Intro to Oil Painting: Part 2 Still Life Painting

Joshua Johnson, Freelance Illustrator

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9 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Still Life Painting Intro

    • 2. Setup: Objects

    • 3. Setup: Environment

    • 4. Setup: Lighting

    • 5. Sketch and Composition

    • 6. Painting: Layout on Canvas

    • 7. Painting: First Layer

    • 8. Painting: Refining and Finish

    • 9. Conclusions

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About This Class

Do you enjoy painting but have no idea what to paint? Artists have used the STILL LIFE for centuries to express themselves. In this class you can learn how to create your very own STILL LIFE PAINTING from objects in your home that will also develop your skills as an artist. 

This is the 2nd class in a series on OIL PAINTING. If you have never used oil paints before, I recommend you watch my 1st class "Intro to Oil Painting Part 1: Abstract Geometrical Composition" where I explain all the basic materials and steps in getting started with oils. However, if you just want to learn about the subject of still life painting, feel free to jump right in this class!

This class covers:

-What objects to use in a still life

-Where to set up a still life

-How to light a still life

-How to choose the right composition

-Step-by-Step process of painting a still life