Intro to Watercolor Lettering in Procreate | Teela Cunningham | Skillshare

Intro to Watercolor Lettering in Procreate

Teela Cunningham, Hand Lettering + Graphic Design

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12 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Intro to Watercolor Lettering in Procreate [course trailer]

    • 2. Class Overview + Installing Bonuses

    • 3. FADE: File Setup

    • 4. FADE: Applying the Ombré Effect

    • 5. FADE: Final Watercolor Details

    • 6. You Are Enough: File Setup

    • 7. You Are Enough: Applying Watercolor

    • 8. You Are Enough: Final Details

    • 9. Bright: File Setup

    • 10. Bright: Blending + Details

    • 11. Bright: Adding Leaves

    • 12. Thank You + Next Steps

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About This Class

In this intro course to Watercolor Lettering in Procreate, you’ll learn 3 different blends to create beautiful and realistic watercolor lettering directly inside of Procreate.

In Project #1, you’ll learn a monochrome fade technique, perfect for those ombre effects and smooth color transitions.

In Project #2, practice alternating colored letters within words and phrases that blend into each other, finished off with realistic opacity reductions on your downstrokes and believable saturated edging.

Finally, in Project #3, you’ll learn how to alternate the richness of one color throughout a word and embellish it with foliage elements, all finished off with some decorative paint splatter.

This course includes 3 custom watercolor brushes, a watercolor paper texture and all color palettes for each project, all free with your enrollment.

If you’re ready to take your watercolor lettering digital, grab your iPad and let’s create some watercolor lettering in Procreate.