Intro to UX: Creating Great Omnichannel Experiences | Stef Miller | Skillshare

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Stef Miller, Marketing Manager, UserTesting

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8 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is an omnichannel experience?

    • 3. Phases + Touchpoints

    • 4. Journeys

    • 5. Opportunities

    • 6. Improvements

    • 7. Buy-In

    • 8. Closing

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About This Class

Join UserTesting's Stef Miller for an easy-to-follow, smart dive into creating great customer experiences!

What: This 45-minute class shares frameworks and tools for identifying, evaluating, and optimizing the touchpoints in your customer journey across different channels — from sites, apps, and emails to phone calls, in-person interactions, and more.

Who: This class is ideal for entrepreneurs, small business owners, product managers, marketing managers, and everyone involved in crafting great customer experiences and UX.

Why: You'll gain a holistic and strategic understanding of how your touchpoints work together — helping you unlock user empathy, customer satisfaction, brand consistency, and business success.


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