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Intro to Manga Studio EX5

Eric Faries, Never stop creating!

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8 Videos (35m)
    • Intro

    • Layout

    • Story

    • Basic Tools

    • Panels

    • Perspective Tool

    • Materials Tab

    • Project Assignment


About This Class

Here i will show you the basics of Manga Studio EX5 to help newcomers jump into the program faster, and begin creating right away! I won't go over every single feature, as i want to leave things for you to explore and experiment on your own. However i feel it good to go over some of the basic features to help you get an idea of the program, as well as get started quicker so you can get a comic going.

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This was really helpful! I'm sorta used to most things on this program, but i still ended learning some new things. Awesome.
This is a great run through of the program. There are some on YouTube but nothing as in depth as this course. Eric is well spoke and easy to listen to. I highly recommend the course.
It's a great rundown of the basics of the program without being overwhelming. And also the suggestion to play with certain things to determine your own personal preferences is a good one. I would recommend watching this class first as soon as you purchase the program.





Eric Faries

Never stop creating!

Greetings! My name is Eric, and i am a freelance artist who loves comics! More then anything i wish to work on comics every day, so i am working on making that dream a reality! I've done video lessons on Youtube for over 6 years now, and have decided to bring my teaching knowledge over here!

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