Intro to UX: Creating Great Omnichannel Experiences

Stef Miller, Marketing Manager, UserTesting

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8 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is an omnichannel experience?

    • 3. Phases + Touchpoints

    • 4. Journeys

    • 5. Opportunities

    • 6. Improvements

    • 7. Buy-In

    • 8. Closing


Project Description

Map your customer journey.


What: Providing an excellent experience to your customers is a key to success for your business. Your assignment in this class is to imagine all the moments where that audience is interacting and connecting with your brand, and create a customer journey map.

Why: Mapping your users' journey is crucial for building user empathy and keeping all touchpoints front of mind. It will become the foundation for improving, optimizing, and iterating on your customers' experience.

What You'll Need: Create your journey map using whatever tools you're comfortable with. You can use pen and paper, sticky notes, or a spreadsheet. Happy mapping!



A complete journey map should include:

  • Phases of the user journey (ex: research - evaluate - purchase - support)
  • Touchpoints (ex: website, app, email, phone)
  • User path



I don't have a product. Can I still do the project?

Feel free to do this exercise with any product you love.

Where do I post?

Use the community tab for quick discussions, questions, answers. Use your project workspace (just click "Start a Project") as an ongoing place to share your journey map, progress, questions, and learnings.

I want to learn more about UX. What do you recommend?

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