes everything brighter and clearer again. So I like to go to the touch up option here and teeth Whiten, and we're gonna go ahead and just zoom into my teeth. This is kind of slightly awkward, but, hey, you know someone who hadn't just clean my teeth up a little bit So they're a little bit brighter looking, I think. Now, if you zoom out, this looks kind of to me, it looks a little too white, almost two fake. So I go to fade here. So this is what originally Waas. That's what it is like completely white. And so I like to kind of go in the middle, so it's brighter, but not is like over the top looking like it's edited. You know, the next thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and sharpen the image because if you zoom out and you sharpen it, everything looks crisp. Or now this is if you go to the extreme. As you can see, this makes the backdrop that I have looked very like grainy. And I look like you can see every little line every little like piece of hair that that'll place when you sharpen it that much. So I like to sharpen it. Maybe just a tad it like it goes up to 40 Val D like an eight, so just a little bit sharper. So the words on here a little bit crisper, but it's not over the top sharp where every little grain you can see on anything you know, another thing to consider when you are doing the YouTube thumbnails. Anyways, is that the YouTube thumbnail in this corner here? You're going to have the time of how long your video is when it's uploaded to YouTube. So make sure you don't put anything too important right here in this corner because it will be covered by that little silver square saying how long the video is, just so many consider. So next we're gonna go and add text. I like to keep with the same color scheme. So again, I'm going to go in with this like dark purple. This like light purple. And this particular video is a quick video on top three, like hair favorites right now. So, usually your title is gonna be a lot longer than what you want to put in cheer. Thumbnail. So, for example, the title for this video, it's part of my three minute choose a serious. So it's gonna be something like top three current hair favorites three minute Tuesday. So that's really long. That's a lot of words. I don't want to try to squeeze that into my thumbnail because you really want your actual picture to be the focus. You know, a smiling person holding the product a close up of something beautiful, that sort of thing. So I'm gonna just to go ahead and use the two words Hare favorites, and that's going to get across what the videos about its hair products I like. But it's not that entire long title. I get a little bit overwhelming, so I have text here. I like to stick with some of the same thoughts. These are some of the ones that I use a lot. As you can see, this is my recent. But go ahead and play around with what kind of wants you like what fits in with your theme , your channel, that sort of thing. The handwriting ones I love. They're so beautiful. But a lot of times for thumbnails. Avoid them at least the ones that are very like very cursive. E because it's hard to read. So let's let's show you an example here. That's his hair, right? So I leave it here. Let's put this over here. Let's make it whites. You can see it even if you make this quite a bit larger. It's not super readable. Like if you zoom out, can you read what that says? I personally can't tell what that says, and people are not gonna take three minutes to try to read your thumb. Now you have a very little window to catch their attention with the thumbnail and to convey with the videos about, so don't waste it with super over the top like fancy fonts that people can't read. Just a quick tip on that. So anyways, let's go ahead and go back to some of the funds that I personally like. I I was playing around. So somebody's action ones, I don't use what is or is the one I really like. I like to use this one here. I think this is pretty. It has a little bit of a style to it, but it's still it's still kind of readable, you know, it's a lot clearer to read, you know, like you can read that quite a bit better. Of course it's white right now, it's point out the easiest to read, but it's much clearer. There's not as much like frill with the text, so I'm personally like I also love this Chunk five. I think it's very bold. It's strong, so I'm gonna use that for this. One is just easy to read. It has a little bit of Sarah's on it, so that makes it easier to read as well, especially one of the tinier like problems that you're using. So we're gonna go ahead and do hair. It's probably a little big, but we'll play around with it and then favorites. Sometimes I like to contrast with another funt. I think favorites and like a cursive is kind of pretty. But again, it can be hard to read, so you kind of play with it. Let's see what this looks like. See what this one. I think it's a beautiful fought, but the F is very a little more like stylistic. It's not as easy to read if you're just glancing at it. But like this rancho one here, you might be able that one kind of hasn't I style to it, but it's a lot easier to read. It's like it's more simple. So that's what I might use, actually, and let's go and change this back to something a little more like that one's kind of, ah, crazy fun. That's a little hard to read. Even that one is easier to read. I think I like this good dog a lot. I feel like it has, like, a kind of a curse. Avi look to it, but it's still a little more readable. Not my favorite, but more readable. Let's go back to Chunk file. I really like that one is just It's just easier to read. I think so. Let's see if Iran I don't want to block the product here. But I do want this to be quite readable, you know, sometimes only to kind of stagger my phones like this. So it's kind of pretty. And even with this, I'm actually gonna shorten this to faves because again it gets across the point. But it's easier to its shorter, so it's gonna be easier to work with. I actually like that, Friend says. I think that looks nice. Let's go right change it to that, too. Let's see. I kind of was a nice look to it. I think it's just kind of a little more casual looking, but it's not as hard to read. Make this a little smaller just a little bit. Make sure you know it's not hitting the border of your picture either, cause I could look a little off and that might be pretty good, because it's not really blocking this product. But I like to do to make these pop more as I go to overlays and go to the geometric one and pick me like rectangle here and I will make that about just about the same size as the wording. Then you wanna left click on it and send backwards some that are sent to the back that works better. And that gives you a nice like background just to the text, so it really pops more so. I do that to each one here and they will play around with the colors to see what's going to make it look better. So send to the back again here and there you go. And then you can go ahead and, um, adjust the size of the box as well if you need to. But it's just a little long and this one just a little tall as well. Some of their shorten it just so it's concise, okay? And in this case, it's blocking this bottle a little more than I'd like. So we're gonna go ahead and play around with the movement again. You'll get you're gonna get faster and better. This as you go, I like to again. I like to batch them cause I feel like it's gonna be faster and you're in the mood so you get more done. I think that's personally what works for me. Just a little wonky here. See, say like that. And I think even when you zoom this out you you can still read it. I can still read about this size, so I think it's a better opportunity versus if I make this back into something very like stylistic like even this one here. It's so thin that I find it a little harder to read. So I like to bold my text because I do think, find that it just looks a little bit cleaner. I'll move this just a little bit over a lot of little adjustments, and then you'll end up with something really nice. There goes. So I think that just looks nice. You can read it color wise. I'm gonna go in. Tweet this. I want a little more color. So CIA had a nice purple in here. Maybe will make that a little darker. That kind of matches the bottle, and then maybe this like a light purple e shades. I think that kind of matches the whole look a little bit better, and then I like to throw in. My channel is you know, it's more fun, its beauty related. It's nothing super serious. So I like to throw in like a little heart, a star or something like that, to give it a little something extra. Just makes it pretty. It gives it a little something that one's a little distracting to me, but something like that's kind of nice. Um, go ahead. I'm gonna match again. The color you could use a little dropper here, which is really nice, because that will help you to match what it is you're doing here. So you can just, like fun. You could do something like that. It just gives it a little something extra. You know, that one I don't like as much can't see it. So we're going to get rid of that again. It's a lot about playing. Um, but I think I'm just gonna end up with a simple little heart here. And let's go ahead and match that again with the dropper to this here. That's just gonna give it Just a little touch there on my on a black Don't see. There you go. That's nice. Good. So just a little outline. I think that looks nice. Um, yeah. So, again, if you're really going in, I don't edit my face usually, unless there's unless I have a real blemish or something. But what of reason in this picture of my under islands Look a little bit crazy. It looks like my concealer was a little messed up. So I'm gonna go back to touch ups and Air Rush. You do not want to use this all over your face, and it makes you look very crazy. But using it just a little bit around here can really add something. Almost looks a little crazy right here. You know, I also like to take the teeth whitener, and sometimes I will white in my eyes with it a little bit too. So they look just again a little bit brighter. There's nothing wrong with the way like my eyes are like in terms of whiteness, but in pictures you want to make everything pop. So again, I'm just going in with the teeth whitener on that and we're gonna edit that so it's just a little bit brighter, and it's going to make the eyes pop just a little bit more, you know, Let's see how that looks. So that's what they were. And enough time they are edited it. It's a very small change, but I think it looks a little bit brighter. Um, Lastly, I'm actually going to go in. I found that I really like this shine reduce product because I personally have oily skin and under bright lights that I used to film. It can make you look a little crazy. So we're just going to go in just the touch on the nose area here, cause this is just very shiny again. If you use this like in a lot of places on your face, it looks very fake. But I'm just gonna use it a few little spots. Justo, help with the shine. No, there we go. So, um lastly, I like to sometimes take a, uh, effect. I like this or time effect best if you do it a lot. It looks it makes it, um it adds this effect called bloom, which makes everything a little bit fog year. And it kind of defeats the purpose off the sharpen that we used earlier. But if you use it with a very light hand, I find that it just softens everything enough where it looks pretty if you go all the way, it looks very like glowing and stuff. And you want things to be sharpen your picture so people can see what they are. I like to bring down the bloom effect and there we go. So that is my finished thumbnail right now. I really like it. If you zoom in and out, you can still read it. For the most part, I feel like it's still clear. I have Ah, pretty nice picture of myself smiling. I think I look pretty inviting, so that's hardly to edit. Then you just go to export here and you can pick which quality you want. I find the pierced the medium One gives me a really good HD thumbnail. This one's a really large file, the Sean. So I go in with the Pierce and then just go ahead and rename your title. I always like to add the year, sometimes the month as well. That way I can organize my thumbnails better. Okay, so that's example Number one. I kind of went over the basics in this next example, I'm gonna show you a faster look 2. Thumbnail Speed Tutorial & Demo: Alright, guys. So example number two. We're going in again. Collage with pic monkey. I'm gonna go ahead and import all of my photos so we can take a look at that. And let's go ahead. And the other pictures I always like to take Probably, I don't know, like anywhere from, like 4 to 7 images. Usually that way, if you know, a couple of them didn't turn out well or the glares Weird. Make sure to unlock and change your size to 12. 80 times 7 20 for the YouTube size. And again that this is gonna just be a single picture. So I'm gonna exit out of a square. So it's just one picture, and I'm gonna go ahead and go through a quick see what picture I like the best. That one I don't like is much. That one looks a little more happy, but I feel like I'm not looking right at the camera. That one's a little awkward looking, I think this one I really like, I think smiles nice. I'm looking directly camera. You can see the products they're facing forward. Although I'm did mistakenly hold but upside down. But hopefully no one will notice that in the actual thumbnail, that one's also pretty good. That was pretty good. So the 1st 3 were kind of awkward. So down those. I like this one, but I like like that one. I think I like that one The best. It's centered. I'm smiling. I'm looking at the camera. So we're gonna go ahead and go with this picture again. We're gonna raise the exposure by a bit. We can edit that more on the editor, but I like to have just raise it a bit at the beginning, and we're going in to our easel background here. We're gonna make the border a little thinner on this one. I think I'm gonna go with the pink that I'm wearing on my lips. So I'm using a selector to kind of pick that color out, and then I'm gonna a just a little bit. I usually go with more bright colors, collector, like they do catch your attention. So all views this here to brighten the border a little bit. Oh, and in this corner, I just noticed you can see a little bit of my wall, so I'm actually going to go in and make the size just a little bit bigger, so I can kind of get rid of that. There we go. Okay, so that's just the basic at at the beginning. Now we're going to editor again. Make sure you like the border and the the placement of the picture, because you can't change that one to go toe editor. We're gonna go ahead and go into the basic ethics auto adjust that's going to raise the contrast. It actually did brighten up this picture. So I'm gonna leave the exposure alone this time. And now I am smiling with my teeth open. So again, we're going to go ahead and touch up my teeth again. If you're anything pictures of yourself don't feel bad if your teeth look crazy and a picture you Your teeth probably look really good in the video, but pictures can kind of bring out the worst in our chief and future sometimes. So I'm just going in with the teeth whitener really quick. We're gonna brighten that up so everything looks even shiny. Er, in this picture and again, I don't like to do it 100%. It looks a little fake to me. so that was the original. We're going to go about, like, half way. I think that still looks like reasonable. Um, next I like, I feel like in this picture, my face looks a little bit softer than the previous picture where I was smiling. Maybe a little too much. So all my face features I like, I think it looks good. So we're gonna leave it at that and let's go ahead and go into our text. So this picture here is a thumb meal for my video. 10 things I'd buy first if my makeup disappeared. So as we discussed, you do no want to have, like, full sentences of text on your the mail. Unless that's like your entire thumbnail. Perhaps. But if you have like a picture like this, you probably don't want an entire sentence of texts is going to be very difficult to read, which is not fun. So I'm gonna will you want to do is you want to think about how you can shorten your title . So I'm thinking with this I could do something like what I would buy. First, my makeup disappeared. 10 things, because even if you just put 10 things on this end, words that's still going to catch his attention cause it's like, 0 10 things. What? And they're going to glance at the title and be like, 0 10 things I'd buy first if my makeup disappeared. So I think that's what I'm gonna try out first, let's go ahead and go 10 things again. I'm going for my favorite fonts. The Chunk five. Just my favorite. I also think it looks really good with numbers when you're typing them out. They just look very clean. So So I'm gonna go and play around with this. Let's make it white for now so we can see it. We're playing so 10. So I'm thinking about doing 10 here and then, like things here and that. I think that's enough to kind of catch the attention. So let's see how that looks. Or in this case, I actually I could do things because that's what my title will say. Or I could do something like 10 products cause that might catch some of the tension, too. So I think that's what I'm actually gonna do. We're gonna go to 10 products so they know that I'm talking about makeup products, so it might be a little Let's see how we play with us. Let's play around with the sizing again, something like I actually really like. So I'm gonna go ahead and go in again. This is just my personal style, but I really like to add that little box behind the text because it makes it just popped more. You can read it more easily because it doesn't. It just has a solid background. So again, left, click and send to back. I think that makes it look really neat and then kind of adjust it to the size of your text . So it's a nice, like crisp boxes. How it kind of like or you could make it look a little bit longer. That makes it look kind of Ah, interesting, I think. Let's try that makes it look cleans. I like that. I think I'm gonna make a little taller cause it's cutting it off. Just a touch. There we go. 10 products. I got a little bit longer and sent to the back so that your text will go on top of it. And it's just a little short for this guy. See, if you can squeeze it, we'll probably to make this a hair tinier so doesn't cut off part of my face. Okay, so that's what we have right now. 10 products again. I think that's kind of eye catching. You don't have an entire, like, three sentences on your thumbnail, which makes it hard to read. And again, we don't have anything important in this corner where the time stamp is going to be. So I like that. I'm looking I'm gonna look at now is if I want to change like the color of anything, I think I'm gonna stick with white. Well, I kind of like that color. Let's see if I can make it kind of match the border again. I like matching. I think it really looks striking. So I like that. I think it's 10 products. Looks nice. Let's see if I want to add a little bit of that effect. I like sometimes that does look really nice, but I do like this picture a little bit better than the other one. So, as you can see, if you do it at a strong amount, it does make it look kind of blurry. So Let's try to a small, just a hair of its It does add a little bit of a nicer contrast, and I'm gonna go and apply that. And that is the next time you're right there really quick and easy. Not difficult. Um, now that I know have a rhythm down. I have. Once you've done thumbnails for a while, you have text that you like. You have different fonts that you know you like. You'll have maybe an emoji or logo on your thumbnail that you like that. You know, you add to everything and you'll get really quick at doing it that way. So we're just gonna go ahead and save our thumbnail. I like to have a little folder on my computer for all the thumbnails. 3. Product Centric Thumbnail: Okay, so lastly, I'm gonna show you a different type of thumb now, one that's product based versus having your base on it. So I'm gonna import the photos. This is for a shop. My stash makeup, video. So what I like to do, I personally like to do a four pan, uh, thumbnail, So again, make your thumbnail 12. 80 by 7 20 And in this one, we're actually gonna keep these squares because we're gonna use them all. So going ahead, you can add another square by driving this here and then we're gonna go ahead and take thes Oh, what, and just kind of play with the placement. So I like how those are important. You want to make sure you re size any of these photos or move them around How you want before you go to the editor again. So I'm gonna increase the exposure a little bit, and then we're going to just go ahead and zoom in on a couple of these so they're a little bit closer, Teoh, where I want them to be Soon that and you want to make sure when you have multiple pictures that the exposure is roughly the same with every picture because you don't want it to look , you know, like ones really dark ones really light. So make sure you have a the exposure around the same. I didn't go higher than 20 on any of these, so I like that he looks clear. And then again, I'm gonna go in with the border. I'm gonna make it a little bit then our cause this is a little bit much. And with this one, because there's so much color going on with all four of these pictures, I'd just like to leave it with a crisp white border, cause I think that just looks cleaner. Looks better, in my opinion. Okay. So in this one, of course, we don't have to white my teeth or anything like that. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna go to the basic touch. I like to auto adjust again. A really increase the exposure with this. As you can see, everything looks a little bit deeper. It made a little too dark for my taste. I'm gonna go into exposure and just manually brighten it just a little bit. And I think that looks really nice. I think when you zoom out, everything is still bright and you can kind of catches the eye, which is the goal. So let's go ahead and just add that next. This is going to be a little bit simpler cause I don't have to, you know, any touch ups to my face, Nothing like that. Um, and what I like to do personally for this is I like to put shot my sash right in the middle here cause it is a Siris on my channel. So I don't need to be super specific. Just a quick shop. I don't know what happened with the text for their shop, my stash, and we're gonna put that right in the middle here I m and ad instead of a black box. I'm at a white box that's gonna play off of the border. So let's see what we can get away with on this turn that will keep that black. Let's add that white box, see what we're playing with here, and we're going to change the color of that two white, and we're going to make that kind of center box. And I think it looks nice because it looks kind of part of the border and we'll send to the back, and that's just quick and easy. This is one of my favorite thumbnails medics. I do the same style every time where I pick four products for screenshots from the video with products. And it looks fun. And, you know, you zoom out and you see these nice, like, fun, colorful makeup products. Of course, if you're not into makeup, it would interest you. But if you aren't a makeup, you might be like, Oh, I love that it looks pretty. What is that product? So I like it just simple. It's very easy. This is my my easiest thumbnail at it by far. So we're just gonna go ahead and export that right away. Okay, guys, thank you so much for sticking through. Watching all three of my thumbnail examples. I hope you learned some basic tips. Tricks. In summary, I would check a few things. Make sure a that your photos are bright and clear that you can see what it is that you're trying. Teoh convey, Like in this picture. I'm trying to show you that I'm looking at a bunch for my makeup products. make sure that your text is readable. It's clear. Make sure the color is not too light or too dark against whatever backdrop or text box that you want to use. Make sure you could read it, so make sure there's some contrast. As you might notice, I use black against white in this one. My other thumbnails. I used like a dark pink against black, so that popped really well. Um, And again, make sure everything's right. Make sure nothing important is in this corner because there will be a little text box. Let me show you. So see, over here. This is my videos. Of course. I haven't added thumbnail some of these air private it. But if you see here with all my thumbnails, you can see that there is this text box right there that has the how the length of the video and it So that's why I make sure to never have text in that corner because you don't want it to be cut off so that someone can't read it. But as you can see, I use the same kind of flaw in most of these I have like I place I have about five different bonds. That kind of cycle between the chunk five is my favorite. I think it's much easier to read. And as you can see, I do use the text box and a lot of these and I again, it just makes it a lot easier to read. In my opinion, um, as you can see, I use that for box style quite a bit. This was like a nice shown a collection video. That's my last shot, my stash again. And it's a nice little four pan, and you can kind of say some of the stuff I'm picking out. So yeah, so that's my quick overview of Ah, thumbnail how I edit my thumbnails again. I suggest matching your thumbnails if you can, because, like, I just did three thumbnails right now in less than 20 minutes. At this point, I've been filming for 34 minutes, but if I wasn't talking, it would take me about 20 minutes to do three thumbnails, which isn't that bad. That really batches my thumbnail so usually all sit down and it for five at a time, cause I do a flood five videos a week so that just really speeds up the process time and you'll get very quick and using the same funds, which kind of creates a nice uniform. Look when someone's looking at your channel or your skill share classes and seeing that everything kind of has a similar look to it where it's interesting, it's engaging. But you have similar funds may be similar color scheme, that sort of thing. So thank you for sticking through this class. Leave me any comments done below with any questions you have, or any tips and tricks you have for editing them. No pictures. I would love to hear it for the class project. Go ahead and just upload a picture of a favorite thumbnail that you've edited. And go ahead and share your thoughts on the process. Did you find it easy? Did you find a specific font that you like? Did you find a color you like to use? Just leave your thoughts and any thumbnail pictures and the projects down below, and thank you so much for watching. Don't forget to check out my other classes and have a great rest of your day