Intro to Public Speaking - Give a 5-Minute Talk Without Dying | Nick Armstrong | Skillshare

Intro to Public Speaking - Give a 5-Minute Talk Without Dying

Nick Armstrong, I make marketing FUN.

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9 Videos (47m)
    • Intro to Public Speaking

    • Stop Being Afraid

    • Picking A Topic

    • Outlining Your Talk

    • Building Your Deck

    • Stage Presence

    • Practicing Your Talk

    • Finding a Stage

    • Recap and Project

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About This Class

Fear of public speaking – Glossophobia - affects 74% of Americans. Meanwhile, only 68% of Americans fear death and only 30.5% fear spiders.

What if you had a method to confidently:

  • Deliver your concept in 20 highly visual sides?
  • Connect with your audience on a personal level using something you do every day?
  • Identify and eliminate verbal and physical tics?
  • Practice for only 5 hours and deliver a masterful speech?
  • Convey your idea with the simplicity of 20 tweets?
  • Source 20 free-to-use images for your slides?
  • Look, act, and sound like a pro even if you’re a total speaking newbie?

Becoming a confident public speaker is something that YOU CAN DO, but there’s a step-by-step recipe that makes it a lot easier than trying to go it alone. In this course, you’ll learn how to do everything above, plus you’ll have help to craft your very first 5 minute talk, including how to pick a topic, how to outline, how to prep, how to eliminate embarrassing pauses and tics, how to stay on topic, and how to craft your slide deck to keep the focus on you and your message.

By the end of this class, you’ll have a fully developed outline, a fully-developed slide deck, and a good start on giving your very first talk.





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Nick Armstrong

I make marketing FUN.

I'm the Geek-in-Chief behind WTF Marketing, dad, author, Ignite, PechaKucha, Startup Week, and TEDx speaker, audio drama enthusiast, and award-winning entrepreneur. More than anything, I love to make people laugh.

I teach 5 courses on Skillshare:

1. Negotiation and Conflict Management - A Freelancer's Guide

2. Intro to PR: Storytelling Pays in Marketing

3. Intro to Public Speaking - Give a 5-Minute Talk Without Dying

4. Building Better Business Rela...

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