Intro to Pattern Design: Developing Motifs From Your Photography

Melissa Meyerson, Digital Artist, Pattern Lover, Teacher

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8 Videos (20m)
    • Introduction

    • Selecting and Categorizing

    • Initial Selection

    • Refining the Mask

    • Silhouette Brushes

    • Complex Selection and Editing Brush

    • Final Project

    • More to Come


About This Class

     In this class, I hope to inspire students to use their personal photography, as the raw material for botanical motifs and pattern designs.

In this Photoshop class, you will learn:

- How to isolate the focal element from it's background, with the use of Selection Tools, Adjustment Layers, and Layer Masking

- How to easily create Silhouettes from your selections, and turn them into Photoshop Brushes

and MORE!

     Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions, I will respond as soon as possible.

     I will also have 2 follow-up courses in this Series, with the creation of Pattern Designs in both Photoshop and Illustrator.

     I hope you'll join me, so I can share my passion and inspire new ideas.

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Excellent class. I like the way Melissa talks at a pace that's easy to follow. By separating this tutorial from pattern design, I for one, didn't get overwhelmed with too much information at once. I'm going to watch it again while I work along with Melissa.
Brenda Reeves

Artist and Writer

Lot's of tips and fantastic information! Thanks for sharing excellent class!
Sharon Lemay

Certified Art Instructor Follow Me☺

Such fun way to use your photos for a greater purpose.
Mira Metzler

I Teach Makeup @Skillshare





Melissa Meyerson

Digital Artist, Pattern Lover, Teacher

My name is Melissa.  I am always happiest when I'm a part of any creative community.  My first passion was black line art. I tried many other mediums in an effort to expand and grow as a creative, and then I discovered and fell madly in love with Digital Pattern Design.  

I had a lot to learn, and I was so grateful for all the online opportunities available, as I took on these new learning curves.   

I am now a graduate of all 4 Modules of the very popular, Make It In Design Courses, run by Rachael Taylor and Beth Kempton.  I was thrilled to have one of my designs recently selected for The Surface Pattern Design Lookbook Vol.2, within the Global Geometric category.  

I LOVE that Skillshare is here for all creatives, and I'm really excited to finally enter the community as a new teacher.  I personally learned a lot through experimentation and always strived to have innovative ideas.  My goal is to share my creative experiments with you, hoping that it will inspire you with some new ideas. 

Contact:  [email protected]