Intro to Wireframing for Websites, Apps and Games | Emily Miles | Skillshare

Intro to Wireframing for Websites, Apps and Games

Emily Miles, UX/UI Designer / Programmer

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13 Videos (48m)
    • Video 1 - Introduction

    • Video 2 - Welcome

    • Video 3 - Why Make A Wireframe?

    • Video 4 - The UX Design Process Overview

    • Video 5 - Audience

    • Video 6 - Wireframe Preparations

    • Video 7 - Wireframe Tools

    • Video 8 - Wireframe Styles & Fidelity Levels

    • Video 9 - UX Deliverable Confusion

    • Video 10 - Website Vs App Vs Game

    • Video 11 - Demo Project

    • Video 12 - Course Project

    • Video 13 - Congratulations


About This Class

This class is for beginners: people who have never made a wireframe and would like to or foresee themselves making wireframes at some near point in the future. Aspiring UX Designers or programmers making a project on their own would be some of the people who could benefit from this course. Maybe you work with a UX team or interview them and would like to know more about this popular deliverable in order to understand their work. No prior experience is required.

This class will give a brief overview of the UX design process before delving into where wireframes fit into the design process. We will move on to wireframing tools and understanding your wireframe audience with examples of wireframing styles and fidelity levels. We will then go over specifics on how one might make a wireframe for a website, an app or a video game and considerations for those different products.

What this course is not:although this course contains a brief UX-design overview, please do not

think of this course as an intro to UX-design. It’s an intro to wireframes - arguably the most popular of deliverables, but still one deliverable of many that come out of the UX-design process. There’s much more that would need to be covered in a UX-design intro course.





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Emily Miles

UX/UI Designer / Programmer

Hello, I'm Emily.  I'm self-taught in UX / UI Design and programming.  I love working with mobile game UI.  I currently reside in California.

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