Intro to Web Design: 10 Ways to Use Wix to Build Your Business | Alexa Roberts | Skillshare

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Intro to Web Design: 10 Ways to Use Wix to Build Your Business

teacher avatar Alexa Roberts, Web Designer | Solving Small Biz Pains

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Email Marketing

    • 3. Triggers

    • 4. Landing Pages

    • 5. Online Scheduling

    • 6. E-Commerce

    • 7. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    • 8. Social Media Posts

    • 9. Subscriber Sign Up

    • 10. Invoicing

    • 11. Stock Photos + Vector Images

    • 12. Overview

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About This Class

Learn some of the best ways to utilize Wix to build you business! This ever-growing platform is way more than just a website editor. It's a goldmine for entrepreneurs.   I'll show you 10 ways to can start getting more out of Wix's marketing, social media, and design tools!  

This class will teach you:

  • Hidden features of Wix's marketing tools
  • How to automate customer interaction tasks
  • How to use the Wix SEO Wizard
  • Where to find free Wix features and how to use them
  • How to sell more products + services with¬†a Wix¬†Ecommerce Sites

This class is aimed at students at the beginner skill level. All that is required for you to do at this point is explore your Wix user dashboard to navigate their new features. When you're ready, you can immediately start implementing the tips you’ll learn about.

Let’s get building that business!


Music by HOODI3 Beats on Soundcloud

Vector Icons created by Flaticon and edited by Voulu Creative

** This video is not sponsored by or in partnership with Wix. We just love using it! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alexa Roberts

Web Designer | Solving Small Biz Pains


Web Designer | Solving Small Biz Pain Points Through Web Design | Owner of Voulu Creative

 I build websites to help businesses and entrepreneurs solve their operations and client interaction pain points! I design custom websites for clients, provide website audits and create improvement plans, maintain online stores, blogs, and informational sites. Marrying automation systems, consistent visual branding and SEO is my favorite way to help clients stress less when it comes to their online presence! 

In my free time I can be found reading four different books at a time, doing yoga, and escaping to Savannah, Georgia.

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1. Introduction: life on my right thigh. This is now we can begin. Hi, My name is Alexa Roberts. I'm a cat mom, Web designer and owner of a little creative or recreate beautiful and functional sites for our clients that make their lives easier. So excited. Today we're gonna be talking about 10 ways that you can use Wicks to build your business. This class is perfect for beginners who have never heard of weeks. Never used wakes have no idea what I'm talking about. Welcome. Glad you're here. This is also for people who have had experience with Wix but are still just feeling like they're not getting the most out of it or feel like it. Maybe could serve them a little bit better than this. Classes for you also. And let's dive right in if you have never heard of weeks before or you've heard of it and don't know what it is exactly. Weeks isn't online editing platform for creating websites that are easy to be changed. You can run businesses on them. You can run online stores. You can use it just as the landing page, but it's a completely user friendly online platform. And what you do is you can find a template. You can use one of theirs for free. You can design your own site within the editor, and you can actually purchase the domain from Wickes. Uh, you will have the hosting through them when you decided to purchase a package from them. So they have different tiers packages, and you can choose which one best suits your business. So I feel like I need to preface this course by saying that I feel like weeks really gets a bad rap. I think a lot of it comes from people not having used it since it first came out. Or I don't know. I don't know why I get such a bad rap. Um, I feel like people definitely look down on it or, if you like your websites on weeks like childish. But listen, I love Wicks. I love using it mostly for its versatility. Weddings quickly. If I want to to change the color changes font or just simple things like that. It's so easy. Um, where's on other website platforms? I find that you have to go through a lot of kind of interfaces to get two simple things like just changing a lot color or moving a text box. And I just feel like 2019 shouldn't be that complicated. Like, Come on. That's why I love flicks because I can design things, Justus. I am envisioning it in my mind, and I can make it happen like that. And it's super quick, and I love being able to show people really the vast kind of investments that Wickes has made. If you have not checked out weeks within in the past three years, do yourself a favor and just go on there and see what kind of sites they have, what kind of tablets you can begin with. Um, we even have templates for beginners up in our shop, but they have so many up there for free, even that people just I think they don't even know all of the different capabilities that it has and even myself as a designer, like they're literally, always creating new things. And I'm like, All right, that's a few turnout sweet and the really great thing that I love about Wix that I have not found with any other website platform. If I'm ever having an issue or there's something that can't figure out. Or maybe I can't find something because it's moved, or whatever it may be. They have an online support system, so you can literally go online and submit a ticket and they will call you back at whatever number you want, which I think is great because it's literally like you're not sitting there on hold. It's amazing. They just call you back in there like, Hey, this is own. So I see you're having in shoot with this like what's going on? Like they're already up to date. They already know what's going on, what you're having trouble with. Amazing. I love that, Um or I swear, like, if you're calling them directly, I think maybe the most people have had to go through is like to All I have to do is say hi , my name's looks Roberts. I'm working on this site in my account. It's public lost sight and 30 and there they can actually edit things for me. They can screen share with me so they can say, OK, what you're looking for is on this side of the screen, we're gonna go here. They can walk me through it If there's something that I need help with, I may say Incredible. They can screen share with you. They can fix your issues like I don't think I've ever been on the phone with somebody more than maybe 10 minutes. And it makes my job a lot easier than adding half somebody to contact like that. So when you're building your own business like I understand how important that is and wakes just they kill it like they are amazing when it comes to things like that. So another reason I I just absolutely love using links is because they have this online forum where you can submit any feature that they don't have right now that you want to be able to use on a site. So, for example, you could not go on and create like a drop down menu. You know, people were trying to find workarounds forward and saying, Well, I've done this when I'm designing aside and like, you know it, it was fine, like you could still design us. I didn't have, you know, the same kind of effect, what everybody was like Ice Come on, like just built this for house like and I'm not kidding you. Like within, like probably a year. Wicks was like up your young. Here it is. We made you these drop down menus and all of these features, like it's so user driven. And I just It's incredible. Like, I have not found out their software like this. Um, it's just great. 2. Email Marketing: I also use weeks to design things like my email campaigns. They actually have so many different marketing tools that you could be utilizing. So email campaigns is one of those that I found really is a lot easier for me because I have tried things like meal chip. I do like the design features that Milton has. I think it's great. It's really great forcing when people have opened it when they clicked on things. But honestly, because I have my entire side on pics, I also have a whole database of people who have used my site to subscribe to the mailing list. Joy. I have a whole database of their information and, uh, there, you know, obviously email addresses that they've provided and things like that. So it's all in one place, so that way I'm not hosting my website was wakes in designing it with weeks, but then jumping over to mail chimp to do the email marketing campaigns. It's just I find that simplifying it like that for me is just It's just easier if it's all in one place. I don't have to think about like Okay, we're dive with that thing because I'm using a lot of software, and I mean, I've been in that place before. Um, just trying to use what seemed to work for everybody else. And it's using Wicks to do all in one. That's not your thing, that that's fine. It does have marketing features that are really angry, and they're really advancing them all the time. So definitely look into those eso. When you're designing an email campaign, for example, use it what's essentially the same as an editor to create an email campaign so you can, like, change back or you can change the funds. You can make a little layout, and you can insert videos and GIFs and you know, whatever it is that you're putting in there, So it's really great, because you can send a test email to yourself to somebody else. You can see what it looks like on the mobile version. Um, like it's just it's super comprehensive and really easy. If you don't want to design all yourself, they have templates for the email campaigns in there, which is great because, you know, we have to start somewhere. I'm weeks allows me to do that, and it's all in one place, so I really love it for that 3. Triggers: this is honestly, this is one of my favorite things. To use Aziz, a Web designer and as a business owner. Sending out trigger emails are everything. If you're not using triggers as the training we need to talk because they can just, like, seriously free up so much of your schedule and not just free of your schedule like it's freeing up valuable brain space to run your business. It's great. So the way that makes utilizes email triggered emails is you can design a specific email to be sent out when a certain task happens on your website, where a certain action is performed by somebody when they visit your website. So, for example, I have on my website a freebie that pops up whenever somebody enters the site. They don't have to do anything for that to happen. I have it set up automatically with a light box on Wicks, so they come to my site within like, I think, five seconds or so they get a pop up that says, you know, thanks for visiting us here for to be just because and I promised them to enter their email address. So what they can do then is they enter their email address, and then what I've set up on the back end of my wicks trigger emails is any time somebody enters their email address in that light box, they automatically get this welcome email that I have designed. So you can. I mean, you can make it whatever email you want. Um, you can use it from a template you can design yourself like I talked about before. You can literally make it anything that you want. You can attach it to any specific action that you want so you could make it. You know, whatever somebody clicks this specific feature and puts their email in or checks Yes, to subscribe to an email list, they get this email sent to them. You can make it whatever you want. The possibilities are endless. But, like literally, this is just such a global future. Eso like. If you're ever wondering how businesses have done that like off, that's how it is. Sugared emails you put in your information and your automatically getting a welcome email doesn't have to be a welcome email. It could be, you know, whatever. So they do get they get the welcome email. And they also get the freaking when they enter their information on our site. Um, that it could be, you know, whatever information that you have set up to get them. I mean, like, imagine, like, how crazy would be literally every time somebody visited your site, Wonder Preview put on their email address and then, like, you've got an email from works like, Hey, somebody enters their email, Really coming a car. I gotta like, emailed of this. That would be crazy, like in the middle of your day. Like stopping to do all that like, No, we're not doing all that. We're not. Look, we're too busy for that return to build a business here. Like, you know, I'm trying to be, like, stopping and doing all that. It's not because you don't You can't rebut every new client or new customer visitors your site. Obviously we do. But like, we have to give them the best experience possible. And best experience possible is something that is quick and efficient and is a good use of your thymus. Well, so, uh, the trigger the meals are perfect for that. To their great I love them. I'm still trying to figure out Alum more creative ways that I can use them on my site specifically. But, yeah, the possibilities are endless. Eso that future. 4. Landing Pages: person foremost if you don't have an entire site built out. But did you know that you were going to in the future? Or you are currently working on it yourself for having a company or a designer? Whoever building the site for you and you just like, need people to know like, Hey, don't neglect the fact that we're going to have a website soon. Something like a landing page is a great option when you don't have a full site built out yet already so basically landing pages literally. Just if you were to go to a Web sites and not do anything, not scroll that move around just everything that's on your screen when that page first loads essentially is what leaning pH should be. So you could make it a little bit more if you want, but probably like I would just use it. I wouldn't put a ton of time into because you're building a whole site like the landing pages, just to tell people like, Hey, you're under construction, like I'm sure that you may have seen that if you find Teoh either major retailer or a smaller store, if they're kind of renovating site or adding futures because it allows you to make those changes without it disrupting your current users. You're correct misters. So yeah, essentially, like you're saying maybe down or not accessible for certain at a time. But that's also preventing your users from having a bad experience on the site. Somebody's on your site and, like information is disappearing or like moving to a different spot, or like colors or mismatching because you're rebranding. But you still have to sign up, like instead of all of that going on. Sometimes a good alternative is to have a landing page for this website, so you can just say, Hey, why I were under construction news. I will be up whatever date or, I mean, have you been seeing things like, Hey, sites under construction? Um, we can shoot you an email when it's back up and running, and then, Bill, you can put a subscriber email form in there and then they can get notified when the new site is ready. Amazing. Like it. Simple people are gonna appreciate that because if you have gone to a website where it's like can't even find them like they're not on the Internet versus a website. That's like, Hey, we're here. We're just changed in some stuff and we'll be back soon. Like which one are you gonna go with? You're gonna go with the one that, you know, like Okay. Yeah, I know. They're just renovating that. Like I'll just have to their social meter whenever link your social media on your landing page. That way, people can still be connected with you, even though one platform is under construction right now, so landing pages are great for that purpose. 5. Online Scheduling: this future on wakes has me so excited. I use it for my site. I recommend it for other people. If you don't like it, don't have to use it. But I use it because it makes my life so much more efficient. Use it for my own site. I started integrating this feature because I was having a lot of, um, client phone calls, Consultation, strategy, Discovery column With people being like, Hey, I want to learn more about the service Can be crap coffee. And it may not have been over the phone, and we have been through email or whatever. Okay, great. So happy to meet you and talk to you, But, like, Oh, my God, I cannot stand. I call a female tennis like Twitter lands like, Okay, I'd love to meet you. Okay. What time are you available? Okay. Well, this state works for me about this time. I'm sorry. I have something going on that day. Where do you want to be doubtful? What's close to you? What side town? Or you're gonna be on like Oh, I like are re serious. Like spending that much time to make one appointment. No, I'm not here for can't do it. So I started using it on my website because I was just getting a lot of emails like that, even if it wasn't clients. Um, you know, I don't mean this to sound this like, I have time for you. Just do it on my website like that's not where I'm coming from it all. But I just feel like it's a lot better use of both of our time. If I could just say yeah, I love to meet up with you. Um, the easiest way to do that so you can look on your calendar and mind at the same time is to do it online through this like and people usually don't have a problem with that. They usually say, OK, great. I send them the link, or I also have the leg in my email signature, which is so bomb like it's super helpful for people. If you know I'm talking about hey, we should get together for the state. They can just go to the email signature and click it. It takes some street to the booking future on my wick site so they can put in all of their contact information. You can set whatever information you want to receive from them. So if you want a first name, last name and address a email, obviously, to reach them at phone number, you can request them. Teoh, put all that in there. If you need a little bit more information like kind of a short answer form like that, you can also plus for them to put that in there, which is amazing. But you can also customize it. Design wise to eso. I've made ours just really simplistic because our brand is black and white and blue, Creative, purple. Um, so that's what it is. But you know, you can change that to whatever you want, Teoh, because that's the great thing that wakes is visually and you can make it. So, um, you know what's crazy is you want a simple is you want it's all right there, and it doesn't stop When it comes to the booking future. You could make it look like the rest of your site when it comes to integrating your calendar through your online booking future. Um, basically, what that means is I can set up my wicks online booking and scheduling future. Teoh integrate seamlessly with whatever online calendar I'm using. So I have an iPhone. I'm using my calendar, but I have my Google calendar plant. That makes sense. It's just my Google email that to connect to my work site, follow me here. So any appointment that I have booked on my Google calendar and I will show you that hear anything that I have booked for that is going Teoh block out those times on my wicks of booking counter. So somebody cannot essentially take a date that are that I already have something scheduled or going on, which is amazing because you will never be overbooked again. Physically impossible. Like, if I have a meeting at four o'clock tomorrow and that's already on my calendar, then that appointment slot is not gonna be open on my Wicks online calendar, which is incredible, like it saves you so much headache and it sends that person to comfort. You can set it to send them a confirmation email, Um, or I get an email that says, Hey, somebody booked with you. Um, here's information for that and it gives me in the calendar appointment so it's gonna put that appointment on my calendar, not just tell me like, Hey, somebody did. That thing on your Web site is gonna automatically put an appointment on my calendar. Perfect. Thank you. Weeks is my own little assistant now, and that is also gonna tell me in the calendar knows this is the client's name. This is their email. This is, you know, any other information that they put in here, what they want to talk about the agenda, Like literally using Wicks is your own personal assistant. And it's just I I don't understand why more people aren't doing is you can also set it up to work with multiple members of your team or of your company. So, for example, I have a girl that does client relations for me. And when I need her calendar on the schedule, I can also set that up two through six. So say I want her to be available for coffee dates or for initial consultation meetings. I can link her calendar to our vics booking as well. So anything she has on her calendar will be blocked out so that she does not get overbooked as well. If you want to use all of your brain power and your energy and not be multi tasking as much . This is like an amazing, life changing future for you. 6. E-Commerce: so future that Wickes has had for quite a while is e commerce or having an online store now , like I said earlier, that this is part of a package that you can I when you're first starting to use weeks or something you can upgrade to later. You find yourself selling either additional or physical products. Their online stores allow for both of those features. Eso A lot of people are kind of familiar with hearing things like Shopify or etc. Or things like that. What's unique toe having your own e commerce store is it's just you selling it. So if you have the good sank design, you have the good falling. You have a good search engine optimization. If you have all of that, then you are also getting an e commerce platform. It doesn't have anybody else competing with you on the little sidebars of or, you know, advertising their product right next to yours. You are on a say where it's just your product, like you don't have to worry about if it's just post on your own website. Weeks is e commerce stores. Rates are very comparable with anything else that's out there. If not a little bit lower, then some of the commission rates that people are charging over the past year or so different e commerce sides are raising their prices. Um, or I mean, just not being clear exactly about how much they're gonna be charging you on commission, whether that's for item or per month or per transaction are whatever it may be eso with any online e commerce platform. Definitely make sure that you're checking that out. If it's not weeks but weak CIA is definitely one of the most competitively priced and feel like when it comes Teoh rates like that. I believe that the transaction for you, something like 2.9% it could have changed by the time you are seeing this. That's, I believe, where it was when I started my commerce, or which is really competitively priced off everything else on the market. But what's great about having an e commerce or with Wicks? The fun part is it allows you to sell without being there 24 7 So your website, your online store, is actually selling while you're asleep selling well, you're out hanging out with your family life. It's your stores, always there. So instead of you, you know, schlepping all of your handmade goods around Teoh markets on the weekend, which may be profitable and great for you. And like through this, you for making all of your money that way. That's great. But if you're finding, you know, times are a little slow like that, or you just want to be able to expand your markets. Having e commerce store with wigs is a great option because you can have a beautiful gallery of photos. There you can change the different option of how you show your products. You can add things like a search far. You can add things like a price range so people can only see products in their certain price range they want to be shopping for. You can set up things like a mini cart design. So every time somebody adds something Teoh their cart, a little sidebar pops up in an old Taliban like Hey, your side of this. This is your new total, you know, whatever. Give them the option to check out or keep shopping. You can have things like a little quick for use of people don't want to open a brand new page every single time. Click it a product. Um, it'll just top up a little, no tiny box with the photo description whenever didn't click out and keep scrolling through your gallery of tronics e commerce basically allows you to expand your markets and sell when you yourself are available to be something. And, like I said, you can have an online store with a physical product were actually shipping it out. You can have it within online digital product where you are sending a files, you can add little different products. A multiple different price points different galleries on, and it will be saved in a dashboard of your products and additionally Wicks, also less. You make individual pages for that, you can customize the check out page. You can send confirmation order numbers like it's like a legit on line store corn. Wickes has things like this, and people are like, Oh, Wicks, I'm like you don't even know like you don't even know. Like all the sweet things that it could do like that. Any other website platform would make so much more complicated 7. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): So this next feature of Wickes is the wicks s CEO or search engine optimization. Wickes has an S e o wizard, I believe, is what they call it. Basically, it just makes a really simple of you have no clue how to use Spoto. Begin with quick definition. Is CEO is just the way that you can connect your website, your online presence, whether that's block posed written information or additional images the way that you can connect those to search engines so that they can find you so literally any time you google something. What Google's doing is its searching all of the Internet in finding the same terms that they confined on websites where they confined attached traditional images and saying yet that's what they search for. That's what they served for the search for that, and it's compiling it into a list that is Google. And that's what you're seeing in the Google search results. So the goal right to grow your business is to be found on things like Google. So I want to be found when people are searching plummets Ohio Web designer. So terms like that is what I'm going Teoh in plunge into my wicks s CEO wizard so that I could be found. So the wizard is awesome because it will literally take you through and show you every single page what is missing, and it will show you home page. These are the terms you need to add the's air. The site descriptions that you need to ask. These are the images that still need tohave words attached to them so that people can find some. And it will let you a test those pages that you've worked on and tell you if there's any errors on them, which is like super helpful, because even as a designer like me, I am more of a designer and guess I, you know, understand S CEO and have done it successfully. And my background is not in marketing for, say, That's not when I studied in school. But Wicks makes it easy. If that's not your forte, they make it manageable. And using the issue of wizard is kind of like a little bite size chunks, and it's helping you get through your entire site and optimize it to be found by search engines in the really manageable portions like that and making sure that you're testing in along the way. So that's the issue of Wizard. Every other part of licks usually has a feature where you can utilize your S E o. So even your gallery of say, you have a portfolio on the website of past work, you can go in for each image on that portfolio and add alternative text. So any time somebody is searching for, you know, hand painted wildflowers, whatever it may be, um, your image will come up because that's the same text that you've attached to your portfolio image. So, um, that's just an example. But you can use so many s CEO features with quicks that I think many people just disregard . They just don't know again. I don't know why people just making all these assumptions about what works can and can't dio. But it's absolutely something that weeks can do. And it can even tell you your sdo dashboard. I can even tell you, um, like it will send you notifications like a people are finding you on Google and your site came up 17 times. Whatever it may be when people search for this term. And this is how people are finding U. S. So it's a really great like if you are a little intimidated by things like, Well, analytics, because their dashboard is not really the easiest to kind of get a grasp on weeks really makes it user friendly. So if you're just starting out and you're just trying Teoh, like, really navigated these like seemingly complicated waters of search and optimization, Zit is doable, and you can start doing it literally immediately, and wakes will walk you through how to do that. 8. Social Media Posts: yet another mark paying feature. I guess you could consider it marketing, social media integration that weeks makes available for you. T Hughes is creating social posts. So just Aziz, they make the editor super simple. Teoh change texts and change the layout and literally used with their most known for their drag and drop feature. And so literally dragging something from one side of the screen living in 21 changing it, altering it in whatever way they are now allowing you to create social posts. So Instagram posts Facebook pose, um, online advertisements, this same exact way. So it reminds me a little bit of canda from the weeks editing, Ah, portion of where you're creating that. You're then gonna be able to export it, save it on your computer, um, uploaded street to things like interest instagram facebook. Like literally anything you can imagine, Um, you're gonna be able to use on their now. Personally, I am not using this feature yet for my business, just for the fact that, um, the only places that we really post are on instagram and Facebook. The way that I do that now is I have a pre made instagram grid. So I'm literally creating all of the content weeks and it bans. That's the only reason I'm not using it. Stop. Because I don't like the Wicks. Um so Phillipos future. It's just because I use different, um, kind of method big started How I want my instagram. Look, I am actually really excited to start kind of getting in there. And, um, a friend of mine who does social media management is actually starting to, you know, exploring that future, because it's gonna be like something great for her to utilize for clients or to show them if they want to use that on their own, like it's so like it's foolproof like it is like you just have to see it waver, joking the other do. You can literally spend hours just like exploring all these new features that they're constantly adding, Um so, yeah, creating social post has never been easier. And when you're using a social post creation future like this on flicks, the thing is you can make them and just conceive them in that dashboard area and or save them on a computer export. Then that way, you're not having to be like Oh, I got a post on Instagram today. All right, Let me go into wakes and like, Oh, my God, if you're doing that like you just gave me the worst Been society ever. MiG your life a little bit easier just going there and you can create, you know, 12345671 for every day of the week. Like you can make him a lot of time having their advanced sitting there. And then when you're ready, you can take them and upload them. Um, so yeah, so much easier than creating them from scratch every single time. Like I said, they have templates there for you to start from the swap. 9. Subscriber Sign Up: so some of the ways that you can integrate a subscriber sign it forum for your quicksight. Um I mean, I've seen literally everything, like four blocks sites, for example, of you want to let people know when there are new posts that come out on the blogged. You can set up a subscriber, sign up for them to get e mails when you have a new coast and the little links to the post or just a little reminder like, Hey, there's a new post stuff. Go check it out. Can basically create a subscriber. Sign up for anything for when you get a new product. For when you add a new team member when there is a big announcement, literally anything. If I want people to get notified every time there's a new product or new digital template or things like that, I've had a subscriber form. Sign up for that. So maybe I only have. You know, however, many wanted Teoh products up, but you want to let people know. Hey, this there's gonna be more coming in the future like we are working on this, even though they're not there yet. Having a subscriber sign a form is gonna allow people to stay in contact with you. Which gives you their email, allows you to contact them in the future with their permission. And it kind of gives you this bond with them so that they know. Okay, well, I can like, I don't have to keep coming back to this website because we're just gonna let me know like and I friggin love one sex do that. I'm looking out of sight and, like some product is out of stock. And there's a future where they're gonna email the he and tell me when my specific size or color or whatever is in stock again. And I don't have to keep going back and checking because I'm never going to. But I'm gonna forget. Like that's the greatest gift you can give me. Like, just email me if me like, Hey, it's back and that I will click and go buy it. You can also make subscriber sign it. Forms happen virtually anywhere on your wick site. It works just like any other future driving. Dropping it. So I have seen it pop up in public boxes or light boxes when people visit the site of the bottom of footer bars like, Hey, if you want to stay in contact and hear about new things for lunching, safeguard, perform and weeks is always adding new designs. Eso obviously you can customize it to match your branding or fines or colors. All of that, um, but they're also adding new designs. New kind of templates started points for you as well, so always track back because they're constantly changing them and adding new ones, so 10. Invoicing: So one of my biggest secrets running a small business with Wix is that I actually really probably I have learned how to utilize wakes to basically be like my own personal assistant when it comes to something which is incredible, like this is exactly what I'm talking about. People dis wicks on there like a good little laying filled websites. Wrong. It could be your own personal assistant if you wanted Teoh. And I'm gonna show you how you can literally use. Likes to do things like invoicing and payment processing. So payment processing on the side of like, um, if you're having an e commerce store or a product that people are buying, obviously you can set up for them, too, people to put in their credit card information. But for a long time, what we also used they're kind of accounting finance. Offer for was for actual invoices for our clients, because if you have a digital form of invoicing, some people love it. Some people hate it. If you hate it, ignore everything I'm saying right now. But for me, I found that it's way less friction when it comes to getting paid for our services. were getting paid for your products if there's so much less friction, especially because we work with people who are not necessarily always local because you know we can work remotely from any work for people. So rather than saying, Hey, the work is done in our contract is up, Send me that check in the mail And then, like hoping that they remembered into it like that sounds like an awful plan. Sorry, I actually saw that. They added an invoicing future, and I was like, Well, might as well put that on here because everything else we do this with a look so of the enforcing future is literally. It's just like if you were to use something like QuickBooks where you can, you know, change your little logo. You can put your business information on there. You can put the amount with work. It's four description, a price, all of that, just like any standard and voice. But then you can send that invoice right away to the client, and you were able to see when that clarion opens it wonderful. So you never again have to, like, go back and forth with, like, did you get this. Oh, no, I didn't get where Public LA like captain. People trying to be sneaking you could be like I know you got that. You opened it because I saw the little icon there on my wick stash. Florida told May, and you can also connect your payment processing to that. So whatever human processor you were using, they will charge a fee for processing the transaction. And all of that is done without you having to do anything extra. You just connect your payment processor one time to your wicks invoicing software, and you're good to go. So it will send the invoice to somebody. That person can open the invoice. You can customize what it says when they want it pops up in their in box. Um, you know, if it says thank you, or if it says and this is overdue, you know, whatever. You can make it, say whatever you want and that person that gets the invoice and they can immediately pay it online. So they click it here and gives them the option to enter their credit card, debit card information or even pay with PayPal. I believe is another thing that they allow you to do now, Um, so you can connect that and they can put it in there and get paid so much quicker and if not quicker, it's just peace of mind because, you know, you've done everything that you needed to dio. So you're not chasing people down for invoices. You're not hoping that they remember to pay you. You're not, you know, trying to keep track of who you've invoiced in who you haven't like. It's all just in there. It's all in your wick stash, for it's not a separate component of weeks, necessarily. It's just in your user dashboard invoicing on the side. So, um, yeah, they just make it super comprehensive. Been super easy. And that's weeks invoicing. If you didn't know that 11. Stock Photos + Vector Images: Wicks is original and exclusive stock photos and vector illustrations. Um, now you may be thinking, What the heck does that have to do with building my business? Listen, it does so I didn't get client. Sometimes who are small businesses starting out themselves? They haven't necessarily gone out. And hey, the studio to produce them, you know, Customs, stock photography or just brand photography in general, eso they may just need Teoh find some cohesive images that are gonna work for the time being and which is a great option to start with that they have a whole gallery of images that they have custom created that literally are gorgeous. Um, that are, like, not cheesy, like not they're not What you think of when you think of stock photos, they're free like Oh, my God. Shutter stock, Move over. Sorry. That's right. You're still using something like that. You have to give this a try literally. In your website editor, you will go over to the side bar, will click the plus icon, and you will click images and she will go over to the side and like, um like Wicks original gallery or something like that and a whole set of images will come out there categorized already. If you want to search for things like landscapes, textures, patterns I mean, literally, anything else you can imagine if, like objects, Um, illustrations, all of its on there. So you're gonna scroll through that and they're really great quality images. You're not gonna have kind of pixelated or blurry images like you don't even have to worry about that. And if there are things that you want to change about the images on Wicks when you choose that photo, you can then open up the photo editor and you can crop the image. You can change the sizing. You can add it the color of the photo. You can add a frame to the photo. You can do all of that within the photo editor. Then you can choose that image and slap it on your weak sight. Copyright free. I don't have to worry about getting sued. It's like perf if you do not want to use a photo, necessarily, you can use things like a vector image, and what that allows you to do is use like a little illustration that they've made, which are so cute like I could spend all day. Check out these little illustrations and you can literally change every individual color to match your own breading genius. And you can even drag. If you're like Super Vans, you can make your own vector images. Your SPG files an illustrator. Direct them into your weeks gallery. Use them just a Zwick's specter images and change the colors and put them on your site. And there you go. You have images and stocked with those inbreeding that you can use, um, without having to virtually create it yourself. 12. Overview: thank you so much for joining me today and learning about the 10 ways to use Wicks to build your business. I hope that all of these tips and tricks have been super helpful for you. And as always, if you have any questions or would like some help building your own business with Wix, feel free to get in touch with us, and we look forward to seeing you in the next video.