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Intro to WordPress (for beginners) - Part 1

teacher avatar Sehan Hasan ✪, Graphics & Web Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Intro to WordPress 1

    • 2. Intro to WordPress 2

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About This Class


Hi, thank you for checking out this class. In this basic class I will teach you the fundamentals of wordpress to get you started.

Here's what we will cover (assuming that you already have a domain name and hosting purchased):

1. Installing a copy of wordpress on your domain

2. Login to your website admin panel

3. A quick overview of available functions

Any questions are welcomed. Thank you!

Meet Your Teacher

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Sehan Hasan ✪

Graphics & Web Designer


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1. Intro to WordPress 1: what press is a great tool to build and create websites with In this is culture class, we're gonna take a look at how we can use the power of what press to create amazing and professional looking websites. In no time, even if you don't know how to write a single line of code, we will start it from the very basics. I will show you how you can install a copy of WordPress from your hosting to your domain. And then we will move over to our domain and then log in to our WordPress, beckoned and see what we can do from there. So let's start off from the from our hosting. So this is a hosting. 2. Intro to WordPress 2: So let's start off from the from our hosting. So this is a hosting back end from Have a skater dot com and now I will scroll down to find quick install. Just click on Gregan stole and it will take us to the next page where we've been reveals like the domain name on which we want to and still are. What? Chris Copy. Now here it has different options available, but we'll just pick what press. And now it asked both due to select the domain Buell's like domain and Portugal Academy. This is the testament that I purses. Who is this pic of any dairy tree and then next. Okay, so as as you can see that a what presidents tradition hasn't completed and these air our credentials. So the what perception is told to this story tree. Now, if I just click on it, it will take. But before I should call be the passport to so we can log in and click on this button to to go to the logon page for what press. So I'll just type a our user name with his test and the past birth that we copied from the previous page and then click on Logan. All right, so this is the back end or the admin Bennell for our WordPress website. And if you want to just take a quick look at how the website looks. All right. Now, I will just click here and then move to the new type, so Yeah. So, as you can see, this is our rep start. There's a current look out off the website. We will, um, see in later radios how weaken stole public in Percy's a theme and then customize our website. But for this class, we will just go through different options available in the WordPress beckoned so we can get it started with it. So, as you can see, this is the site panel where we have got all of the all of the options available. And right now, what person welcomes as with with his welcome pace and it assets? What kind of website that we're going to build as we mentioned earlier, that we can create any kind of website with what is whether it is going to be personal use or for business are for client. So I don't need any help right now. with this with the with this pace, so I will just click on it. I don't need any help. Okay, so this is the dashboard. It's has different announcements because we will just keep them for now and move on to of these settings. And, General, the first thing that we need to do is to add a website name. Okay, so this is legit. And the general setting stop. And here the site title. This is very important because I m that the title of your riverside will go here. So this edited to say website title And this is gonna be the tagline tank line. It goes here now, the rest of thing, we don't need to change anything and just go all the way down and click on save settings. Safe changes, it'll teens. It will save the changes. And now Okay, so So this was the first thing that we needed to do because to add a website title and the tagline. Okay, now, the next thing we can take a look at is the themes. So go to the appearance and then themes. Currently we have on this These this is these are the default available themes that what press comes with. But we can always add her themes. We can all the purchase theme the's on if I just show you the premium available themes for WordPress. So So here's a list for a different available themes, as you can see that these air very highly professional themes and will with this for 60 bucks around. But for now, for the sake of this class will use be available 2016 theme. So once again held moved to finance panel and this is a currently theme that is activated on my website. And now if I want to add a page of this, go to the pages. Click on Add Neil. And here I will just type any piece title based title is here. Now, this is the area where we can tie or where we can head the text. So how this copy is simple takes Okay, so this is a sample types that I copied. And also, as you can see, that this is the maze, you can also have the majors. The text has been entered. You can just click on publish. It will publish a pays for you and you will get a notification that your pace has Hasn't published. You can read the page by clicking here. So this is how your first page would look like. Now, if I once again want to go back to our dash boat, this click right here. Now that we have seen the imposed, we have it for our first page here in the media type, we can add pictures of radios, audiophiles, any file that we want to at into our posed or or maybe Senatore users for Dollard. So this is the area that comes handy when when you need to add in mazes in bull comity or or or or even a single amazing and upload their. And it says old media ties could be made audio video or or anything. Now, now we have added the first page. You can see that the this is the sample pays, I'll just trash it. We don't need it. And now the comments area. If you have, If you're if you want to run a blogger, then this then this is the area that comes handy here. You can manage all the currency, can accept them or deny them. Now, this is a marketplace, this a market. This marketplace actually is not a part of the WordPress, but it actually comes with the house. Cater and and it saves long once is tired, too, and we do not allow it for now. Okay, now the appearance menu in the appearance. Many we have got themes customized Windsor's menu header premium themes that return so we can also add different plug ins by going all right here in the plug ins area and before we would actually take a look. A. Here I I wanted to show you one more thing that I forgot. Let's say if you have purchased a theme from same forest or from anywhere, you can upload your themes by going to the Themes area and then click on upload and then once again, up your theme Now. And please note that you have reporter themes in a zip format. When you purchase a theme, it should come in a zip format if it doesn't ever it in it. If it's in a in a rar fire or or any other form it use, you need to extract that file and find the ZIP file that contains Tyler see essays and other funds that, um that that what Chris team has, so you have to upload that fell. Once the upload that, then click on his toll. Now it will install theme Africans installation You. You will get an option to deactivate the theme Distant. You'll then click on the activity. It will activate theme for you now. The next option we have is the Wizard, then menus. Here we have got different menus. Weaken set according to the theme, to add a many A. We can just click on many name, let's say, main menu, then create menu Now From here we can and we can, either at for at different pages. Let's say, if this is this a pace that we that we created and if you want to add at home base weekend , then again create another page Now we can also add custom link. Let's say this is a Ural, that we want to add him. I'll just add that's website or chilled academy dot com, and the link techs would be home. So if I just click on the button that says that too many, it will add it to our menu. I was just drag it to the top. So it means that currently we have to tooling is available on our home menu or main menu. If I want to make this pace under the title of the home, I will just click on it and track towards a lot to his right. Then it means that this this option is under the home pay. So when anyone who were over how many you, then it will. Then this page will appear now was you have save all of the settings. Click on save menu. It will update probably the many. Um, okay, now we have seen appearance. Now this is the thing and this applauding area, we can customize our our website with help of different different plug ins that say it could be if you want to go and security or add anything, then then it comes in the form of plug ins. It really has to to build a secure website and there thousands of plug ins available for different purposes. Right now, as you can see, that we have what do Google analytics for WordPress it will, is aimed as a default plug in that will show different, um, and analytics for for the website. Then we have motion market, but it comes with the with ho skaters. I was just deactivated, and we can also manage different plugs from here. If you want to activate all of them, begin, just slayed them all. Click on this, drop down him and click, Activate or deactivate update lee anything that they want to do in. But we can do that, or if we want to lead or more armory for any single when we can. Just we can choose these options to is to manage them. Okay, now here comes three user options. If you're on Lee, the owner off the website, then then you can just keep it to keep it a one user or, if you want to add, let's say if you want. You know, if you want to hire a developer to actually build your website than then, it can add a new user by, cling to the to the users tab and then add new. Or if you're on the on the users tab, you can just click on add new from here and then anything Name. The user name could be the developer um, his or her email address and different options in the show password. You can use this the same password, or you can customize your password on your own. And then here is a rule. This is very important if you want them to be to manage everything. Like if he's a developer than the rule should be. Should not be subscriber. Our contributor, author, editor. There will should be administrator then this. This option basically describes how you want the users to actually use your user website. So for in case of developer, because he will be developing your your entire websites so the right should be in full. So in the administrator rule, it means that he would be able to manage everything inside your word presentable panel. Right now, we have both tools import export. We will see it in the next class, and then we have courts settings. So yes, so that's pretty much of the very basic Walk through off what what presses? I hope it helps, And in the next class we will purchase a theme and then is told the theme and do customization accordingly. Right? So if you have any questions please feel free to post them in the discussions below. And I would be more than happy to answer them. OK, so that's it for now. I will see you in the next class. Thank you.