Intro to UX: Conducting Smart User Research | Janelle Estes | Skillshare

Intro to UX: Conducting Smart User Research

Janelle Estes, Director of Research Strategy, UserTesting

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8 Videos (48m)
    • Introduction

    • What is user experience research?

    • What are your research goals?

    • Ethnography

    • Focus Groups, Surveys, and Interviews

    • Usability Testing

    • Web Analytics

    • Conclusion

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About This Class

Join UserTesting's Janelle Estes for a straightforward look at how to gain smart, useful feedback about how users experience your product, service, or business.

What: Understanding your users' experience — behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions — helps you gain gain user empathy, see new opportunities for change, and prioritize product improvements. But: how do you gain that understanding? This 45-minute gives you an approach for 4 popular research methods so that you can truly understand your product's user experience.

Key lessons include:

  • defining user experience research
  • 3 core research goals
  • 4 methods for capturing and sharing data
  • FAQs like how to capture to feedback at different stages of product development

Who: This class is ideal for everyone involved in crafting great customer experiences: product managers, marketing managers, community managers, designers, and entrepreneurs.

Why: You'll gain a richer understanding of user feedback methods so that you can make smarter, more strategic decisions about the future of your business.


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Janelle Estes

Director of Research Strategy, UserTesting

Janelle Estes is the Director of Research Strategy at UserTesting, the user experience research platform that helps companies and individuals get on-demand feedback from their target markets. Previously, she was a Senior User Experience Specialist at Nielsen Norman Group. She holds a B.S. in Information Design & Corporate Communication and an M.S. in Human Factors in Information Design, both from Bentley University.

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