Intro to Mussel Shell Lettering (Introductory) | Joy Tay | Skillshare

Intro to Mussel Shell Lettering (Introductory)

Joy Tay, Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer |

Intro to Mussel Shell Lettering (Introductory)

Joy Tay, Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer |

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6 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Play: Selecting Supplies For Lettering On Mussel Shells

    • 3. Play: Applying Monoline Lettering

    • 4. Play: Applying Faux Calligraphy

    • 5. Your Class Project And Thank You

    • 6. Materials To Work On

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About This Class

If you are looking to put calligraphy and lettering on mussel shells to create fun mussel shell pieces for place names, letterer Joy Tay has a few tips for you in this quick free 13-min Skillshare class.

Start here to get an overview of the Prep-Play-Display process for infusing calligraphy and lettering on different materials. 

Joy will show you two methods, using monoline calligraphy, and faux calligraphy to create these elegant place cards.

The class is great for all levels; whether at the -

Intermediate level: Familiarity with the faux or monoline calligraphy style would be great for best results; or as
Beginners: No experience in lettering or calligraphy? No worries! Get a similar look with your own style of lettering using supplies readily available at art supply stores.

Joy has a more in depth class working with shells, where she takes you through the whole process from cleaning the shells, to creating the lettering, and kicking it up several elegant notches with beautiful borders. Check out the premium class on seashells (mussels and oyster shells) here

Let's get creative; the possibilities are endless!

Interested in working with other materials? Check out:

Meet Your Teacher

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Joy Tay

Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer |


Pen & Ink Experimenter, Hand Letterer | Joynhands Designs

Oh, hi there! You can call me Joy, and I am Pen & Ink Experimenter at Joynhands Designs.

My motto is #letterallthethings, because why letter on paper when they are sooo many other surfaces to letter on? Join me as I take you through my experience and offer you tips and tricks on how to letter on different surfaces and mediums, so that you can create unique pieces that everyone will love.

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1. Introduction: Welcome to this class, where you'll be learning how to use your beautiful lettering on the four shells. You can call me Joy and I'll be taking you through the specific parts off the press play and this day process so that you're able to select the right tools and supplies to infuse your beautiful lettering on mussel shells. You can use them as the cold pieces or place names at pine events. There's no prerequisites for this class, but I'm using the modern line and for calligraphy. However, you can use any style off lettering that you make. So come join me. I cannot wait to see you on the insight. 2. Play: Selecting Supplies For Lettering On Mussel Shells: for this piece they're using to pen the Mar via Tschida Deco Kulla and extra fine. This is for you to write the name in the middle off the mussel shell. Ever gonna use the liquid chrome to give us the silver outline for the show? Um, if you have a big piece of shell, it would be great if you have the four. Mm. I only have the two amendment. I think it's quite suitable for a mussel shell off the size. 3. Play: Applying Monoline Lettering: I'll stop with writing the name fast. Remember to give your panda shake if you haven't used it for a while and make sure that the ink is going, I'm going to write the name Shelby Jessica saying Influence. Smell the shelves and 1/2 around me. He on this book's piece if the it doesn't come out even though you have tested it just changed the angle off your nip, right? Really Slowly. The insight off the mussel shell, if pretty small. And if you write too quickly sometimes, um, the tip will skit, and you might make a mistake. Just go really slowly. Okay? So you can also see here that I'm actually making sure that the angle off writing is something that s suitable to me. I have three fingers resting on the table top, and I rest the ends off the mussel shell just so that it gives me a good base to work from , and I support it also with my two fingers, my thumb as well as my second finger. Just so it gives me a stable base and I continue to l feel free to turn the mussel shell if it gives you a much better angle for you to write on. Yeah, So you can use your fingers to help you pivot the shell. Yeah, over Like that. So we have the names, Shelby. Now we're gonna use our motor liquid chrome to give us the mirror, like finish on the edges off the mussel shells. So again, make sure that you're stable. Think about how much you want the thickness to be, and then you use the first line as a guy. You already see the paint, the liquid chrome. It is really glossy. I love it. I don't really like the scratchy sound, so just kinda shell whichever way you need to adjust, so that I guess you much easier grip on the mussel shell as you're writing. Yeah. So use this if a guide and then I'll fill in the rest off the outline all the way up to the h. You just color it in. Go really slowly because sometimes the mussel shells have sharp edges. Any might damaged of felt? Tip off your ma little The information. I have another tutorial. There's using the liquid leave. I think that it's a much a better way to do a project like this, except that the mold is really much more convenient to use as compared to dipping a paintbrush in the liquid leaf, but basically Deb off the same design. Okay, so this is just the first coach. But you can already see how glossy the edges are so pretty. And then I let this drive for a while and I'm gonna go over a second coat and I'll be back . 4. Play: Applying Faux Calligraphy: Now you can leave this in a more than line form where the strokes are all of equal weight or you can juice use for calligraphy. So if you're trying to use, um, the metaphor calligraphy again, stabilize the shell with your fingers. Three fingers on the base, off your on the table top. And then you will hold your shell. Yes, second finger and your thumb just to provide a strong base and allow the shelter pivot as you see fit. So if you're doing for calligraphy, same thing, remember to go really slow because the shell is very smooth and your pen might escape. So remember again, as you're doing this to make sure that your in can flow. So I just, uh, tested this on another piece of paper that's outside the frame off the video. So identify where you're down. Strokes are just put another parallel lying beside it so that the down strokes, uh, I think await in Europe strokes. Okay, then I last down stroke for the why begin video and turning the show just to help me, right? Better on it? Yes. So we have our four Khadafy. Um, if you feel that There's some areas that are not s big, like feasible, maybe Can just go over it again. No, el. All right. So you can make your full calligraphy s pick or has been as he would like you. Now, I'm gonna go, uh, over the outline with another court off the liquid chrome you can see from the video is already dry, so I can put a second court, and the color is really brilliant. It really is a comb color, every like using this pin. You took all the site of the messy shell. They go. I'm gonna move the shells. They can see how coffee it is. Look at the mirror like thank you. You can choose different ways off doing this. Like I have another shell here. If you want to show the green, then don't cover it. You can just have to green. And then you have the chrome Leah, like, so? So we can see between you prefer hoops. Yeah. Do you prefer to cover the green, or do you prefer to just, you know, have a hint of the green 5. Your Class Project And Thank You: Hey, there again. How was it that it's about your ideas for you? For Yukon Sport, You are going to create your letter shell pieces. So let the shell and you can use the old style off lettering on it. And then you're gonna snap a picture off the finished piece and put it up in our past project. Do you have any questions at all about the counts? If you do, please feel free to go to the community section middle and post a new discussion. If you're interested in working with other kinds of fabrics. I do have other houses or other kinds of materials. I work from materials ranging from a gate Zizek et so I hope to see you in another class once more. My name is Joy and thank you for taking this class. 6. Materials To Work On: I'm so thrilled that you join me for this class and if you're interested in working with other materials, here's the whole series that I like to share with you. I also what with chalkboard crystal, two kinds, a gate and roll squats. Also, I were fat Break I will with bags. So I have two different methods for a light colored bag as Martha dark colored bag of bikini ribbon suck. I also work with food. Food requires its own special set off tools and supplies Sometimes, but I'm going to do is that it's going to be inedible and that's what I did for Apple. But for the rest chocolates, macaron and zucchini. All these are at book projects, of course. I mean, if you see macaroni, you would definitely want to eat it. Okay, I also do a class on glass leaves, leather metal shells, two kinds, oyster shells as far as mussel shells. I also work with stone and peple, not to mention tile transparency. We're gonna put it in a floating frame and so you will see this lovely shadow effect. And last year I also work on wood forward that different kinds of words so I wanted to show you three different ways in which you can walk with wood. So the three items that worked with food clothes hangers, which is very useful when it comes to like wedding and you can give the bride and the bright grew and also the brights made their own, said off clothes hangers to hang their dresses and suits. Also I what with driftwood very good for home decor and also last e key chain. So many varieties, and I really cannot wait to see you in a next class.