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Intro to Wondershare Filmora (Video Editing For Beginners)

teacher avatar Noemi Beqiri, Be the best you you can be.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is Wondershare Filmora?

    • 3. Launching the Software & Interface Overview

    • 4. Importing Media Files & Dragging to Timeline

    • 5. Basic Footage Editing

    • 6. Adding Titles & Audio

    • 7. Adding Photo/Video Overlays

    • 8. Advanced Title Editing

    • 9. Adding Green Screens to Video

    • 10. Utilising Filmora9 Features (Record Screen, Effects, Elements)

    • 11. Record/Add Voice Over to Video

    • 12. Downloading Fonts to Use on Filmora

    • 13. Downloading Extra Effects for Filmora

    • 14. Exporting Finished Video

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About This Class

Do you want to learn editing, but are only a beginner?

Use the most professional (and beginner-friendly) editing software there is!

Wondershare Filmora is a great editing software, not only for beginners, but for more experienced editors too. You can use this software to make the BEST YouTube videos, or any other types of videos you would like. 

In this course you will learn:

  • adding titles
  • adding music to videos
  • adding photo/video overlays
  • green-screens
  • adding filters/effects and elements
  • recording screen and voice overs 
  • exporting videos etc.

Remember, always work at your own pace and HAVE FUN!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Noemi Beqiri

Be the best you you can be.


Hi, my name is Noemi. On this website I want to teach everyone some skills I've acquired during my lifetime, because I want to help you all out. I will be teaching video editing for beginners and many more things. Remember to have fun watching my courses!

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1. Introduction : Hi, everyone, my name recently and I am a video editor. I have been video editing for two years now, always trying to improve my skills. Some of my best work in this field has been creating YouTube videos, editing different types of videos for other people and editing videos for lots of different projects for school etcetera. This course has three parts. The first part is learning about Wonder share from Maura, which is the editing software were using in this course. The second part is learning all the different editing steps, such as text, audio, etcetera and the last step is exporting or video after we finished editing it. The key skill that will be acquired in this course is simple video editing, because this course is more directed to begin or video editors slash youtubers who don't know how to start editing their videos like a professional. Video editing is a skill that can be used in many aspect, and in my opinion, it is a very valuable skill that anyone can and should learn. The class project for this course is going to be downloading from or nine on your computer , importing media files with software adding a title and an audio file off your choice. Creating the green screen, adding an image or a video overlay. And when you're done with the editing process, exporting the finish video for more information on the project, read the detailed version below See you in the first course. 2. What is Wondershare Filmora?: course, we're going to learn about Wonder Sheriff Maura. So what s film Aura? Fillmore is a video editing software for any type of operating systems, such as Mac OS Android, IOS etcetera and is a great editing software, especially for beginners. You can download it at the link on top, and you can click the button. Try it free to download from more for free. You can also scroll down the website to read all the features of the software, just so you can get to know what better some of the facts about from or are that it's beginner friendly. It has lots of professional features. It does cost money, and the newest and best version is more nine, which is a lot better than the older Persians you can download for more to get started. 3. Launching the Software & Interface Overview: when he opened your desktop, you will see a shortcut of wonder share. Double click it Here is for more nine loading. You have to wait for it to load before you can get started on your editing. Here you can see the projects. And also on the left you will see Click New Project and here you can start the editing process. This is the form or nine interface where you will do all of your editing. When you click audio, you can see the whole audio library, the free audios which for Maura offers here the titles and there are lots of them. There are also lots of transitions elements, etcetera. You can adjust the size of the video at the top. To make it as big or small is you want you can make editing easier. This is a timeline where all the editing happens, you drag clips here, you edit clips, etcetera you cut them. And here is the place where important all of your footage pictures, etcetera 4. Importing Media Files & Dragging to Timeline: So here you can import all of your media files. Click on it to see all of your documents, pictures, etcetera. Or you can click import and import media files, which does the same thing. You can find all of the files that you need and you can click on open to insert them into your media's. For example, here I am trying to find a picture to insert as an example, and I am also trying to find some music like an audio file to insert. It doesn't only have to be music. You can insert voiceovers or any type of audios, too. If you want to put the files into the timeline where you will edit them, you can simply drag them yourself. Or you can click click the plus button. When this pop up happens, I normally click. Don't change when your files are in the timeline. You can do any type of editing you want to them, such as cutting on positioning them in any place etcetera. Here I am showing an example of adding a picture and then cutting it. You can also add a picture as on overly if you put it on under layer on top. If you want to add music files, you can simply drug them yourself or click the plus button. 5. Basic Footage Editing: right now, I am going to show you how you can cut a clip, so have inserted clip into the timeline, and I'm dragging the red wheel just to show that. Now. Put the red wheel where you want the cut clip to start and drop. Click the scissors and then drag the red wheel when you where you want to end and click the scissors again. Now just right. Click and click. Delete and now you're clip will be completely cut and you can drag the other clip close to the first clip so he looks like one smooth motion. You can also track a clip like this to cut it more easily, So if you want to color correct, you can click the paint icon, and you have lots of options. Here. You can do the temperature, you can raise it, or you can lower it. Um, you can change the tent by dragging the wheel the temperature to, and you have lots of other options, such as the luck color, etcetera. You can also do make it big net, so you have lots of options to color. Correct your video. If you want to add a freeze frame just right. Click and click. Add freeze frame, and you will have sort of a picture the first and free. You can also use the first cutting technique to remove the freeze frame. If you don't like it just like that, and you can just right click and delete it. Or you can click the trash icon in the top two to leave it. So to change the video speed, you just click on the time icon and click custom speed, and you can change the speed however you want. Or you can click the double, click the video and just change the speed There. You can make the video a slow or as fast as you want it to be. Then complete back the video to see how it turned out. Here I am showing an option to change it instantly without having to put the numbers in yourself. You have a so fast in normal option. If you want to crop the video, make it smaller. Basically, you can just adjust it however you want, or you have other options that you can make it in a certain aspect ratio just like this, you have 16 by nine, which is the most used um, aspect ratio in videos, especially in full Maura 6. Adding Titles & Audio: If you want to add a title to you video, you just click titles. Tamora has a huge library off text options that you can choose from, depending on what kind of title that you want. If you want to insert a title, just drag your prefer title to the timeline. You can position it anywhere you want, and you can cut it to make it start or end at any time that you want. You can double click on the text and change all of its aesthetics. You can make it any color. You want any font, etcetera. Here I am using text one and text to as an example. You can change the size. You can make it any size that you want. You can also center it right here. There are a lot lots of presets that you can use to edit your title instantly. You can also create your own presets, but we will learn about that later. Here. You can change the type the color of your text, and you can also add an animation just like this one. There are many animations here that you can make it look really professional. You can also do the same with the small title here. I'm just adding a preset to the other one and, um, changing the time you can cut it when you are done. If you want to add an audio file to your timeline, you can just drag it to your preferred place. There are also some free audios that feel more provides for you to use. If you double click on the audio, you can change loss of settings about it, such as fade in, feet out, mute, etcetera. You can also remove the background noise, which is a very useful feature, especially if you're doing for traverse like I am. Here is the album that the more provides. You can just track that into the timeline, and you have to audio files here. You can also add video tracks and audio tracks so you can layer as many tracks as you want . This is helpful if you want to use to audios at once. Basically, it let them plate at one time 7. Adding Photo/Video Overlays: right now, I'm going to show you how to advanced at it. Your titles. So first you want to pick a title and track it to the timeline. So I just picked a random title and I just adjusted the time you double click on the title and you can modify, um, what it says or if you want to, you can do the whole editing process in the advanced part, but we're just writing the text here. I'm using text one example and text to example, to open the advanced tap. Just click advanced, and you will see this whole tab here to start editing. You double click on the text, and there are many features that you can use here that are way more professional than just the basic editing. You can, um, see what text feel you have. You can create a Grady and fill between two colors. You can edit the green green, um, Phil, and you can do a lot more other editing as well. You can also change the effect of how it looks and also change the opacity, etcetera. It just really depends on what you want. Your text toe look like you can also change where it's placed. This is an example of how for more nine is when professional than other versions, because it has way more things that you can do in it. You can also changed player right there. If you want to add a border, just ticket and find the border and adjust the settings to your liking. For example, capacity, blur and size. Don't keep the size too high because it's then going to make the text a bit harder to read . You can also add a shadow right here. Change the type basically where the shadows direction is going to be. You can change the color, capacity, blur and direction on the right side of the tab. You will see how your text turns out, and you can also play back the video to see how it looks inside of the video. Here, you can type in your fond to change the font. You can type in your size that you wanted to be. You can change. Make it bold, italic. Drink the placement, etcetera. Here's how it looks. When you played back right there, you could just pause it and drag the wheel back to the start, and here are all of the animation you can add to your text. There are lots of animations and you can make your textbook exactly like you want. These are just some examples. I used typewriter the most because it's just classic one, but you can use any animation that you want. Scroll down to find more animations. You can also find lots of presets if you click the presets tab. Is there just some text text models that you can use in the second? Basically, they just edit your text automatically so you won't have to do the whole editing process. These are just some examples of presets that you can use. Click OK when you're done, but right now I'm going to just do some light editing off the smaller text click OK, when you're finished with your editing 8. Advanced Title Editing: shirt overlay, it can distract the picture in layer above the video. In the main video, double click on the picture if you want to increase or decrease the size and composition it any place you're like and you can also edit it. Basically make it brighter, darker, etcetera, etcetera. And you can also make it as long where sward as you want and you can decision it anywhere. If you want to add a video overlay, it's basically the exacting process. Just put the video in the layer above the main video and position it wherever you want it, and it's going to play both videos at the same time. You can play back to see how it turns out. Basically, it plays both videos at the same time, and then you can remove it if you don't like it. 9. Adding Green Screens to Video: So if you want to get a green screen, you first have to drag the main video to the timeline just like this. And now you have to drag the green screen to the timeline over the main video, basically in the layer over the main video layer. Here's what it looks like. You can drag or cut the main video to match the green screen or do the opposite. You can double click the green screen or right click and click green screen just like that . Normally, the green screen will be removed automatically, but sometimes if you have a different colored one, you can find the color here where you can click the icon beside it to find the your color on the main screen. Click OK. When you're done, you can play back just like this. If you want to, you can detach the audio off the green screen so I won't clash with the audio of the main video. Basically, you won't get to audios at the same time, but you don't have to do this always and then play back the clip to see how it turns out. 10. Utilising Filmora9 Features (Record Screen, Effects, Elements): So if you want to record your PC screen, you have to click record and record PC screen. Now this window will pop up. So here you have three different options. To choose from full custom or target and full. You can record your whole PC screen and custom. You can select the part of the swing that you want to record or target. You can select a like a target, only one target to record, or you can just find the aspect ratio yourself. Normally, I choose custom here. You can also select different speakers or microphones to use well, recording your screen and to record. Finally, you click the record button and also click F nine when you're done recording. So if you want to create a reverse, flip you right, click and then click speed and duration and click the refers speed box just like this and you can cross it. Also create a ripple effect using the same way. Wait for the video to fully render. If you want smooth playback, it's currently rendering, so when it finishes rotering, play back the video to see the results. By the way, the audio will also be reversed Here are the results. If you want to create a custom title preset, find a title and modify it the way just you want to. You can find any tighter you want and drag it onto the timeline and edit it like you normally would. So right here I'm double clicking and doing the simple editing process that I always do when I'm editing my title here. I'm just typing in the text, for example, text example one and just using a simple preset and clicking the advanced so I can do some more editing to it when you are trying to make a preset try to modify everything and make it very specific, so you will end up saving a lot of time later. Here, I'm just changing the effect, creating a greedy int, creating a border, a shadow, etcetera. I'm also changing the effect and the blur on the shadow and also changing the color. When you're done with your preset click, save this custom name, it's and then click. OK, so here you can find your custom preset in your titles. You can cut it when you are done, so to add a new element, just click elements, and you can find a huge library of effects. Sorry that you can use on your videos. These can make your videos look anyway that you want to. For example, you can make your video look vintage etcetera. If you want to add an affect, used rockets with time like like 10 line like any other file, and you can change the speed. You can make it short or long, etcetera. You can also double click to download a file that isn't already on your Tamora. You can play back to see how it looks. If you want to add an effect, you can just click on effects elements. Sorry, they keep missing those up, and you can do the same process as the effects. You add your elements, your videos. You can also create a chroma key. Basically, if you have a white background, you can remove that background and just keep the black part just like this. Remove it. If you don't like it, you can also do the same process for any sort of element 11. Record/Add Voice Over to Video: So if you want to record a voiceover, just click on her court and click on record voiceover. Now here you can customize the device and the input. When you've done that, you can click the record button and click OK. When you finished your voice over, just drag the file to the place where the audio is supposed to be. You can also modify the voice over and change the settings, just like any other music, music or audio file. Double click on it to change all the settings. If you want an increased quality in your voice over, just click the remove background noise that put it at whatever level you'd like. Click OK when you are done. 12. Downloading Fonts to Use on Filmora: So if you want to download Fonds, you have to go to the website default dot com. So this website has a lot of funds. So find fund that you like. There are many categories to choose from and thousands of bonds just for you. These are some of the examples. These are some examples of typewriter fonts that you can find on this website. You can download any of these for free. So for this example, I'm going to download this phone called avocado creamy. Wait for the file to download and then find it. Find the target and filing store so you have to right click on it and click as Try qui and can't speak Spanish. But this is what is going to look like now up top search of the name of the font. So I'm going to search up avocado and then when you find the font opened up the control panel and fonts So search up bonds right there. Wait for it to open up. Now drive your font into the font library and wait for a to fully load just like this. Now you can close up all your tabs and find a title on film Aura. Just add a random title now double click on it. You can edit the title normally, but for this example, we're going to be using it to show how the font looks like No up at the fonds search up your fonts Name So minus avocado creamy Here you can edit the font. Normally this what it looks like. Click OK when you're done. 13. Downloading Extra Effects for Filmora: so. Film stock's dot com is a website where you can find lots of different packs that you can use in your video editing. For example, audios effects, images, etcetera and these can make your videos cooler there. Also rude to free, so you will have full copyright full copyrights. So this is the effects hap, and there is a huge library of effects that you can choose. There are also some free ones you can scroll down to find all the good effects, and also you can pick different themes of effects. This an example. It's called retro tech. You can sign up in this website to buy all of the packs that you want. You can see also what the pack includes. The audio tap contains loss of different audios that you can use in your videos to make them more interesting. For example, electron ICS, animal etcetera. Here are some examples of electronic sounds that you can use in your videos. You can also sort them by different audios. There is also a video library where confined lots of different stock videos that you can use. For example, green screen drone for Cain, Nature City. A lot of them. The images library contains road to free or copyright free images that you can use just like the others. This also has lots of different options. That you can by the free library is a let read that has free options of all these different things, such as effects, etcetera. It's not the biggest library, but there's still a good range of effects that you can download. 14. Exporting Finished Video: So if you want to export your video after editing, you click on exports and export to device. There lots of different options to export your video and also uploaded to different place. But right now we're going to use exported device, so click on local. But there are also lots of different ways we're settings to export your video. The most common way to export it is in MP four and an MP four file, but here are different types of ways you can export your video. For example, you can also upload it to YouTube or vimeo, uploaded to another device or burning Intuit DVD. After you put in your title and put in where you want the video to be saved, click on export and wait for the video to export. This is the fast version of the video exporting, by the way, for every different version of film Mora, it's going to look a little bit different. I was using an old version here, so it looks a little bit different than newer version. So double click on the video to open it and watch it. It's going to be in very high resolution. Don't worry. Close everything when you're done