Intro to Outsourcing: Understand the context, what it's good for, and getting started

Evan Kimbrell, Director at Sprintkick

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8 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Welcome to the class!

    • 2. First thing to do

    • 3. What is outsourcing?

    • 4. What you should outsource and what you should not

    • 5. Where to find outsourcing firms and freelancers

    • 6. Country profiles and how to pick your ideal combination

    • 7. The class project

    • 8. Keep the learning going


Project Description

Assignment: Master the IF, WHY, & WHERE

This class is all about understanding outsourcing - what it's suited for and what it's not. To drive that point home and to get some experience, we're going to do a quick project.

Take a project or product idea (or use a generic idea from the document attached) and answer these 3 questions:

  • Can you outsource this?
  • Should you outsource it?
  • What geographic zone would be best for this project?


Go into the Class Project section, and click "Add your project."

You can submit your answers either in the text editor or in an attached document. You can also type it in a word document and screenshot it.

At the top of your submission put a 1-2 sentence description of the project you are evaluating followed by the answers to the 3 questions stated above.

Try your best to think through these questions and explain why you answered each the way you did.


Student Projects